Best Ac Dc Tig Welder

Tig Welder is the common name given to the Tungsten Inert Gas. In this process, the current is transferred to the electric Arc. An electrode is used as the medium. This electrode is of non-consumable nature. This is the reason that the welder can completely concentrate on the welding process rather than looking for the condition of the electrode. 

Best Ac Dc Tig Welder

Tig Welder With Stick & MiG Forney Green 324 

Product Description and Features

This is an equally good machine for both professional and hobbyist welders. This machine is capable of doing every type of welding. Because it is equipped with three types of welding technology. MIG and Stick are other than TIG technology. 

The three types of welding don’t make the welding complicated. This is rather an easy job to switch between the welding technique. The machine operates at the voltage of 120V and 230V. This dual voltage operation facilitates the mobility of the machine. The machine provides its optimum performance at the 60 amperes. The optimal performance of the machine is a 60% duty cycle. 

The machine is not very lightweight. On the other hand, the machine is really easy to carry. The reason for this is the handle to carry the machine. The machine is an excellent design and is really easy to carry. The reason is that the weight is equally distributed among the different.  

Automation is an important feature of digital automation. This lets the user set the parameters exactly as these are needed. 

The Machine is Good For

  • The machine is super portable
  • You do not need to worry about the voltage of the machine
  • Power Arc is really easy to manage
  • Stipulated tasks are really easy to perform

Diversion 180 TIG Welder by Miller Electric

Product Description and Features

This ceramic and steel machine is not only durable but it is quite capable of doing the heavy mechanical work. This machine is a specialized TiG welding machine and does not have any other welding technology like the stick welding and the MiG welding technique. 

The machines are either good for steel welding or aluminum welding. There are only very few machines that can perform both functions and can perform these functions well. Our  Diversion 180 TIG Welder by Miller Electric is one of these kinds. This can perform both functions very well. 

This is equally good for steel welding as well as for aluminum welding. This is a unique feature and very few welding machines have this feature. As far as the input current is concerned this machine can operate both at the Ac and Dc current. Quite flexible in terms of the input current the machine can be operated at 120 and 240 voltage. This makes it ideal for industrial work. This machine is good in terms of the duty cycle. The duty cycle of this machine is 35%. Although it looks less in the number but is good as it means the continuous welding.

This is a heavy machine. The weight of the machine is 50lbs. Even then it is a mobile machine. This is really easy to carry the machine due to its double handle. With the help of these two handles. Two people can easily carry this machine. Side by side. This machine is fully automated and truly a machine of the current modern era. Equipped with the remote control the machine also has a digital display. Both these features really facilitate the function of the welder. The digital display provides the live reading of the input and the output parameters.  

The Machine is Good For

  • The Machine is made with durable material
  • This is really a heavy-duty work
  • The machine is easy to carry due to the double handle functionality
  • This machine is equipped with the pedal to control the flow of the gas  

 EZ- 500551- TIG 165i by Hobart

Product Description and Features

The machine is good in many aspects. The machine has a unique feature as a fan. The Fan does stop the dust from coming into the system. Secondly, it maintains the temperature inside the machine. Even at the low amperage, the machine has the extraordinary quality of maintaining the good quality of the welding.

The automatic outflow helps in the safety of the shield. 230 V is the input of the power current. The machine can be operative on both the type of currents. The AC current and the DC Current. Both types of inputs have their own types of advantages and disadvantages. The aluminum welding is done through the AC output. While the stainless steel is perfectly done through the DC input. 

The machine is durable and has weight. It has a weight of 23kg. This 23Kg weight makes it difficult to carry. The machine is not so difficult to carry even with the heavy weight. The reason is that the machine has dual handles. Two people with these dual handles can easily carry the machine. In this way, the weight is less than 12 kgs for a single person to carry, 

The machine is full of security features. This is natural for the welding units to attain a high temperature. This high temperature can be harmful and may result in an accident. This accident can be fatal. To avoid these types of situations this machine is equipped with the auto-shutdown system at the high temperature. This shut down saves the welder from the accidents. 

The amperage can be controlled remotely through remote control. This makes the process of welding precise and more reliable. 

