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Metal crafting is an art this art cannot be completed unless you know how to join between two pieces of metal. With this, you can easily repair anything. Not only repair but this helps you to create new metal pieces. These pieces will finally turn into a product Welding is an art. This is about metal crafting.

Apparently it looks like a simple task. What you need to do is just melt the metal to a point. Where it changes its physical shape. After this mix it with the filler and make a bound with the other piece of the metal. Let it all be cool and a firm Bond will be made.
This simple process is not so simple at all. You need to consider a lot of things. First is the technique which you want to follow for the welding. In this article, we will discuss the MIG welding technique.

This technique is simple, easy and efficient. If you are a new vendor then this is the best technique to start with. Commonly known as Meg but technically its name is metal inter gas welding technique. You will start it and find it as easy as applying glue to create a bond. The difference is that while applying glue you are not playing with the fire. So while welding you need to do some precautionary measures in order to remain safe.

We have dedicated a fair amount of portion on this issue. If you are a beginner then you will get the maximum benefit of this portion. Even if you are a professional this can add at least some value in your skill set if not so valuable.

MIG welding as a technique of welding

This is the right place to know about the MiG welding technique. This welding technique is commonly known as MIG welding. MIG is the abbreviation. Metal enter gas welding is the word this abbreviation represents. A consumable electrode in the form of a wire is used to make a joint between two pieces of metal.

The metals mergers and melts continuously and simultaneously during this process. Shielded gas is continuously supplied to remain the contamination away from the bond. Fill in the form of the wire is combined with the base metal to produce a perfect joint.
Simply the MIG welding technique is a process. In this process, a filler metal is used to make a joint between two pieces of metal. This process is done in a controlled environment so the contamination should remain away. This is ensured by the continuous release of a gas known as shielding. This gas is released, controlled and maintained through a welding machine.

Like all other techniques known to humankind. The MIG welding technique has some positive points and some negative points as a welder. We should know all the positive points and all the negative points of the MIG welding technique.

Positive points of mig welding technique

  • This is a faster process
  • The process is easier than other welding techniques
  • you can continue with a single rod and you do not need to change it frequently
  • The job done will be cleaner
  • The best technique to learn for the beginners
  • This welding technique can handle numerous metals. T
  • The metals you can handle best with this technique are magnesium, steel, copper aluminum mild steel, and nickel.
  • A good machine to put in the house for small repair work.
  • Hobbyist companion, it can perform small projects very well.
  • Even the MIG welding units can be used in industrial projects.
  • This drops the wastage of alloy
  • Minimum fuss will be produced during the welding process
  • This is the reason that it requires minimal cleaning.
  • Your one hand will be free and you can perform other helpful tasks while Welding.

Negative points of the make welding technique

  • This is a costly process. The nozzle needs to be replaced at continuous intervals.
  • Shielded gas and wire are the additional expenses of this type of welding.
  • The MIG welders required space. These MIG welders are not so friendly in terms of portability.
  • Not very good at handling the outdoor tasks. Shielding gas mechanism is not operated well in the outdoor circumstances
  • These welding machines are actually made to work in the garage and will not be so suitable if you use them in the open environment
  • Cannot handle thicker metals as good as it handles in thinner metals.
  • Shielded gas not only increases the quality of the product but also increases the expense.
  • This process can only be performed on the cleaned and neat metal. Sometimes you need to clean the surface of the metal first. This will consume your additional time.

The criteria to select a MIG welding machine.

No matter how good a professional you are. if your tool is not working properly you will not be able to create something beneficial. The most important thing is to choose the best tool for your work. Here the tool is the make welding machine.
We have crafted criteria to select the best MIG welding machine. This will help you a lot to choose the right welding unit for you.

Your personal needs

First thing first. Ask yourself why you need a MIG welding unit. Simply ask yourself is it worth to spend money and time in its purchase. First, justify yourself. give yourself the valid reasons that you need a vending machine. The welding machine of a particular type and this type is the MIG welding machine.
Some valid reasons can be that you are a beginner. Or you are a DIY type of guy. Love to perform some experiments by yourself. You need a machine at your home. this machine should be capable enough to handle the small work at home. This small work will be regarding the fixing of broken things. The other possibility is that you may need to perform some homemade projects.
If you have multiple yes while answering the majority of these questions then you should buy this product. The product under discussion here is the MIG welding machine.

