How to use an angle grinder for cutting metal.

How to use an angle grinder for cutting metal.

Metal sheets make various cutlery sets, window panes, rods, vehicle organs, and multiple things necessary for everyday life and living. Metal sheets are molded and confined to form these daily life necessities. The confinement and molding of these sheets are passed through many heavy-weighted types of machinery. After this passage of events, the pressed metal sheets are bent by applying pressure. Various methods are used to cut aluminum metal sheets.

  • Laser cutting.
  • Drilling.
  • Milling.
  • Grinding.
  • Framing.

From all these methods, we will discuss the grinding of metal sheets.

Tools used for cutting metal:

Various tools are used to cut those metal pieces, including the following. Cutting metal with small scissors and cutters is not possible. So, these tools are used.

  • Tin snips.
  • Cuttings sticks
  • The Lincoln machines
  • Throat shear is reduced.
  • Hammer plashing
  • Corner notcher.
  • Flange and punch tools.

With the help of these tools, the metal sheet is cut down into different sheets and material substances.

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What is the best and easiest way to cut off metal sheets with the abovementioned tools?

The angle grinder provides us with the united, near, and clean joints that professionals require. Let us discuss an angle grinder and how it cuts down metal sheets.

Angle grinder

Angle grinder tool


It is essential to know what an angle grinder is. An angle grinder is a machine with rotating ends that cuts off sheets to manufacture various instruments and household items. It is a hand-held power tool that moves on the surface to grind the unleveled surface, making it smooth, so no dust particles are trapped between the surface when welded.

Usage of an angle grinder

An angle grinder is used for the following purposes:

  • Cutting Sheets, stones, and metals must be cut.
  • Giving metal surfaces a finished look
  • Grinding uneven surfaces is

polishing the sheet to give it a shine, forming a clean and presentable abstract.

  • It also removes rust from metal surfaces.
  • Sandling an uneven surface is also the primary use of an angle grinder.

Types of angle grinder discs:

The following is the primary disc used in an angle grinder.

All the discs mentioned above are well established and renewed to maintain the quality of their work and give a shiny, clean, and presentable entity in front of the owner. A rotating wheel disc is primarily used in sensitive edge-forming material cutting. A grinding disc is used to grind down uneven surfaces and make a smooth flat surface placed in front of a viewer. As metal sheets require a significant amount of energy, it is necessary to use a high-quality grinder that can hold voltage changes when applied. Diamond-shaped discs are the most robust grinding discs, giving accurate cutting.

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How to Use an Angle Grinder

The grinder is mainly used to cut and grind down the pressed metal sheet, so it must be used more efficiently to maintain the look of metal pieces.

For grinding purposes, lift the grinder, switch it on, and let it maintain its full power before applying it to the sheet. So in this way, it cuts down the metal sheet more efficiently and accurately. Then stroke down the grinder on the surface in the direction of the handle rather than moving back north. After doing this, lift the grinder, give it a rest, and repeat the process until the target is achieved.

Techniques for cutting metal more precisely:

The following techniques are better used to cut the metal pieces more efficiently.

  • Welders should have the proper focus.
  • The body should not be the welder’s movement.
  • The grinder should be held in the direction of the handle.
  • A protective barrier should be between the grinding surface and the person.
Which welding technique do welders use the most?

AVID POWER Cordless Angle Grinder


Taking all those steps that increase your ability and give you an advantage is essential for better results. Welders usually maintain their body posture and quickly and promptly grasp the technique.

Along with maintaining body posture, they also focus on the machine’s angle and use, which makes them more adapted for success. Hence, canting the grinder can provide better results.

Canting an angle grinder

While holding the grinder, it is necessary to can’t down at a slight angle, giving better vision to a person, which results in the tidy work being finished. Canting the grinder increases the surface area of the grinding edge, providing a better pace for work. The canting of the grinder also corrects the body posture of the welder, giving it a good look and not stiffening his muscles in the neck and back.

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Tips for buying an angle grinder

Buying an angle grinder is not like moving in a park. It also requires a lot of effort and knowledge to buy them.

The following characteristics should be kept in mind while buying the grinder:

  • There are several disc sizes available for grinders. For smaller-sized grinders, the disc size of 70 is efficient. The more giant-size grinder is used to achieve accuracy on larger sheets with a thickness of up to 1 inch.
  • The voltage and ampere rating of the grinder is also essential because applying the correct voltage will give more accurate work. The grinders with a voltage range between 110 and 220 volts AC can keep the wattage between 500 and 2500 watts.
  • Discs having a revolution of 5000 to 10,000 per minute are the way to go, as they are less time-consuming.

From all the above data, metal cutting can be done using an angle grinder. We should have to keep the tricks in our mind for better results. While buying the grinder, every step that makes the angle grinder ancient should be in our minds so no one can deceive us.

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How to fix the exhaust pipe without welding?

How to fix the exhaust pipe without welding?

Your engine might cease if its exhaust pipe has some leakage by accident. The exhaust leakage might cause several difficulties in a running vehicle, like the leakage of plenty of oil and a lack of smooth travel. However, it would be best if you fixed it, but you do not have a welder on the spot. How would you do that?

Other options are available besides welding, depending on the gravity of leakage. Technology impacts every field of life. So it’s no wonder we use other tactics besides traditional methods to fix the leakage.

Nevertheless, it is better to know to what extent your vehicle’s pipes are leaking, as minor leakage does not require any expenditure and does not demand a quick fix.

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Why do exhaust pipes need fixation?



Before understanding the abovementioned question, we need to know what an exhaust pipe is. Each part of a vehicle has a specific function. The exhaust pipe causes the engine to make a noise and fume. If it is broken, the machine cannot do its work appropriately. It usually happens due to a heavy jerk while traveling or a stone or heavy object hitting the pipe forcefully and making an unwanted noise that disturbs the passengers inside. It seems too much like an annoying noise.

For this reason, the car owner never drives his vehicle with a broken or damaged pipe.

Some of the most severe consequences of exhaust pipe breakage include the following;

  • Engine misfiring:

Your car’s engine does not work correctly, resulting in poor speed and rough travel.

  • Poor performance:

Due to breakage in the exhaust pipe, your car’s overall efficiency remains poor. However, to enhance the performance, you need to either remove the leakage by welding or, if you are, in circumstances where a welder is unavailable. You can also fix it via other methods.

How to fix the exhaust pipes without welding?

Besides welding processes, technical and cheaper methods are also available here. Due to this nasty problem, you feel very uncomfortable while driving or traveling in a car. The other alternatives in this regard include using adhesive materials such as special gum and other tactics.

You can do this by yourself. However, if you are inexperienced in this regard, it would be better for you to consult an experienced mechanic.

Steps to fix the problem

  • Manage your tools. It’s better to have an exhaust kit.
  • Find out the damaged part
  • Plan what you need to do to solve the leakage.
  • Fix the problem that you have found.
Methods to fix the exhaust pipe:

Different modes allow you to fix this issue without welding. These include;

  1. Use adhesive material.
  2. Change the particular part.
  3. Using patch.

Adhesive material or tape:

Adhesive material or tape


Several kits are available in the store with adhesive material or video.

The steps you need to take while applying this method are.

  1. Remove all the dirt or dust surrounding that particular area. You can do it by swiping the area with a clean piece of cloth, or you can use any specific liquid for thorough cleaning. It is due to dirt that causes difficulty in adhesion.
  2. For a firm adhesion, you need to clean the metal part using alcohol or acetone. This can enhance the sticking capability of the metal.
  3. Here, the method changes a little bit. If you are using tape, you need to cover the whole area or sometimes a little surrounding that damaged area.
  4. Nevertheless, an adhesive material is required to adhere to the broken part so that the two pieces stick firmly together.

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Change that particular part:

The method mentioned above is only applicable if your exhaust pipe has minor damage. The gum or tape is too strong to adhere to the significant damage. Nevertheless, the other solution to this is changing the part.

The steps in this regard include the following;

  1. Remove the dirt or rust surrounding the breakage area by scrubbing it finely.
  2. Swipe the wet piece of cloth. You can use simple water or a liquid like alcohol or acetone for better results.
  3. For easy removal, discard that damaged bolt part by applying some lubricant-like oil to that area for easy removal.
  4. Now replace the gasket so that the part becomes sealed.

Using patch:

Again, you can use the method besides welding only if the leakage is minor. As mentioned in the headings, the patches are always available in the exhaust kits. All you need is to know how to adjust it in the exhaust pipe.

The steps include.

  1. Always scrub the part thoroughly
  2. First, you need to determine the patch size in this regard.
  3. A compound patch or aluminum patch is appropriate to use there.
  4. Now, carefully apply that patch to the broken area. To attach the patch, you have to use the adhesive stick.

To secure the patch against any bolt and jerk, apply more adhesive or protect it with tape.

What is the cost of fixing an exhaust pipe?

If you are hiring an experienced mechanic to fix the broken part, you have to pay an average of 80 to 100 dollars for him. However, if you want to do this alone, the cost is almost 800 dollars. Though this is costly if correctly done the first time, you don’t need to worry later.