This Machine is GooD For

  • The machine is easy to operate
  • The Dual Machine Handle Make it Portable
  • The remote control can be used to control different parameters
  • The machine is equipped with a Fan
  • Excellent Protection Feature of the auto shutdown

 EZ- 500551- TIG 165i by Hobart

TIG 200 Square Wave by Lincoln Electric

Product Description and Features 

Advance in features compatible with the ease of use. Very few welding machines have this capability. This machine is one of them. This is a truly dual-purpose machine that can perform Tig and stick welding. 

Even with the dual functionality, the machine is really easy to operate. You can obtain both these functionalities from a single power source. 

This is a perfect tool for both amateurs as well as experts. The dual functionality of DC current and AC current make it possible for the machine to do the aluminum as well as the steel welding. 

For DC current at 120 volts the machine has a duty cycle of 25% the output of the machine with these parameters is 125 amperes. In the case of AC current with the same voltage, the machine has a duty cycle of 20% the output of the machine with these parameters is 75 amperes. The machine can provide maximum output in the form of amperes is 200 ampere for the tig welding and 170 amperes for the stick welding.

This machine does not lag institute features. In case of emergency to protect you from the accident the machine has a feature of automatic gas shut off. The digital display makes the operation of the machine easy. This machine is really easy to use

The machine is good for

  • It has the sport of dual voltage
  • The machine is easy to carry
  • The machine uses dual technology for the welding
  • It can be operated with the minimum expert level

TIG 200 Square Wave by Lincoln Electric

160STH TIG & Stick welding Machine by Everlast Welders

Product Description and Features 

Perfection with the ease of movement is the key feature of this welding unit. This welding unit allows you to operate on two different voltages one is 120 volts and the other is 240 volts. This welding unit offers only light-duty modification. Due to this feature, it lacks the ability to weld aluminum. 

This machine is really very economically priced. With a small transformer in the machine. The Tig torch has an organ regulator. As for as the power consumption is concerned the machine really consumes very less power. This is the reason that the duty cycle of this machine is also not very impressive. This machine operates at the duty cycle of 35%. 

If you are a power-hungry type of guy then this machine is absolutely not for you. The machine is very lightweight. The total weight of the machine is less than 40 pounds. It comes with a shoulder strap. It is really easy to carry the machine.

This is a modern-day technology machine. It enables the user to use the digital display in order to set the operational parameters of the machine.

The machine is good for

  • really very easy to carry due to the lightweight
  • The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry the machine
  • The machine comes with the dual input power options
  • The power consumption is really very economical
  • The machine has a digital display.

160STH TIG & Stick welding Machine by Everlast Welders

K2535-2 Precision Tig Welding Unit by Lincoln Electric

Product description and features

if you are thinking of inheriting your passion for welding to your children and even the grandchildren. Then this is the best machine for you to purchase. This machine is of such good quality that even your grandchildren can enjoy the welding with this machine.

This machine can provide you with a duty cycle of 10 to a hundred percent. At the amperage output of less than 23. The machine will provide you with a 100% duty cycle. If you install a 50-ampere breaker the machine performers will be of an optimum level for you. Although the installation of a 50-ampere breaker is not necessary. 

This model can handle daily all materials very well. These materials include aluminum, magnesium, iron and stainless can easily control the outflow of the gas with the help of the foot pedal. This foot pedal allows you to control the output amperage even at the time of the welding.

The maximum voltage for which the machine can be set is 230 volts. The light tasks can be performed on the low level of voltage while for the heavy task you can set the voltage at a higher level.

The machine is not very easy to carry. In fact, this is not a portable machine. So it cannot perform the functions of a portable machine. The weight of the machine is 240 pounds. 

The machine is best for

  • This is truly a multi-purpose machine
  • The machine requires low amperage to start
  • The machine is able to provide the hundred percent duty cycle but is really on low voltage.
  • This is a really very durable machine that can be inherited even by your grandchildren.


Time spent on choosing a technical instrument really saves your time. This is not every day when you will buy a technical tool. So do complete market research before choosing the AC DC tig welder.

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