Best TIG Welder Under 1500

What else do you need to do an excellent piece of welding? A TIG welding unit and a pair of skilled hands. Everything is complete now. Tig welding units are favorite. There are many reasons for this. The most important one is that you can weld beautifully and flawlessly with these units.

Best TIG Welder Under 1500

This popularity is not limited to a single industry. From sculpture to construction and from aircraft to shipping TIG welder is equally popular in all industries. Even among the DIY type of guys, this is a popular tool. Not only in industry but the domestic users find it equally beneficial for relatively small tasks at home.

Hundreds of Manufacturers are producing thousands of models. This large number is responsible for the mistakes that people usually make while buying TIG welders. So many choices confuse us and we buy a machine which is truly not for us. Sometimes the machine is loaded with the features that exceed our requirements. This results in the loss of money. And sometimes we buy a machine that is not up to mark as per our requirements. Here again, we not only lost the money but our time also wasted too.

TIG Welder Purchasing Mistakes :- That Should be Avoided

AC Capabilities

If you do not need a particular functionality don’t pay for it. Adding the number of functionalities in your machine will only increase the price of the machine. AC welding capability is the same. You need it if you want to weld aluminum or magnesium. If these two metals are not in your range. Then please do not spend money on AC capability enabled TIG welding machines.

Multitasking or perfection

The next. Where you need to avoid the mistake is that either you require multitasking or perfection. Some welders have multiple types of functionalities. These welders can perform TIG welding, Stick welding, MIG welding, and have other types of welding functionalities too. This increases the scope of the welding unit to perform different tasks. The point to be considered here is that multiple tasking will not bring the perfection in any specific kind of welding. This will be like an old English saying that the jack of all and master of none.
If you do not require to accomplish the task that is based on multiple technologies then simply avoid it. Go for a specialized machine in a specific technological area.

Cooling units

Different welding units have different requirements. Some are necessary to perform the basic function of the welding. While others are necessary to perform at its full potential. The cooling unit is a type of utility that is needed by some high-performing welding units. These welding units cannot perform at their full potential without these cooling units. Unfortunately, you need to buy these units separately. This will certainly increase the expense. But buying these will help you in two ways. One is by increasing the performance. The second is by improving the duty cycle of the welding unit.

Power capabilities

Some welding units can operate at 110 volts. Some can operate at 220 volts. While there is another type of welding units that can operate on both 110 and 220 volts.
The difference in operation capability occurs. If you operate on 110 volts then the output power will be less. So less than even you will not be able to weld the relatively higher metals. Same is not the case on 220 volts but surprisingly the outcome can be the same. That is you will not be able to weld. Instead, you may make a hole in the thinner metals.
This is important to consider two things. The first is the electric supply where you need to install or use the Welding machine. The second is the types of metal that you attended to weld with the welding unit.

Lists of Best TIG Welder Under 1500

Image Product Details   Price
EZ-TIG AC & DC 500551 Hobart TIG Welder Weight – 60 Pounds
Dimensions – 26.8 x 13.7 x 20.8 inches
Power Input – Dual AC / DC
Amperage – 165 Ampers
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Everlast TIG & PULSE AC & DC Dual Voltage Welding Machine Weight – 60 Pounds
Dimensions – 24 x 9 x 17 inches
Material – Stainless Steel
Power Input – Dual AC / DC
Amperage – 200 Ampers
Voltage 220 Volts
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Tig and Stick Alpha AC and DC AHP PULSE Welding Unit Weight – 69 Pounds
Dimensions – 19 x 23 x 12 inches
Material – Stainless Steel
Power Input – Dual AC / DC
Amperage – 150 Ampers
Voltage 110 – 220 Volts
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3 in 1 (MIG – Stick – TIG) Green Forney Welding Machine Weight – 51.4 Pounds
Dimensions – 20.2 x 10.2 x 16 inches
Material – Metal
Color – Green
Amperage – 190 Ampers
Warranty – Available for Manufacturer Defects
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TIG Lotos Welder Weight – 58 Pounds
Dimensions – 123.6 L – Inches
Material – Aluminum
Power Input – Dual AC / DC
Voltage – 240 Volts
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Best TIG Welder Under 1500

This is the time for today’s treat. In the menu today we have sorted out the best available welding units in the market. These welding units lie in the category of $1500.

#1. EZ-TIG AC & DC 500551 Hobart TIG Welder

EZ-TIG AC & DC 500551 Hobart TIG Welder

Product Description and Features

The amateurs machine

If you are an amateur and want the welding results like a professional then this machine is for you. On the other hand, if you are a professional. Then think if this machine can create miracles for armatures. Imagine what it can do in your skilled hands.

Dual-wielding function

This machine can operate as an AC welding unit as well as a DC welding unit. Don’t worry about the switching you do not need much to do in this aspect. All you need to do is to click a single switch. With the flick of your finger, you can convert this machine into a DC or AC welding unit as per your desire. Thanks to this feature you can weld a number of metals. The steel as well as the aluminum.

Adjusting amperage

To keep you safe from destroying the metal. This welding unit is equipped with the amperage adjustment dial. The minimum value is 10 amps and the maximum value is 165 amps.

Foot pedal

This is one of the best foot pedals we have experienced. Good in functionality and control.

Safety features

The welding unit is fully equipped with safety features. The machine will automatically shut down on high temperatures. This will save the machine from damage. An additional cooling fan can be added. This fan helps in making the cooling process easy and efficient.

High-frequency start

This machine starts at a high frequency. This helps in eliminating contamination due to the material and tungsten.