Frequently ask questions;


1. Can you replace a muffle without welding?

Bolting a muffler in place does not require welding equipment, but you still need the specialized expertise and abilities for the installation. To reach the undercarriage, jack up the automobile, check that the joints are securely fastened, and then carefully lower the car; you must be able to do so.

2. Which is better for repairing the exhaust pipe, clamping or welding?

A stronger connection than a clamp can offer, and one that will endure the whole life of the pipe, is provided by welding. The drawback of welding is that it requires specific knowledge and equipment. You will need expert help if you lack the necessary tools.


However, welding is the best way to connect the broken or damaged parts of the metal. But some metals do not allow this. For this purpose, it is obvious to use the non-welding method.

The article explores some of the tactics in this regard. However, while doing this job, you must protect yourself with accessories such as hand gloves or other protective materials.

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Welding vs. soldering vs. brazing:

Welding vs. soldering vs. brazing:

For the betterment and establishment of some tools, we always require some techniques to manage all work. It should be capable of making things with fine details and great uniqueness so can provide us with the best neat work. Welding, soldering, and brazing a

re all techniques to maintain the beauty of the material and connect the aluminum and iron sheets having some dysfunctional areas. Below, we will discuss the characteristics of the three mentioned above.

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Weldpro 155 Amp Inverter MIG/Stick Arc Welder


Welding is the process of joining two or more torn-out processes of metal iron or aluminum by heating the surface of the detachment and then hammering and pressing it to form a harmonious and effective hoof material making the unit again. For this work, a professional welder is required to make everything up to date.

Characteristics of a welder:

  • Should know work.
  • Should be efficient at handling welding tools.
  • Should be kept functional knowledge of machinery.
  • Should be maintaining the focus on minute details.
  • Use eye protection glasses.
  • Should have a detailed provision of the affected area for making a clear and all-good unit after his work.

Have you ever thought, are welders not at high risk of sight damage due to blazing torches of fire coming out?

Yes, if they don’t use protective glasses established only for those with high quality much more efficient for protecting rays going in their eyes, they will be at higher risk of vision loss.


MeFix 8586 Soldering Station 2 in 1


It is the process of joining metal pieces together by applying the low melting point alloy (solder) at the juncture for making the electrical and mechanical bond. When the solder solidifies it provides support to the metal connection.

Characteristics of solder:

  • Provide adherence to the joining surface.
  • Is a low-melting alloy to, provides attachment to the affected area.
  • Can make electrical connections with the printed circuit board (PCB).
  • Provides support in such a way that we can easily detach when we want to remove the bonding.
  • Forms the metallurgical bond by intermetallic development and interfusion of it by parent material.


brazing roads


It is the technique of joining two metal surfaces by melting the surface and filling the gap with the material which has a comparatively low melting point than the parent material which has to be joined. The filler material will always be an alloy providing better support than solder and is less functional than welding.

What is the best technique to use among all if each of them has its characteristics?

For its answer let us make a table to evaluate which is the more competent and easily handled technique.

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The difference between the three procedures:





1 A Temperature of above 450C is required. A temperature of below 450C is required Moderate temperature is required.
2. Plasma is used for attachment Solder as any metal alloy is used for securing the stitch The Metal alloy is used for joining surfaces
3. It can not be deformed. It can easily be deformed. Some strong force is required to deform the stitch.
4. Strains don’t remain in the case of welding. It is very common to find a strain in this case. Usually, strains don’t occur.
5. Heat treatment is required in welding. No heat treatment is required. No heat treatment is required after brazing.
6. It can change the mechanical properties of the parent material. Don’t change the mechanical properties of the material. Can change both the mechanical and electrical properties of metal.
7. Workpieces are heated up to their melting point to be joined. No need to, heat the parent material of securing the stitch. Heating may sometimes be required.
8. It Provides the strongest bond between the metal surfaces. It provides the least stable bond and can easily be detached. It Provides a moderate bond between the two.
What is the best technique of all?

As the characteristics of every procedure are mentioned above, each one of them has its unique properties and can be used with the better application by welders’ capacity of maintaining the harmonious whole of the material attached. But for some specified reasons welding is the most attempted way.

As mentioned above, the best way of connecting the two metal surfaces is by welding them to their specified and unique properties from others. As it requires very less time and provides the strongest bond between the parenting material and is easily attained by maintaining a specific temperature.

Why is welding most frequently used?

People often ask why is welding most frequently used. The reason for it is, welding can is feasible and cheaper than soldering and blazing. The welder can weld the stitch by attaining certified heat and using some of their personally attained skills to maintain the properties of welded material.

Tricks and tips for doing better attachments:

  • Always ensure that surface is smooth and dry.
  • Maintain the eye angle leveled to the welding spot.
  • Don’t move your head too frequently while applying the torch.
  • Drag your welding material away from your body so rays don’t reach you.
  • Speed should be maintained slow.
  • The welding surface should be cleaned so no dust particle traps in the edge are welded.
  • Use high-quality soldering tools for more efficient and easy use.
  • The alloy used for soldering and brazing should be pure and provides more support to the welding arch.
  • Appropriate heat should be applied.
  • No pressure is to be applied to the welded side just after the procedure.

Frequently ask questions :

Which is the best technique to be followed?

And of course, having all their unique characteristics, if we want a permanent stitch then we should go for welding, and if the stitch is to be removed or molded after some time goes for soldering. Brazing can also be used as it is between the two.


Although all the above-mentioned categories are good and unique in their ways, each has specified characteristics having a better adaptation to everyday feasible life. Everyone has his ease and can use various techniques to get rid of such default pieces making the world an astonishing place to live for. Metal joining is never too easy and can be able to take the vision of one person due to such torching heat and blazing light coming out when doing welding. Soldering and brazing are also the assistant’s way of welding helping the user to attain something which is not possible in one

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Welding without mask

Welding without mask

It is normal to see that welders are welding somewhere without any kind of eye or skin protection. However, a question arises: are they doing right? People are usually in a hurry and do not take care of their health or the most sensitive parts of their bodies, such as their skin and eyes, which can be completely lost with minor negligence. Here, you are supposed to encounter permanent eye loss or skin cancer if you show prolonged negligence.

I faced such an excruciating experience. It was my worst habit to weld without a mask. And one day, I suffered its severe consequences. I suddenly got irritation in my eyes at midnight. I was stunned to see that my eyes were watering due to redness and infection. I was unable to see the surroundings clearly as it feels like I have got a certain speck of dirt in my eyes that will never allow me to open my eyes properly.

However, after concerning the doctor and taking the appropriate precautions, I was able to get my normal eyes back, since I never show any negligence while welding. That is why I am here to share the details of the suffering of a welder if he does not consider this issue seriously.

The Seattle Pacific university enlists some important safety gears for welding including;

Welding Helmet Mask

  • Goggles
  • Face Masks have dark window
  • A flame-resistant hat.
  • And the full-covered dress.

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What are some dangerous impacts of not using a welding mask?

Although the whole human body is sensitive and requires heavy protection from welding. Nevertheless, the affective part in this regard is your facial skin and eyes including the inner retina and outer covering.

This blog will allow you to understand the possible side effects of not using a helmet while welding.

Hazardous radiations:

While welding we mainly expose two different kinds of radiations and both are detrimental to humans, especially their eyes. These include;

  • Ultra violet radiations
  • Infrared radiations

What if prolonged exposure to such radiation occurs without a safety mask?

UV radiation is just like you are watching the sun for a long period. However, lengthy exposure can lead to serious effects on your skin and if remain unattended it can convert into skin cancer which will be intolerable for you. Cancer besides giving you pain can destroy your skin’s beauty.

Nevertheless, the other category is quite opposite as it is the one who usually use to destroy cancer. However, using it to eliminate cancer doesn’t mean it is safe for the human body and mainly the eyes. Besides affecting the eyes badly your internal organs can also be the victim of these radiations.

Damage to the retina:

As welding lights contain specific radiations besides the above-mentioned problem the welder can also encounter retinal problems. Without using a barrier or mask or goggles a welder can get permanent damage to his retina. And in severe cases can have to bear the loss of eyes.

Cornea inflammation:

Be aware of this infection as the symptoms can take a few hours to expose themselves. Unusual pressure in the eyes, irritation while exposed to light, and frequent watering are the major causes of this infection. Consult the eyes specialist if you face such problems after welding.

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Burning of facial hair:

You never wanted your skin beauty to singe because of minor negligence or hustle. Welding releases extreme heat which is sufficient to burn your eyebrows, eyelashes, or other hair on your face. The singe of other facial parts is also common like lips or nose with the spark from welding.

As it is unbearable to sit in front of a smoker. Same to sit near welding work is too hard to breathe due to plenty of smoke around you. Then how a welder could face all this?

Among various side effects, welding can cause a decrease in breath due to the high abundance of smoke because of burning. However, wearing a helmet can avoid that. But people that do not wear a helmet most probably suffer from asthma because their lungs are highly affected due to the smoke.

