Top 5 Best Welder Under $500 (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

The modern construction industry can never be like that without the art and technology of welding. Welding has really made things easy for construction workers. This is simply an art of creating a joint between two metals. This simply makes life easy for construction workers. recebtly It looks simple but not simple at all. If you are related to welding then the first thing is to choose the right tool for welding. We have assorted here some best budget tools for you.

The List of Best Assorted Welder Under 500

1- 140 MIG Hobart Handler Welder 115V

Editor’s Pick

140 MIG Hobart Handler Welder 115V

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Salient Features

  • The additional kit is not required
  • Popular among wire fed welders
  • Operative at the household voltage
  • This model is highly versatile.
  • 60 months warranty

Product Description and Features

Quick Set up

This welding unit the 140 MIG Hobart Handler Welder requires only some minutes to be ready for the welding. 

Welding Guide

This machine has a welding guide book included in the product package. This guide will help to handle different types of projects.

Perfect for a DIY type of guys

This welding unit can handle a number of projects. The list of projects is very long. This includes household projects, projects related to the gardening, projects related to the farmhouses, etc.

Product package

This is a complete project package it has different types of accessories that can be used in the welding process


The product is made of superior quality. This is the reason that the manufacturer has no hesitation to give the warranty of 5 years. Yes, you read it right. this product comes with a warranty for a very long time period.

  • This is really easy to set it up for welding
  • Best functionality
  • It comes with a warranty of 5 years.
  • Not all but some users complain that they have a problem to carry it because of its heavyweight.

2- Easy Weld Green Forney Welder

Editor’s Pick

Easy Weld Green Forney Welder

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Salient Features

  • Flux is gasless
  • Good for small repairing works
  • Best product for beginners

Product Description and Features

Power input

The machine is operative at 120 V and the amperage range is 125 A.


The product is a bit heavier than 32 lbs and less than 33 lbs. The exact weight of the product is 32.6 lbs. This makes it a perfect portable product.


The gas is not required for the operation of the welding. This operates on internally generated gas.

Quick shade modification

Thanks to the shaded selector knob the quick shade modification is possible. This nob also has a grind option.

Thin Guage

This product operated best on mild metals of thin Guage. 

  • Installation and use is really very easy
  • The product package almost have all accessories you may need initially
  • Best for thin metals
  • This welding machine will not work well for heavier projects.

3- Electric Welder MIG Lincoln K2185-1

Editor’s Pick

Electric Welder MIG Lincoln K2185-1

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Salient Features

  • A perfect portable product
  • Perfect household tool
  • Perfect for car body repair
  • Perfect for artistic fabrication

Product Features and Description

Wait and portability

The product weight is less than 50 pounds. if you talked about the exact weight of the product then the product weight is exactly 46 pounds.

Made for home

This is the best product to keep it in the home for small repair work. This is also good for the DIY type of guys. Small projects can easily be done through this welding machine. The maximum output power range is 88 ampere while the minimum power range is 35 ampere. 


This can easily deal with the car body parts replacement. Not only this but this can work exceptionally well on bumpers.

Easy to use interference

The user interface is so easy that it can be understood and operated by even a beginner.

Maximum control

The welding machine provides you the maximum control. You can control the voltage settings. 4 levels of voltage settings are available so that you can adjust the machine as per your requirements. 

Artistic fabrication

The machine is the best choice for artistic. The welders interested in this type of matter should use this machine.

  • Perfectly portable machine
  • Minimum maintenance is required
  • The cooling fan is available
  • Maximum control
  • The spectrum to handle the metals Is really wide
  • Cannot handle the heavy industry products
  • The portability may be restricted due to the necessary accessories

4- LOTOS Wire Welder MIG

Editor’s Pick

LOTOS Wire Welder MIG

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Salient Features

  • Best for use in small workshops  and home
  • Upgraded with enhanced functionality

Product Features and Description


This is the upgraded version. The new features are included.


The interface is easily usable. the controls are placed appropriately and at the right place so that it can be accessed easily.

Digital display

To keep you updated will the welding operations and the available material. Two different displays are assembled on the front of the building unit.