The working circumstances

The second thing to consider is the circumstances of the environment where you will use this machine. Some of the possibilities are that you are using this machine in a workshop. The second possibility that you are using this machine at your home. The third possibility is that you are using this machine at an industrial project.

As far as the scope of this article is concerned most probably you are looking for a machine to work at home. A very minor possibility is that you are purchasing this machine for light Welding work in a workshop. The probability is very poor but it may happen and this probability is about the industrial use of this welding unit. The reason behind this perception is that in this article we are discussing the welding units that are under $200.
Find about the merits and demerits of the product. Match this with your working circumstances. You will be in the best condition to judge and find the best product for the work as per your own circumstances. Don’t rely on someone else’s guesswork. Only you know well about your product.

The metals you want to weld

The next thing to consider is the types of Mattel. Every metal cannot be handled in the same way. Different metals require a different skill set. Same has different metals that require different welding techniques.
The Mig welding technique can handle some metals better. Some medals it can handle at the average level. Some metals it cannot handle at all. Before purchasing this machine. Be sure that you are purchasing the machine rightly as per your working metals.

Frequency of your work

The next consideration is the frequency of your welding tasks. Do you need to weld frequently? All you need to do well occasionally. Do you work on such types of products that require long hours of welding? How are you working on short projects that require only welding in small intervals?

The parameter to handle this point for welding machines is known as the duty cycle. If you are an experienced welder then you must have a complete idea about the duty cycle. But if you are a beginner then the chances are high that you may not know in-depth about the duty cycle of the welding machines.

The duty cycle is the parameter that tells you how long your machine will work. This indicates the continuous working capacity of the machine and the rest at the need to be ready for the next welding task. It has been in my head for 10 minutes. If a machine has a duty cycle of 60%. It means that this machine can do the work for 6 minutes and after that, it requires rest for four minutes. If a machine has a duty cycle of 30%. This means that a machine can work continuously for 3 minutes. After this, it requires the rest for 7 minutes.
The increased duty cycle will increase the amount you need to pay for that particular machine. Create a balance between your need and the amount you need to pay.

Best MIG welder under 200 Reviews

1. Handy Core MIG welding Machine

Editor’s Pick

Handy Core MIG welding Machine

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Salient Features

  • Friendly in terms of electric supply and can be operated on household
  • The machine comes with a warranty of 12 months
  • This is really very easy to set up the machine
  • This Welding unit is easily removable
  • In comparison to other available products in its class, this welding unit is low priced

Product feature and description

in terms of the duty cycle, the product is not very good. The duty cycle for this product is only 20%. This is easy to control the different levels of output.
To keep the wire cool the welding machine is equipped with the cool conductor feature.

  • The available output options are multiple
  • The machine is easily portable because of its lightweight
  • This is the best choice for beginners
  • The heavy products are out of the scope for this machine
  • May not perform well in construction industry projects

2. Hobart Handler MIG welding Machine

Editor’s Pick

Hobart Handler MIG welding Machine

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Salient Features

  • This product is from the industry leader
  • The welding machine is full of safety features
  • The product is easy to use

Product features and description

This product is of the best quality as it is manufactured by the industry leader. The portability of the machine is not very good as it is a bit heavier. This machine provides the duty cycle of 20%. This is not an impressive one.

  • The operation is triggered control
  • It can operate on the home-based power supply.
  • The duty cycle is very low
  • The machine is not so portable

3. Forney Evergreen MIG welding Machine

Editor’s Pick

Forney Evergreen MIG welding Machine

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Salient Features

  • The perfect machine for the beginners
  • Best suited for projects dealing with the mild steel
  • The product is lightweight so portable
  • Product packages are heavily loaded
  • 12 months warranty is available

Product features and description

The product is so easy to use that even the beginner and entry-level people can use it easily. The product is really very lightweight. Its total weight is 19 lbs. Because of such less weight, the machine is highly portable.
The product package has many accessories and enough equipment to start work. The duty cycle of this welding unit is 30%

  • Operation is really very easy
  • The machine is really very easy to carry
  • Multiple accessories are included in the product package
  • 12 months welding machine warranty
  • This machine cannot handle heavy projects very well
  • The prolonged rate for wire feed


Now you are fully equipped to choose the best makeup product for you. You know about the merits and demerits of the MiG welding technique. you know about the choosing criteria of a MIG welding machine very well. you have all the knowledge about the merits and demerits of the MIG welding technique. Even you have learned about the best available MIG welding unit in the market.
This is the time to make the decision as a wise guy. It is advisable to take precautionary measures while welding.

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