The fumes are so dangerous that if remain untreated you can also get lung cancer which in most cases is fatal and incurable. Besides using a helmet, you should also need the aid of a respirator to breathe properly as the fumes can easily pass behind the helmet.

So, never risk your health or you will lose your life.

Is there any reason not to wear a mask?

YESWELDER True Color Auto Darkening Welding Goggles


  • Make the helmet a part of your welding however, if due to some genuine reasons you are unable to wear you can go with the goggles for eyes protection as you cannot effort the loss of this organ. Goggles are enough to cover half of your face if not full.
  • Those who have sufficient experience in welding can take risks as they have enough understanding to avoid the spark to touch their skin or any part.
  • If you have to do a minimum of work like two arcs in such a situation you can go without wearing a helmet or mask.

While not using a helmet or mask you must follow the other precautions.

What should I use to cure the infection?

A minor infection can be cured using some accessories like skin oil or eye drops that doctors usually recommend.

Skin oil:

Prevent yourself by using skin oil protection. Like sunblock, it cannot allow the rays to approach your body. However, the welder exposes to 10000 to 15000 degrees of arc while welding.


New welders most of the time face the issue of irritation. A minor infection can be cured using the eye drops recommended by your physician.

Some frequently ask questions:

1. Is it fine to encounter the welding light?

Minimum contact with welding light is not that much serious for your eyes. However, prolonged contact with this light without any safety equipment can cause eye infections including redness and tears due to the release of harmful radiation.

2. What is the appropriate distance to watch welding?

Due to the reflection and harsh metal, the rays can travel a long distance. It is varying from work to work to know at which distance you can contact the welding light without confronting your eyes with severe damage. Usually, 10 feet distance is fine in this regard.


Summarizing the above discussion, we can say that without a welding helmet and other protective equipment you must avoid the welding task. As it is too much risk, can be deadly for you. However, some expert does that due to their vast experience (though we don’t recommend them).

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How to weld exhaust pipes with a stick

How to weld exhaust pipes with a stick

What are exhaust pipes?

To operate automobiles efficiently, exhaust pipes are used to maintain a proper and stable environment for vehicles. This is due to their ability to diffuse various gases which are hazardous to human health and driving it. With this, exhaust pipes are also used in kitchen hoods for removing cooking heat and maintaining the homeostatic temperature of the human living area.

Gases evolving from the exhaustion of fuel:

Harmful gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide(CO), and various bicarbonates are released due to the exhaustion of fuel being used to drive them. Such harmful gases cause significant harm to human health if not removed immediately and a person inhales them. So, for this reason, exhaust pipes are used in them to maintain a human-friendly environment.

Are these gases also dangerous to the environment?

Yes, of course, carbon dioxide is called an exhaustion poison because it can harm another environment in the same way it affects human health. If animals inhale it they will be at a higher risk of getting rheumatic diseases. In the same way, it affects plants, although as the result of photosynthesis they produce, we all know that everything in access is the human enemy. So, for this reason, the exhaustion of these gases is extremely crucial to maintaining a suitable environment for living beings.

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The Advantages of exhaust pipes:

  • Retaining stable environmental temperature.
  • Air ventilation.
  • Removal of several gases.
  • Increases fuel efficiency.
  • Maintain the quality of the vehicle engines.
  • Reflects your attained power.

The Exhaust pipe provides a more efficient release of hazardous gases from the vehicle, hence proving a healthy, safe life to every living being, whether animal or plant.

Damaged exhaust pipes:

If for some reason, exhaust pipes get damaged, they should be replaced as soon as possible because they not only affect the engine capacity but also causes significant hazardous effects on human health by retaining poisonous gases in the automobile engine which escape through air-conditioned windows and can be inhaled by humans, resulting in death. Once the pipe gets damaged, it should be altered as soon as possible.

Disadvantages of damaged exhaust pipes:

  • This causes carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, various acids, and bicarbonate to get released into the environment.
  • Disturbs inhaled air quality
  • Causes the engine to get functionally poor soon.
  • More fuel consumption takes place as engine quality gets too low.
  • Causes plants to die down due to the release of such risky gases.
  • Can cause inhaling diseases in humans.

So, for the above-mentioned reasons, the exhaust pipes of the engine should be welded secondhand.

Welding of exhaust pipes:

CIPCOPRO ARC Welder 120Amp Inverter IGBT Stick MMA Welder


To conserve the significant shape and features of the exhaust pipe it should be welded. Although there are various techniques for joining the exhaust pipe such as soldering and brazing, the best way is to weld that area of damage as it is more suitable and human-friendly.


First, take the exhaust pipe out of the engine carefully and place it on a smooth table, attaining a leveled surface for the joint and metal cooperation. Then stand by there and take a welding torch, applying the heat on an angled surface, keeping your head away. Then blow the torch and press down on the joining end of the metal so it gets attached firmly and smoothly. Place the joined metal area for some time, and then, after taking a brush of oil and applying oil to the joined area, polish the bruise and give it a presentable look.

Material used:

For welding purposes, various machinery and tools are used, keeping in mind the requirements of the metal to be welded, maintaining its unique and harmonious presentation intact.

For the welding of exhaust pipes, the stick is used as it is easy to apply a torch and apply pressure over material having a small surface area.  Now a question arises.

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Why is a stick used for welding exhaust pipes?

The 110 v plugged iron or the aluminum stick is used for welding purposes because the diameter of the exhaust pipe is not too big nor too small and has a moderate area where the thin stick can provide a much better finish to the work and we will be able to handle it more efficiently and accurately, keeping the quality of pipe rated to its original condition. For all these reasons, exhaust pipes are usually welded with the help of a 110v plug stick. Moreover, there are also many advantages to welding the exhaust pipe with a stick.

Comparison of welding pipe with a stick and by machine:


Welding with a stick

Welding with machines.

1 No separate shielding gas is required. Shielding gas is required separately.
2. It is Fairly easy. It is difficult to process.
3. Less time-consuming. It is, however,  more time-consuming
4. Gives more cleanliness. Can be less clean.
5. Can be welded at less surface area. Due to less surface area, machine work is not more efficient.

For the fine and finished look of a material entity, a stick is all the way better for welding purposes for giving it the minute details.

Is welding with a stick expensive?

No, welding with the stick is not too expensive as it doesn’t require much labor for making an antique and unique piece of labor to make exceptionally fine articles.

Tricks for making a better stitch at the welding site:

  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from rays.
  • Maintain a proper angle away from the site.
  • View welded site from an appropriate distance.
  • Don’t work too close to the torch.
  • Ensure dryness of the surface.
  • Stand perpendicular to the welding material.
  • Have the best knowledge of work.

Which is the more efficient method?

How to weld exhaust pipes with a stick


Although welding with the machine has its advantages too, welding with a stick is much more efficient. So, welding a smaller area of the exhaust pipe is better through the stick method.


From all the above-mentioned knowledge, it is obvious that welding with a stick is good of all for materials having a smaller surface area. So we decided to weld the exhaust pipe with a stick method using a 110v plugged iron for maintaining a cool, human-friendly environment.

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Good & Cheap Stick Welder

Good & Cheap Stick Welder

In this article, you will find all the Good Cheap Stick Welder.

All that glitter is not gold. So being expensive does not always guarantee you that you will get what is needed for you. Sometimes our need is not the best equipment. The need changes as per our skill level. Maybe, in the beginning, we may start to use the expensive equipment but that equipment is so full of options. That being a new guy you cannot be able to operate it. In other cases, you may be a domestic user and you do not need sophisticated products. Then why to spend money on the features that you never need. A third scenario can be you are a small business owner and you do not require the welding equipment so frequently.

Whatever the case is if you are in the need of the Good Cheap Stick Welder. Then you are the best place to find one.

The best are collected. Then examined for the different features. Then on the basis of the features, these are recommended to use for the different people. Based on their needs. Find out if the product which suits you the best is included in this product list or not.

Don’t worry you will not be disappointed at all.

1. 160 DC Stick & TIG Welding Machine by Amicoamico

Product Description and Features

If you are new to the welding profession or just a hobbyist. The hobbyist who is in the learning phase. Then this is the best machine for you to start with. LeJss in options, concise in work, and solid n results make it a perfect machine to start with.

Once you have started to work with this 160 DC Stick & TIG Welding Machine by Amico. You will understand the machine and can create the best welding work with the help of this.

This welding machine is a great choice to work with mid-range metals. This is the reason that this machine is not recommended to work with stainless steel. Don’t worry this can easily handle nearly all others in routine metals. You may find some difficulty with this machine to handle the large gap between the metal pieces.

The machine is of small size. This is the reason that it can be carried and stored easily at multiple places.

Aluminum is another weak area of this machine. You may be surprised than what is the reason that we are actually recommending this machine to you,

As mentioned before this is the best machine to start with. Minimum options and easy to operate is the strongest point here. Even then it has two welding styles to operate with. Ons is the Tig welding and the Other is the Stick Welding.