This is not a portable unit. Or you may say that it is not a frequently portable unit. The weight of this welding machine is 50 pounds. This is a hurdle to move the welding unit easily.

  • The interface is easy to use
  • The amperage control broaden the operating range
  • Easy to control through a single knob
  • On-demand fan cooling system
  • The arc is consistent as the power is inverter-based.
  • Too much weight, a heavy machine

#2. Everlast TIG & PULSE AC & DC Dual Voltage Welding Machine

Everlast TIG & PULSE AC & DC

Product Description and Feature

Supper Offer

Buy this Everlast TIG & PULSE AC & DC Dual Voltage Welding Machine from our link now and save $ 100.

The upgraded version

This is an upgraded version of the previously popular model in the market

Digitally controlled

The machine is equipped with the function to digitally control its different parameters. One of these features is the dual voltage input.

The portable welder

This is really a portable welder. A perfect outdoor machine. This machine can be operated through different electricity generators.

Voltage type

If you are using this machine then voltage type should never be your worry. Not only this but this machine provides you with the AC frequency adjustability feature. All these features will assist you in welding.

Color-coded controls

The controls of the machine are color-coded. This increases the ease to use the machine.

  • Accessories are designed ergonomically
  • Dual voltage
  • Reduced splatter
  • The functionality of the shielding gas and filler rod is not available.

#3. Tig and Stick Alpha AC and DC AHP PULSE Welding Unit

Alpha AC and DC AHP PULSE Welding Unit

Product Description and Features

Combo welder

This is truly a combo welding machine. This machine has multiple combo features. The first is that it can be an AC as well as DC tig welder.
The second is that it has dual input options. This machine can operate on 110 volts and 220 volts. At 110 volts The amperage output is 150 amp.
The third combo feature is that it can work very well. Both for the hobbyist as well as the professionals.

TIG triggered switch

The machine has a TIG control switch. This control switch will fulfill the desire of those who wish to have a trigger switch in the welding unit.

Foot Pedal Control

The foot pedal is made at the high industry standards. This performs extremely well.

Classically styled machine

If you are a; classical type of guy. Then this machine has a special feature for you. The multiple knobs on the controlling unit of the welding unit will make things easy. The user can easily adjust different parameters as per his own desire.

  • The torch is flex headed
  • The setup of the machine is really very easy
  • Excellent pulse functionality
  • Multiple adjustable control provides greater user functionality
  • The flow meter may be moderated due to inaccurate settings
  • The food pedal due to its design is a bit difficult to use.

#4. 3 in 1 (MIG – Stick – TIG) Green Forney Welding Machine

3 in 1 (MIG - Stick - TIG) Green Forney Welding Machine

Product Description and Features

Optimum flexibility

This is truly and on the optimum flexible machine. If you want to take welding the machine is here for you to help. If you want to, a stick welding machine is ready to assist you. If you want to do MIG welding, the machine is ready to serve you.
Pay the price of one machine and enjoy the benefits of the three machines. The output amperage is also impressive. Most of the work can be done until the amperage of 190 amps.

The multi industry Usage

The machine is great to be used in different industries. Some important industries that can take the benefit of this machine are automobiles, construction, boats building and repairing, and light industrial use. Not only industry but this is a perfect machine to be used at home. If you are a hobbyist then this machine is really a treat for you. You can perform multiple tasks for different products with the help of this machine.

Two MIG Modes

This machine can work in two different MIG modes. When is the standard make and second is the synergic MIG.

The torch

The torch available with this machine is of euro style; this is a disconnect torch. This Euro connect make gun has the functionality to easily switch in long and short modes.

Product package

There are many accessories included in this package. But the two important things that must be included in the product package are not included. Even then you can buy it yourself from the market. These are the foot pedal TIG torch.

Precise management

The precise management of functions is very much possible. This is due to the digital display of arc voltage and output current at runtime.

Duty cycle

The duty cycle of this machine is not very impressive. At the maximum output level of the duty cycle is only 20%. This means that you need to wait 8 minutes after working for 2 minutes. This is the main reason why this machine cannot be used in heavy industrial products.

  • Precise functional management through digital display
  • Euro connect MIG gun
  • Long wires
  • Spatter produced but in minimum quantity
  • DC mode is not present
  • Not wait for very heavy products
  • Duty cycle is not at all impressive

#5. TIG Lotos Welder

TIG Lotos Welder

Product Description and Features

Dual Voltage

This is a dual voltage welding machine. Due to this feature, this can easily weld steel and aluminum.

Control panel

All the customizable options of the machine are available at the control panel. This cluster of controls make the control panel easy to operate. Do not worry this machine is full of customizable options. These customizable options will make your life easy as a welder.

Automatic voltage adjustment

This machine has a super feature. This is to adjust the input voltage as per the requirement. The good thing is that you do not have to do anything in it. The machine does it itself.

Foot pedal foot pedal

The excellently working foot pedal is accompanied with the machine. This will completely free your hands to perform the welding task.

Duty cycle

The machine has an impressive duty cycle. This is 60% and it means that the machine can continuously work for 6 minutes. After the 6 minutes work it only requires 4 minutes to cool down.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Impressive duty cycle
  • Automatic voltage adjustment
  • All the necessary accessories are included
  • You may take some time to adjust your foot on the foot pedal.


Tig welding is known for its flawless joints. But this process requires your complete consideration. You need to weld with both hands. Welding is playing with the fire. Please take all precautionary safety measures before starting the welding unit. The negligence in this issue may bring on available and unfavorable circumstances.

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