  • Dual-wielding style, TiG, and Stick
  • Portable as Small-sized
  • The Machine is simple to operate and easy to set up
  • Fewer welding options are available
  • Aluminum welding is not possible
  • Stainless steel is difficult to weld
  • Larger gaps may not be filled easily

2. The Canadian Welding Machine Tig & Stick by EVERLASTpowerarc

Product Description and Features

This is a wow machine. Do you know why? Because it comes with a warranty of five years. These leads have been longer in length. The total length of the leads is 8 feet.

This low priced machine has dual input voltage options. The weight and size of the machine are adequate to carry it. It weighs only 24.8 pounds. The machine makes it  a

A slight issue with this machine is that it lacks the ability of plasma cutting. Although this is a portable machine. But due to this disability, this may not perform well in all the working situations.

A plasma cutting option is not needed at all.

  • Operative at Dual volta
  • This is a low priced product
  • The Machine is portable due to lightweight
  • The electrode leads are long enough
  • This machine can do welding by using two different technologies
  • The machine comes with a warranty of 5 years
  • Output amperage range is not very impressive
  • Customer service feedback is not very great.

3. Green Easy Weld Welding Machine 298 Arc by ForneyFORNEY

Product Description and Features

This machine provides you with the perfect value for the spent money. Really a cheap machine but rich in functionality. This can provide all minor domestic work welding easily. Light in weight this is a perfect machine to carry around. You can pick it at different locations in your home and can easily weld. The machine is equipped with a long strong handle. With the help of this handle, this machine can be carried easily. The weight of this machine makes it super easy to carry. The weight of the machine is slightly more than 13.70 pounds.

The machine is not good when it comes to the welding of aluminum. For this welding to do well in welding. This is necessary that it must be operated at a higher temperature. The progress of this welding machine is significantly improved at the higher temperature. This makes things difficult to work for all those metals that cannot be welded at a high temperature.

  • Best economical Price
  • Welding Starting is easy
  • The welding machine is highly portable
  • Best as a domestic welding machine
  • The supportive handle t carry the machine
  • Can not work for the metals needing low temperature to weld
  • No foot pedal is available for the gas flow maintenance.

4. Soldering Stick Arc Dc160 A Welding Machine by Amico


Product Description and Features

Another low priced stick welding machine. The total weight of the machine is 14 pounds. As far as the functionalu=ity of this machine is concerned it provides more value than its price.

At 220 volts the machine is able to provide you a working time of 6 minutes in a given time slot of ten minutes. It means that it can provide a very impressive time cycle of 60%.

The machine can operate on dual voltage. We have just examined the performance of the machine at 220 volts. The other voltage this machine can operate is 110 Volts. Unfortunately at the 110 Volts, the performance of the machine is not very impressive. But the good thing is that the mobility of the machine is improved with this machine. As has been mentioned earlier, this machine is very lightweight. This lightweight makes this machine super portable. This portability is supported by the dual voltage. You do not have to worry about the available water supply.

The impressive feature of this machine is the strap to carry the machine. This shoulder strap makes it easy to carry the machine. The 14-pound weight and the utility to carry the lightweight portable welding machine. Make the things workable. You can carry it at the different places inside your house.

The impressive start is another additive feature of this welding unit. This can only take it less than 10 minutes to make the unit fully functional. You do not need to weight long for the machine

  • Super lightweight
  • Shoulder Strap to carry the machine easily
  • Best Value for the money
  • Take some time to start the machine properly
  • Machine Doesn’t work well at 110 volts

5. Product at the deal – Arc StickWS099001AV  Welding Machine by Campbell Hausfeld

Product at the deal - Arc StickWS099001AV Welding Machine by Campbell Hausfeld

Product Description and Features

Buy this machine with us and you can save 26%. The actual value of this machine is   $149.99. Save your money and this machine is available for only $111.15. In this way, you will save $38.84.

The machine already has the cheapest price tag on it. This offer makes this machine super affordable. This can easily manage many different domestic tasks easily. Do remember that this machine can handle only small tasks.

If you are a newcomer to the art of welding and want to learn it with the most basic tool. This machine is perfect for you.

Being cheapest this machine does not miss the protection features. This machine provides protection against overloading. This overloading protection issue protects the machine from overheating.

This welding unit is capable of providing 70 amp as the output, operating at 115 volts this machine can provide the duty cycle of 20%. But at this duty cycle, the output amperage is low, which is only 50 amp.

This is a relatively low weight machine. Simple to carry and simple to handle. Equipped with a very stylish and comfortable handle to carry the machine is super portable. This machine provides you with all the functionalities a basic level welding machine can provide.

  • The Machine is on offer.
  • By pure
  • This is one of the cheapest available machines
  • Fewer Options make it easy to operate
  • Have the safety feature of overload protection.
  • This automatically provides the functionality of the Thermal protection too.
  • This machine has a suitable weight to carry
  • A super adjustable handle makes the carrying of the machine super easy.
  • The construction is not great at all
  • The machine is not very durable
  • The machine is of very limited use
  • The power cord is really very cheap.


Shortest Practical Buyers Guide to Purchase the welding unit

You may come across a very long and lengthy buyer’s guide. Here we have made the shortest possible guide for you.

First thing First

A professional, a hobbyist, a domestic user, and an industrial worker all may have one thing in common. This common thing is that they all wanted to buy the welding unit. You can yourself fully aware of the fact that the requirements of these three welding buyers will be entirely different from each other.

  1. Match the product with your list of requirements Do not rely on the claims. The manufacturer makes. This may be a possibility that the machine is very complicated and is filled with lots of features. What if you never need to use these features. This means that you are paying for the features you never need during the work. So be selective while choosing the machine only to pay for what you truly need.
  2. The second thing to consider is the duty cycle. Depending upon the time you have to use the machine. Choose the machine which provides you the best duty cycle. If you are not a very frequent user of the elding unit. you may not require a very high duty cycle. The high duty cycle will eat your budget. Do not throw away your budget on a property you do not truly need.
  3. The machine comes with multiple power input options. Depending on the circumstances available in your working area you may not need to go for multiple power options. Only a specific type of power input is enough for you. Find the best possible power option available.
  4. Portability is a major issue. If you need to work in multiple places. You need to carry a machine from place to place. The heavyweight and the undesirable dimensions of the machine will make your work really very difficult. If you need a portable machine make sure three things

                                    A          The machine should be lightweight

                                    B          The machine should have the appropriate dimensions to carry

                                     C         The Machine must have support to carry it

Final Words

Welding is a difficult task to do. This is not an easy one. This art should have to be learned. If you don’t learn it please avoid it by doing it yourself. Ask for a professional that can do the work for you. Even if you have done learning the art of welding. Be sure to adopt all the security measures before starting your job.

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How to choose a welder

How to choose a welder

This is not unusual for things to break. The need to repair the things are there. This is the reason that many devices to repair the things have been introduced. Welding Machines are one of those. 

There are various techniques such as arc welding, semi-automatic welding, and TIG welding. Even many of the welding machines are available. I Honestly think that beginners are worried about which welding machine is suitable for their application.  There are several types of welding machines, which are roughly divided into the following three types.

  1. Shielded metal arc welder 
  2. Semi-automatic welding machine 
  3. TIG welding machine

Shielded metal arc welder 

Welding rods are set in the holder (the part that is held by hand) and are mainly used for welding iron. Speaking of general welding, this is what is usually done at the outside site by shielded metal arc welding.

Semi-automatic welding machine 

Shielded metal arc welding uses welding rods, while semi-automatic welding uses wires.

When you press the switch on the torch, the wire comes out, and the wire melts and welds the base metal.

It is mainly used for welding iron by connecting carbon dioxide gas, but stainless steel and aluminum can also be welded by changing the wire and gas.

TIG welding machine

It is a completely different type of welding from the above welding and is also called argon welding because it uses argon gas.

As a feature, spatter (sparks) does not fly and it is suitable for welding stainless steel and aluminum.

Welding of iron is also possible, but it is suitable for welding details, and semi-automatic welding is more efficient when welding structures, etc.

Is it a feeling that dig welding is static welding while semi-automatic welding is dynamic welding?

Depending on the welding machine, there are advantages, disadvantages, orientations, and unsuitability, and you may not know which welding machine to use.

Even those of us who sell welders can be confused about which welder to use for this weld.

Therefore, I think that the most suitable welding machine is to select it on two parameters One is the Industry in which you use it and the second is the task for which you will use it.

By the way, when you simply say “welding”, you can think of it as arc welding or any other type of welding. Let us start our journey of exploration with ARC welding.

What is arc welding?

Normally, electricity flows through metal (conductors), right? However, when a high current is passed, the current flows even if there is a gap between the electrodes. This is called arc discharge, and arc welding is exactly the welding method that uses the heat of this arc discharge. In a familiar example, it’s a snap when you unplug the power outlet.

Are there various types of arc welding?

In particular, a method of welding while injecting gas to prevent high-temperature metal from reacting with oxygen in the air and oxidizing is called gas shielded arc welding. It’s like creating a barrier with gas around the metal being welded. 

The gases used include inert gases such as argon and helium and mixed gases of inert gas and carbon dioxide (CO2). Gas is injected from the tip of a torch, but it is not suitable for outdoor work because the gas is blown off in a windy environment.

What kind of welding method is suitable for outdoor work?

Shielded metal arc welding and self-shielded arc welding outdoors

We recommend methods that do not use shielded gas, such as shielded metal arc welding and self-shielded arc welding. It is suitable for outdoor work due to its wind-resistant nature.

what! Is it okay to not have shield gas?

No, that’s not the case. Instead of injecting shield gas, a filler material (welding rod or welding wire) that is coated with a special powder called flux is used. Using it, when welding is started, this flux is decomposed by arc heat into gas, which protects the welded part and prevents it from oxidizing. In other words, both gas shielded arc and shielded metal arc welding require gas to protect the weld

What are molten and non-polarized types?

In addition, arc welding can be divided into two groups, “welded electrode type” and “non-welded electrode type”. The molten and non-polarized types have the following characteristics.

Welding type: 

The electrode itself acts as a welding rod and melts.

Non-welded electrode type: The electrode itself hardly melts. It is necessary to prepare a welding rod separately.


Actually, there are many other things such as submerged arc welding and plasma welding. However, since it requires large-scale equipment and is not used much by individuals, I will omit it here. Then, let’s take a look at each welding method one by one. The first is non-welding TIG welding.

TIG welding (ideal for welding cars and motorcycles)

TIG welding is a welding method that uses tungsten (Tungsten) for the electrodes and an inert gas (Inert Gas) for the shield gas.

Tungsten has the highest melting point (melting temperature) of all metals, reaching 3422 ° C. Therefore, even if this is used as an electrode, it will not melt with arc heat. This is the reason why it is called a non-polar type.

What kind of welding method is it specifically?

The welding rod is melted and welded in the arc formed between the electrode and the base metal (metal to be welded). It has excellent stability and the molten pool can be seen clearly, so it is relatively easy to work, and high quality and clean beads can be drawn. TIG welding is a good choice for welding cars and motorcycles where the appearance is important because the finish is beautiful. However, there is a demerit that the welding speed is slow.

Shielded metal arc welding (ideal for outdoor work)

Shielded metal arc welding is a welding method that uses a welding rod such as Pocky as an electrode to generate an arc between it and the base metal (metal to be welded). The base metal is melted by the arc heat, and the melted electrodes (welding rods) are fused with the base metal. The electrode itself also serves as a welding rod.

Unlike TIG welding, shield gas is not injected.

The coating agent (flux) applied to the welding rod is decomposed by arc heat to become gas, which protects the welded part and prevents it from oxidizing. This coating (flux) also has the effect of stabilizing the arc. Due to its wind resistance, shielded metal arc welding is mostly used for outdoor work. The slow welding speed is a disadvantage

Shielded metal arc welding (hand rod) is explained in detail in this article.

Semi-automatic welding (ideal for a wide range of welding work)

A welding wire is set in the semi-automatic welding machine, and the welding wire is automatically supplied by the wire supply device. However, the welding work itself is manual, so it is called “semi-automatic”.

In shielded metal arc welding (manual welding), it is necessary to replace the welding rod when the welding rod becomes short, but in semi-automatic welding, this is not necessary, so work efficiency is good. Therefore, it is suitable for a wide range of work such as construction sites and maintenance of large vehicles.

Even if you say semi-automatic welding in a bite, it can be further classified according to the type of gas used / not used / gas.

MIG welding

You know it well. First is MIG welding. MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas.

Is it a method of welding metal using an inert gas as the shield gas?

Exactly. Only an inert gas (argon or helium) is used as the shield gas. The finish is beautiful, but the disadvantage is that the arc spreads and the penetration is shallow. Moreover, since argon gas is expensive, it is used only when welding special materials such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and heat-resistant alloy steel.

Next is MAG welding? What does MAG stand for?

Abbreviation for Metal Active Gas, which is a welding method for metal, which uses an active gas as the shield gas. A mixed gas of inert gas (argon or helium) and an inexpensive carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is used as the shield gas. By mixing carbon dioxide gas with the inert gas, the arc can be supplemented and energy can be concentrated, and the disadvantage of MIG welding (shallow penetration) can be improved. However, please note that it cannot be used for non-ferrous metals such as aluminum because carbon dioxide causes a chemical reaction.

CO2 welding. Is it a welding method that uses CO2 (carbon dioxide)?

That’s it. As with MAG welding, carbon dioxide causes a chemical reaction and cannot be used for non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, so be careful. Normally, arc welding with carbon dioxide causes more spatter than using an inert gas (mainly argon/helium), resulting in a poor appearance. However, on the other hand, carbon dioxide causes a chemical reaction with the arc, so a repulsive force is generated between the carbon dioxide and the arc, and the arc becomes thinner. As a result, there is an advantage that the heat energy is concentrated and the penetration is deepened.

Self-shield welding (ideal for a wide range of welding and outdoor work)

Finally, self-shield welding. What kind of welding method is this?

So-called non-gas semi-automatic welding. Instead of injecting shield gas, it is a method of using a welding wire coated with flux. Since it does not use shield gas, it is a wind-resistant welding method. It’s like a semi-automatic welding version of shielded metal arc welding.

It’s semi-automatic welding that doesn’t use gas

Use / do not use gas Gas type
MIG welding use Inert gas (argon / helium)
MAG welding use Active gas

(mixed gas of inert gas and carbon dioxide)

CO2 welding use Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Self-shielded arc welding do not use – –

Comparison of welding methods

Various welding methods will come out and it will be confusing. I’ve summarized it below, so if you forget it, remember this table!

Comparison of welding methods

TIG welding Shielded metal arc welding Semi Automatic 


Self Shield Welding
Electrode characteristics Non-welded Welding Type
Material suitable for welding Mainly stainless steel

(* Aluminum and

magnesium are also acceptable for AC )

Iron (mild steel) Iron Mild Steel

Stainless steel and iron can be welded by changing the wire

Amount of spatter Few Many Somewhat Many
Outdoor use NG OK NG OK
Necessary equipment Argon Gas Carbon DiOxide Gas
the expendables Welding rod, tungsten electrode Welding rods Welding Wire

How to choose optional parts

Welding cable

When performing shielded metal arc welding, there are many cases where the cable is not attached to the main body. Check the accessories before you buy them.

In most cases, 22 scales are sufficient, but if the current value is high, a cable with a larger cross-section is required.  You may consult your electrician or an expert welder before buying.

Welding rods

Select a material that is close to the base material (material to be welded) and a material that matches the capabilities of the welding machine (φ2.6, φ3.2, φ4.0). If there is no material similar to the material, select a welding rod that has the same material properties (tensile, strength, hardness, etc.) as the base material.

Welding rods are greatly affected by moisture, so it is important to dry them thoroughly before use.

Welding helmet

Direct exposure to the intense light generated during welding can cause UV-induced corneal inflammation and infrared-induced retinal and corneal burns. Chronic exposure to direct welding light can lead to cataracts and damage to the retina. It is perfect if you also use protective goggles.

Since the shading degree number to be used changes depending on the welding current value, it is necessary to confirm whether the shading degree is within the range before purchasing.

Light-shielding protective equipment specifications Standard (JIS)

Shading degree number 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Welding current value (A) 30-75 76-200           201-400

Welded shoes

With ordinary safety shoes, there is a risk that the mesh part will melt due to spatter and cause burns. When welding, use leather welding shoes that have excellent heat resistance and prevent deterioration due to high temperatures.

Final Words

That’s how to choose a welding machine. How was that? If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments section.

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Best Ac Dc Tig Welder

Best Ac Dc Tig Welder

Tig Welder is the common name given to the Tungsten Inert Gas. In this process, the current is transferred to the electric Arc. An electrode is used as the medium. This electrode is of non-consumable nature. This is the reason that the welder can completely concentrate on the welding process rather than looking for the condition of the electrode. 

Best Ac Dc Tig Welder

Tig Welder With Stick & MiG Forney Green 324 

Product Description and Features

This is an equally good machine for both professional and hobbyist welders. This machine is capable of doing every type of welding. Because it is equipped with three types of welding technology. MIG and Stick are other than TIG technology. 

The three types of welding don’t make the welding complicated. This is rather an easy job to switch between the welding technique. The machine operates at the voltage of 120V and 230V. This dual voltage operation facilitates the mobility of the machine. The machine provides its optimum performance at the 60 amperes. The optimal performance of the machine is a 60% duty cycle. 

The machine is not very lightweight. On the other hand, the machine is really easy to carry. The reason for this is the handle to carry the machine. The machine is an excellent design and is really easy to carry. The reason is that the weight is equally distributed among the different.  

Automation is an important feature of digital automation. This lets the user set the parameters exactly as these are needed. 

The Machine is Good For

  • The machine is super portable
  • You do not need to worry about the voltage of the machine
  • Power Arc is really easy to manage
  • Stipulated tasks are really easy to perform

Diversion 180 TIG Welder by Miller Electric

Product Description and Features

This ceramic and steel machine is not only durable but it is quite capable of doing the heavy mechanical work. This machine is a specialized TiG welding machine and does not have any other welding technology like the stick welding and the MiG welding technique. 

The machines are either good for steel welding or aluminum welding. There are only very few machines that can perform both functions and can perform these functions well. Our  Diversion 180 TIG Welder by Miller Electric is one of these kinds. This can perform both functions very well. 

This is equally good for steel welding as well as for aluminum welding. This is a unique feature and very few welding machines have this feature. As far as the input current is concerned this machine can operate both at the Ac and Dc current. Quite flexible in terms of the input current the machine can be operated at 120 and 240 voltage. This makes it ideal for industrial work. This machine is good in terms of the duty cycle. The duty cycle of this machine is 35%. Although it looks less in the number but is good as it means the continuous welding.

This is a heavy machine. The weight of the machine is 50lbs. Even then it is a mobile machine. This is really easy to carry the machine due to its double handle. With the help of these two handles. Two people can easily carry this machine. Side by side. This machine is fully automated and truly a machine of the current modern era. Equipped with the remote control the machine also has a digital display. Both these features really facilitate the function of the welder. The digital display provides the live reading of the input and the output parameters.  

The Machine is Good For

  • The Machine is made with durable material
  • This is really a heavy-duty work
  • The machine is easy to carry due to the double handle functionality
  • This machine is equipped with the pedal to control the flow of the gas  

 EZ- 500551- TIG 165i by Hobart

Product Description and Features

The machine is good in many aspects. The machine has a unique feature as a fan. The Fan does stop the dust from coming into the system. Secondly, it maintains the temperature inside the machine. Even at the low amperage, the machine has the extraordinary quality of maintaining the good quality of the welding.

The automatic outflow helps in the safety of the shield. 230 V is the input of the power current. The machine can be operative on both the type of currents. The AC current and the DC Current. Both types of inputs have their own types of advantages and disadvantages. The aluminum welding is done through the AC output. While the stainless steel is perfectly done through the DC input. 

The machine is durable and has weight. It has a weight of 23kg. This 23Kg weight makes it difficult to carry. The machine is not so difficult to carry even with the heavy weight. The reason is that the machine has dual handles. Two people with these dual handles can easily carry the machine. In this way, the weight is less than 12 kgs for a single person to carry, 

The machine is full of security features. This is natural for the welding units to attain a high temperature. This high temperature can be harmful and may result in an accident. This accident can be fatal. To avoid these types of situations this machine is equipped with the auto-shutdown system at the high temperature. This shut down saves the welder from the accidents. 

The amperage can be controlled remotely through remote control. This makes the process of welding precise and more reliable. 

This Machine is GooD For

  • The machine is easy to operate
  • The Dual Machine Handle Make it Portable
  • The remote control can be used to control different parameters
  • The machine is equipped with a Fan
  • Excellent Protection Feature of the auto shutdown

 EZ- 500551- TIG 165i by Hobart

TIG 200 Square Wave by Lincoln Electric

Product Description and Features 

Advance in features compatible with the ease of use. Very few welding machines have this capability. This machine is one of them. This is a truly dual-purpose machine that can perform Tig and stick welding. 

Even with the dual functionality, the machine is really easy to operate. You can obtain both these functionalities from a single power source. 

This is a perfect tool for both amateurs as well as experts. The dual functionality of DC current and AC current make it possible for the machine to do the aluminum as well as the steel welding. 

For DC current at 120 volts the machine has a duty cycle of 25% the output of the machine with these parameters is 125 amperes. In the case of AC current with the same voltage, the machine has a duty cycle of 20% the output of the machine with these parameters is 75 amperes. The machine can provide maximum output in the form of amperes is 200 ampere for the tig welding and 170 amperes for the stick welding.

This machine does not lag institute features. In case of emergency to protect you from the accident the machine has a feature of automatic gas shut off. The digital display makes the operation of the machine easy. This machine is really easy to use

The machine is good for

  • It has the sport of dual voltage
  • The machine is easy to carry
  • The machine uses dual technology for the welding
  • It can be operated with the minimum expert level

TIG 200 Square Wave by Lincoln Electric

160STH TIG & Stick welding Machine by Everlast Welders

Product Description and Features 

Perfection with the ease of movement is the key feature of this welding unit. This welding unit allows you to operate on two different voltages one is 120 volts and the other is 240 volts. This welding unit offers only light-duty modification. Due to this feature, it lacks the ability to weld aluminum. 

This machine is really very economically priced. With a small transformer in the machine. The Tig torch has an organ regulator. As for as the power consumption is concerned the machine really consumes very less power. This is the reason that the duty cycle of this machine is also not very impressive. This machine operates at the duty cycle of 35%. 

If you are a power-hungry type of guy then this machine is absolutely not for you. The machine is very lightweight. The total weight of the machine is less than 40 pounds. It comes with a shoulder strap. It is really easy to carry the machine.

This is a modern-day technology machine. It enables the user to use the digital display in order to set the operational parameters of the machine.

The machine is good for

  • really very easy to carry due to the lightweight
  • The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry the machine
  • The machine comes with the dual input power options
  • The power consumption is really very economical
  • The machine has a digital display.

160STH TIG & Stick welding Machine by Everlast Welders

K2535-2 Precision Tig Welding Unit by Lincoln Electric

Product description and features

if you are thinking of inheriting your passion for welding to your children and even the grandchildren. Then this is the best machine for you to purchase. This machine is of such good quality that even your grandchildren can enjoy the welding with this machine.

This machine can provide you with a duty cycle of 10 to a hundred percent. At the amperage output of less than 23. The machine will provide you with a 100% duty cycle. If you install a 50-ampere breaker the machine performers will be of an optimum level for you. Although the installation of a 50-ampere breaker is not necessary. 

This model can handle daily all materials very well. These materials include aluminum, magnesium, iron and stainless can easily control the outflow of the gas with the help of the foot pedal. This foot pedal allows you to control the output amperage even at the time of the welding.

The maximum voltage for which the machine can be set is 230 volts. The light tasks can be performed on the low level of voltage while for the heavy task you can set the voltage at a higher level.

The machine is not very easy to carry. In fact, this is not a portable machine. So it cannot perform the functions of a portable machine. The weight of the machine is 240 pounds. 

The machine is best for

  • This is truly a multi-purpose machine
  • The machine requires low amperage to start
  • The machine is able to provide the hundred percent duty cycle but is really on low voltage.
  • This is a really very durable machine that can be inherited even by your grandchildren.


Time spent on choosing a technical instrument really saves your time. This is not every day when you will buy a technical tool. So do complete market research before choosing the AC DC tig welder.

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Top 5 Best Stick Welder Under $500 in 2020 (Review)

Top 5 Best Stick Welder Under $500 in 2020 (Review)

Hello and very warm welcome. This is another article based on stick welders. today we will review the best 5 available stick welders under $500 in the market. In addition to this, we will reveal the criteria to choose the best welder. 

Let’s begin with the best stick welders available in the market. The market is filled with hundreds of brands that producers thousands of electric welders. This is really difficult to find out the best month. Especially when you want this best one to be the best version of you not of the seller. We have with careful search and the experience of our advisors been able to overcome this problem. You do not need to reinvent the wheel. Just pick the most suitable product for you and enjoy welding. You may also re-apply the criteria on these assorted products. In this way, you will find the best of the best for you. 

Best stick welder under $500 Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Dual 110V 220V Welder SUNGOLDPOWER Weight – 14.99 Pounds
Dimensions – 13.6 x 5.5 x 10.4 inches
Material – Iron
Voltage – 110 Volts / 220 Volta
Check Price
Forney by Forney Weld Easy Weight – 13.74 Pounds
Dimensions – 16.2 x 8 x 12.5 inches
Material – Metal
Color – Green
Amperage – 90 Ampers
Voltage – 120 Volts
Check Price
Stickmate 500570 Hobart 160i Weight – 15Pounds
Dimensions – 13.4 x 7.1 x 10.5 inches
Material – Metal
Voltage – 240 Volts
Check Price
DC Stick Welder IGBT Amico Dual Voltage ARC Weight – 16 Pounds
Dimensions – 16.6 x 7.5 x 11.8 inches
Material – Metal & Plastic ABS
Amperage – 160 Ampers
Voltage – AC 115 V & 230 V
Check Price
ELECTRIC Welder LINCOLN CO SHipping Weight – 115 Pounds
Dimensions – 15 x 19 x 27 inches
Amperage – 40-225 Amps AC
Waranty – 3 Years
Check Price

Best assorted stick welders under $500

These products are not only for beginners but the advanced users can take equal benefit. We have assorted it in such a way that this will benefit all no matter if you are a beginner or an expert user.

1.  Dual 110V 220V Welder SUNGOLDPOWER

View on Amazon

Product description and features


Usually, the welding machines are good for a single task. The exception to this is Dual 110V 220V Welder SUNGOLDPOWER.  This tool provides you the multitasking. You will find precision with perfection in the tool. Not only repair but this can handle small construction talks too. 


This welding machine Dual 110V 220V Welder SUNGOLDPOWER has the extraordinary ability to work continuously. The duty cycle calculated for this welding unit is 60%. This performance is observed at 180amps. Unfortunately, this product is not so good with aluminum welding. But performing high with all other metals like nickel alloys browns copper steel etc.

Arc stability

Thanks to the inverter technology this welding machine is capable of providing arc stability. Not only this but due to the inverter technology you do not need compressed gases. In comparison to the price of the product, this is an amazing feature. 

Ease of use

Not only a single feature but this machine is filled with the features that provide east to the user. 

Easy switching

Switch between the MIG welding and stick welding is just a flip away. Truly smooth and easy switching.

Current control adjustment

This tool provides you with full control.  You can even control the flow of the current

Hotstart technology

This technology provides you with a fast startup to save your time. 

Protective features

This building unit is fully equipped with safety features. This will save the user from any unwanted outcomes. The safety features include voltage protection over and under, anti sticker feature, cooling based on thermostatic technology.

  • Multipurpose machine Built with advanced IGBT technology Suitable for both gas and non-gas welding Excellent controlling features Educate safety measures
  • The power supply cable should be long.

2.  Forney by Forney Weld Easy 

View on Amazon

Product features and description

Budget option

You cannot expect more than this at this price. Truly speaking it delivers more full of features pack with accessories. This is truly the best budget option available in the market right now.

Dual functionality

This product works well with both techniques stick and welding. You are equipped with the best tool to deal with versatile metals. Another feature related to this functionality is the switching between the two modes. The switching is really very easy what you all have to do is just simply flip a switch. 

All seasons of welding machine

Thanks to the inverter system you do not need compressed gases. In addition to this, it provides you with a smooth arc. Due to this, you can weld in any position. This makes it a perfect machine to weld in any situation at any surface. This includes the rusty, dusty surface and windy and rainy environment.


This is an excellent portable machine with features to sport portability. Very light in weight the exact weight of the unit is around 10 pounds. in addition to the lightweight, the unit is fixed with the chord which is 6 feet long. This long chord will facilitate the placement of the building unit at different positions during welding. This product can easily be used in indoor and outdoor settings.

Working capacity

With the input of 120 volts and the output rating of 90 amperes. This is a perfect machine to hold most of the home-based tasks and a bit of small industrial tasks.

  • Dual functionality stick and TIG welding Truly compact machine versatile features Compress gases are not required
  • Not made for heavy tasks A separate TIG stick is needed.

3.  Stickmate 500570 Hobart 160i

View on Amazon

Product features and description

Make you smile

AlthoughStickmate 500570 Hobart 160i is an expensive machine in comparison to its competitor. The excellent features of the machine will definitely make you smile even though you have to spend a bit more money. This money in comparison with the excellent performance and the features of the machine are nothing. 

Dimensions of the product

The aggregate size and the shape of the product is proof that this is a perfect design machine. This perfect design will not only cover all the functional requirements but it makes it a perfect portable machine too.

Weight of the machine

This machine weight is only 15 pounds. A lightweight model can be easily carried around the working place. This makes it easy to use the machine.

Hassle-free startup

Like other welding machines, this will not create any frustration for you in a startup. This happens due to hotstar technology.

Polarity welding

When it comes to versatility in polarity welding. This machine offers only DC welding. No doubt that a DC welding is regarded better in some aspects. But this machine really misses the plus points of the AC welding.

Dual voltage input

This machine can be operated on 120 volts as well as 240 volts. This really increases its functionality and portability too. 

  • Welding machine with the power Performance reliability Lightweight model
  • Tig welding is not supportive AC welding is not supportive

4.  DC Stick Welder IGBT Amico Dual Voltage ARC

IGBT Amico Dual Voltage ARC

View on Amazon

Product description and features

Niche unit

This DC Stick Welder IGBT Amico Dual Voltage ARC  is to build for the home with affordable price portability and stick welding facility.

This is an intelligently designed product with a reduced size this brings more efficiency and stability. Even though it is smaller than regular welders units but it can work twice in the same time interval.

Energy Efficiency

This product is truly an energy-efficient product. The product comes with IGBT technology. IGBT technology is divide into energy conservation. This is the reason that this welding unit consumes less energy.

Meter indications

To check the different parameters of the machine an LED meter is placed. This led meter helps you to adjust the different parameters according to the situation. This will truly improve the performance of the welding machine.

Safety of the user

Like every other good branded product, this machine the DC Stick Welder IGBT Amico Dual Voltage ARC also protects its users. Filled with the safety features this protects the voltage variation both high and low.

Heat Blowing Fan

To protect the machine from the high temperature and automatic fan is placed in the machine this will help to prevent the situations like the overheating

This feature also makes this machine suitable to work in situations where power supply fluctuates.

  • Complete package Best value against money Multipurpose Really a powerful tool
  • Only compatible for DC


View on Amazon

Product description and features


This is a transformer based welder. The transformer based builders are known for heavy duty tasks. Like its mates this ELECTRIC Welder LINCOLN  CO welding machine is also capable of doing this.

Stable arc

It has the ability to create the stable or disability makes it best during performance. This can easily weld a half-inch thick metal sheet.


This machine can perform equally well while welding carbon different alloy, steels and aluminum. When coming to alloys this is good in in dealing with low alloy only.

Fully Pack Machine

This machine is filled with the features of customizability. you can easily control the different features of the machine. Like you can control the welding current with the help of the selector. This gives you the liberty to ensure high-precision through arc uniformity.

Duty cycle

when it comes to duty cycle this is relatively on the lower side. The duty cycle of this machine is only 20%. The good thing about this 20% duty cycle is that it reduces the chances of overheating. Like every bad thing has a positive side. This feature has a positive side too. every time you work for two minutes you have to wait for the 8 minutes. This will surely reduce the chances of overheating.


If you consider the probability of this product. This product will not score well on both features of the portability. The first feature is the dimension and the second is the weight. if you look at the dimensions of this product this is not at all suitable to pick it again and again. while considering the weight of the product this product is 150 pounds this is really heavy thing to move on.

  • Stable and firm arc. Can easily handle multiple metals Really easy to operate Economical option
  • Portability is slow due to heavyweight

How we choose the welding products

This will be and professional dishonesty if we do not tell you that how we choose this products. So we have decided that we should reveal the criteria for choosing a welder with our readers. This criterion is set by our highly professional welders with the input from the industrial engineers and everyday home users. The different criteria to be considered while choosing these products are explained as under.

Power options

The first thing the welding machine needs power. Multiple power options make the welding machine perfect to run in different circumstances. But what if you do not need to run the machine in different circumstances. This will only increase the price tag. So carefully select your option that if you require it or not.


This option includes two things. One is to assemble the machine and second startup. The effort and time required in both things. Depending upon your working conditions and need. This is really an important option to consider. 

DC – AC or both

DC welding machines are considered better than the AC welding machines. Even then both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to enjoy the benefit of both then you can have a multi-purpose welding machine. No doubt that this will increase the price tag too. Depending upon your working needs consider these options carefully. There will be no fun to increase the options unnecessarily. 


The ability to work continuously is called a duty cycle. The different value does not have different duty cycles. Jelly starting from 10 % to 90%. 10% means that in a given 10 minutes the machine can countries asli work for 1 minute and then it will take rest for 9 minutes. 90% means that the machine will work for 9 minutes and it will require only one minute to be ready again for work.

No doubt that the 90% duty cycle is better than 10%. Again the thing to consider here is why you should pay for 90% if you only require 20% or 30%.

Easy to carry

The next important feature is the portability of the machine. the dimensional design and the weight of the product decide about its portability. depending upon your working needs you are the best judge to decide that do you really want a portable machine or not. And if you want a portable machine then to what extent it should be portable. The portability compromises the performance of the machine. 

By applying this criterion on the already assorted products in this article. You can choose the best among the best.


If this is your first time buying the welding unit this is natural for you to confuse. This is the best place to choose your first welding unit. These units provide you with the best welding units. You will get the full value of your money. If you want to know more about the welding machines then read our other articles. You will find interesting information about welding machines and techniques.

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Top 5 Best Cheap Stick Welder in 2020 (Review)

Top 5 Best Cheap Stick Welder in 2020 (Review)


Welding is truly an art. This makes life easy especially for the construction workers. Construction workers or not the only ones to take the benefit of the welding. The welding is used at construction sites, at the farmhouses, at mining sites, and at the multiple places for repairing and construction. These days the welding is also used as a fabricated art. Multiple types of welding machines are available in the market. The welding machines can be used to make a joint between different metals. In this article, we will discuss the stick welding machines Shielded metal arc is the actual terminology that is commonly known by the name of stick welder. An electrode is used for welding in these types of machines. Generally, these machines can weld most of the metals.

Mechanism of the stick welding

The principle of plastic welding is the same as all types of welding. This is to raise the temperature of the metal at such a level that it changes its physical form. The metal changes from the solid form to the liquid form. At high temperature, A third substance is added in the metals which need to be joint. Once cool the joint becomes permanent.

In stick welding, the current is traveled through the electrode to the surface of the metal. The current produces a higher temperature. This temperature is so high that it melts the metals and even the electrode itself. Once cool this becomes a permanent joint.  Usability of the stick welder Not every project can be completed in the workshops. The reason is sometimes you need to prepare the heavy equipment. This heavy equipment cannot be moved to the workshops. This is not suitable to move the heavy machinery or fixture to the spot.

For example, if there is a leakage in the main gas pipeline or the water supply line. This will not be possible to pick the water supply line and bring it to the workshop.  Thanks to the stick welders. These are light in weight. This is the reason that these are highly portable. This makes them the best choice for construction welding and the best choice for the repairing work. Especially where repairing of the heaviest structure is involved. Another advantage of the stick welders is that the electrode penetrates deep into the Mattel. This penetration creates a strong bond.

Everything in this universe comes with advantages and disadvantages. Some have more advantages and some have more disadvantages. But nobody in this universe is without advantages and disadvantages.  Here we will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of the stick welders. So that our readers can get the best picture.

Advantages of the stick welder


Due to its lightweight, it is a highly portable product. It doesn’t require a gas connection. What you need to do is to just pick some electrode electric wire from the unit itself and reach the spot. You are ready to do the welding. Just find the electric supply and put the plug into it. The stage is set for You to tp play so start welding.

Initial cost

In comparison with the other welding techniques like MIG welding and TIG welding, stick welding is relatively cheap. Even it is cheaper than most of the multipurpose welding units.  The consumable electric roads are easily affordable.

Indoor or outdoor

The stick welder can be used in any condition. You can use it as per your own ease indoor as well as outdoor. The only condition is that the winding passage should be there. The flow of the wind is necessary. You may say that ventilation is necessary. In the indoor situations there must be ventilation this is not only the condition of stick welding but whenever you weld something with whatever method is used. There must be proper ventilation for safety purposes. 

In wet conditions

Some welding units cannot perform well in rainy or wet conditions. The stick welding units do not have these limitations. 

External gas is not required

The operation with stick welding is not at all expensive. It requires no external gas for welding. The welding operation is performed with the help of electricity and a stick electrode. The equipment needed for stick welding is not at all expensive. So in totality, this is not an expensive choice.

Less cleaning is required

Due to the less sensitivity of the stick welding with the dirt. Your precious time will be safe as you do not need to clean the surface.

Easily adjustable

Different metals require different rods. This is really very simple to change the rod.



In comparison to the welding machines that are based on other methods, this is really slow. High-level expertise Stick welding requires professional expertise. This is not a task to do for beginners.

Thinner metals

The welding of the thinner metals are really very difficult with stick welding

Welding slag

The building slag is needed to be cleaned again and again in the process of stick welding.

Welding rod replacement

The welding rods are needed to be replaced on a regular basis.

Criteria to choose a stick welder

For the benefits of our readers. We have decided to reveal the criteria. on the basis of which we have chosen these extraordinary high-performing stick welders.  Have a look and it will definitely benefit you.

Power requirements

This is advisable to check the input power requirements for the welding machine. Maybe your welder machine will require more power than the regular household supply. If it is so then your welding unit will not be able to work on the regular electric supply. This will decrease its chances to operate on all the points. This will also affect its ability as a portable tool.


Check for the installation instructions of the welding unit. This should be easy and should not be time-consuming too. The hectic installation will not only consume more time but this will be a permanent problem for you.

AC or DC option

The DC stick welding units are considered to be more useful than AC units. In some conditions, an AC welder is the best option. In this situation, the good thing to do is simply take the welding unit which has both the options.

Duty cycle

Depending on the price of the welding unit. The available welding machines are 10% duty cycle to 80% duty cycle. The trick is to attain equilibrium between the price and the duty cycle depending on your budget and your requirement.


This is another important issue to be considered. If your working requirements are that you need a portable welding unit. You should check back if the welding unit is portable or not. The two important factors that determine the portability of the machine. One is the weight of the welding unit. The second is the dimensions of the welding unit. 

Safety aspects

The next important feature to be considered is safety. Welding is to play with the fire. 

Cost of the machine

It depends on your budget. Usually, the concept is the more expensive the product is the more quality it has. This is not always true. With careful market searches, you can find a reasonable product at a low price.   

Best cheap stick welder Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Lotos Plasma Non-Touch Stick 3 in 1 Welding Machine LTPDC2000D Amperage – 200 Amps
Voltage – 110 V / 220 V
Dimensions – 17 x 8 x 12.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 42.3 pounds
Check Price
Dual Voltage EVERLAST Stick Welder IGBT Weight – 24.8 Pounds
Dimensions – 20 x 12.5 x 13.5 Inches
Material – Metal
Color – Green
Voltage – 240 Volt
Amperage – 140 A
Check Price
Amico Stick Welding DC Welder Weight – 16 Pounds
Dimensions – 16.6 x 7.5 x 11.8 inches
Material – Metal & Plastic ABS
Amperage – 160 Ampers
Voltage – AC 115 V & 230 V
Check Price
Hobart Stickmate 210i Weight – 15.5 Pounds
Dimensions – 13.4 x 7.1 x 10.5 inches
Material – Metal
Voltage – 240 Volts
Wattage – 7000 watts
Check Price

1. Lotos Plasma Non-Touch Stick 3 in 1 Welding Machine LTPDC2000D

View on Amazon

Product Description and Features


This is a 3 in 1 machine. This can be used on different surfaces. You can enjoy the functionality of the machine as per the requirement.

Power input

This machine can run on multiple power inputs. 110 volts and 220 volts. This increases the portability of the machine.


This is a fully loaded product. You will get multiple accessories with the machine.


Due to the less weight of the product. This product is really portable. The exact weight of the product is 43 pounds.

Peace of mind

This is a quality product. This is the reason that the manufacturer has no issue in giving warranties. First, you will get a 30 days money-back guarantee. Secondly, it comes with a 1-year warranty but remembers this warranty is limited.  

  • Dual input voltage option Affordable price Lightweight Can be used for different purposes Limited warranty of 12 months
  • The length of the electrode clamp is 6 feet only.

2. Dual Voltage EVERLAST Stick Welder IGBT

View on Amazon

Product Description and Features

Carry case

The product comes with a carry case. This is truly Handy. This will help you to easily carry the machine from one place to another. This will also protect the machine.


This welding machine can also be used as a TIG welding unit.

Product quality

This product is made of such a good quality that the manufacturer has no issue in giving the 5 years warranty. Ease of use The functionality of the welding unit is really very easy to understand. Truly this is an easy machine to use.


This welding machine comes with the option of auto start. This autostart feature is adaptive hot. Hobbyist choice This super-light machine is the best choice for a hobbyist.   

  • Dual voltage operation The price of the product is very low Perfect dimensions for storage and carriage This machine comes with 5 years warranty
  • 10 to 140 amperes is the output range

3. Amico Stick Welding DC Welder

Amico Stick Welding DC Welder

View on Amazon

Product Features and Description

Safety features

The product comes with the safety features. This has multiple protection features like the voltage protection current protection etc. 

Flawless welding

This welding machine really provides flawless welding.

Beginners choice

This machine is the best place for beginners.  

  • This machine works on multiple voltages Really an economical item Electric lamp lead is 10 inches long This product comes with a warranty of 1 year
  • The overall quality of the product is low You cannot find the multipurpose functionality in this machine The minimum output constraint is 20 and the maximum is 160 amperes

4. Hobart Stickmate 210i

View on Amazon

Product Description and Features

Reliable product

This product is not reliable but dependable too


The weight of the product is only 20 lbs. You can easily carry it whenever you want. The storage of the product is also really very easy. 

Voltage input

The input voltage of the product is 240 V.


The product exerts 210 amperes as output

5 years warranty

This product comes with a warranty of 60 months. This really shows the high quality of the product.

Long lead

This product comes with an all long power lead of 10 feet. This will increase your  ability to do the work  

  • The product is really very lightweight Adequate output range Really suitable dimensions This product comes with six months warranty Overall the product is of high quality
  • The product belongs to the medium price group This product which is the multifunctionality The power voltage input is 220 / 240 volts


No matter what type of welding machine you are using. This is the man behind the machine which matters the most. If you want to use the welding machine then think about its safety features first. This is to play with the fire. Use appropriate safety gadgets while using welding units. Otherwise, this may result in the form of an accident. If you do not have the necessary skills to do welding. Then it is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional.

The professional can tell you how to weld. With professional advice, you will not only be able to do the welding better. But you will also be able to save yourself against the unwanted outcomes of the welding.  Be safe informed and be creative these are the three basic qualities of any craft made. The welding is also a type of craft. If you are new then welcome to the club. The stick welding machines are not for the beginners. These are not the words carved on the stone. Only with a little professional advice, the beginners can easily use these machines too.

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