The welding range

This machine can weld steel. The gauge of the steel should lie between 24 to 1/4 inch. The same specifications are true for stainless steel.

Aluminum welding

The facility to weld the aluminum is available in the welding unit. A light problem with this is that you need to buy an extra Spol gun.

Duty cycle

The duty cycle of this welding unit is 20%. This means that it can continue to work well for 2 minutes. After this, it requires the rest of at least 8 minutes to be prepared again for the welding. This is a good machine for small and home projects.

Electricity requirement

This can easily be operated on household power outlets. The operative voltage for this welding unit is 110 volts.

Weight and portability

The weight of the product apparently makes it difficult to carry it. The design of the product is a supportive element. This includes a handle on the top of the machine. This handle makes it easy to carry the machine around. This is the reason that machine is portable even though it weighed more than 50 pounds.

  • Give you the maximum value for the money
  • Control panel easy to use
  • Additional accessories are included in the product package
  • Can only handle medium and small projects

5- MIG Goplus Welder Automatic Feed /Free Mask

Editor’s Pick

MIG Goplus Welder Automatic Feed /Free Mask

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Salient Features

  • Free Mask with the welder.
  • External gas is not needed
  • Mini size and truly portable
  • Filled with complementary accessories
  • The material used in the manufacturing of high quality

Product Features and Description

Portability and durability

If you are looking for a portable and durable welder machine. Then this is your right pick.

Welding power

Because of its lightweight, its welding power is reduced. But even then this is the perfect machine to take care of household projects. Even the small projects of DIY type can be handled easily.

Adjustable welding speed

The welding speed can be adjustable from minimum to the maximum at four different levels.

  • Internal produced gas can be used for welding.
  • External gas is not needed.
  • The machine is equipped with hidden storage.
  • The handle on the machine makes the product easy to carry.
  • Proper ventilation of the machine prevents it from heat
  • The product package is filled with the extra accessories
  • 10 different speed control for wire feed
  • Cannot handle heavy industry or professional projects.

How we select these products

You maybe wonder how it is like this product. these products have been selected on the basis of the criteria defined by our teams of experts and the professionals working in the field. By combining these two we have made perfect criteria to select a building unit. For your interest and benefit, we are revealing these criteria here.


The voltage your welding unit consumes will determine different factors. The first is that will you be able to use your welding unit at different places. Secondly, it affects on the welding capacity of the welding unit. The welding of different metals requires different voltage inputs. 

so this is important to consider the input voltage of the welding machine while making the decision to purchase it.

The functionality range of the welding machine

Some welding units used internal gas. While some use external gas. The external gas may be supplied through a cylinder. Again this will affect the portability of the machine. The second thing it will affect is the capacity of the machine to weld different metals. Depending on your own requirements in need please do consider this while purchasing the machine.


The weight and the size of the machine affect its portability. Depending on your nature of the work. You are the best judge to determine whether you want a portable machine for a heavy-duty machine. 

Power outlet

Every mattel requires a different temperature for welding. It depends that how much power the welding machine can exert on the metal. Depending on the nature of the metals you need to weld. You should choose as per your requirement. You cannot ignore this factor while purchasing the welding machine.

Extra accessories

sometimes you need to fix extra accessories with your welding machine. The most common of these accessories are the spool gun. particular you need this gun while you are welding the aluminum. This is important to consider that all welding machine cannot adjust the spool gun. If you need to weld a metal which requires extra Spool gun. Be sure to check your welding machine for this option

Warranty and manufacture

Sometimes this is not the unavailability of the thing which creates the problem. Actually this is the abundant availability of the thing that makes the choice difficult. If any of the products have the same specification. And they are available at compatible prices. Then this will really be a difficult choice for you to make. 

Let me give you a tip in this situation. If you’re stuck in a situation like that. Then simply go for the well-known brand. Just check the repetition of the brand. Another criterion to be considered in this situation is the warranty terms and conditions with the time period the manufacturer is offering. 

Product with the well-known brand and with the longest period of warranty should be preferred in this situation. Usually, the well-known brands are really very touchy about their reputation. This is the reason that the products from a specific and well-known brand usually perform well.

Duty cycle

One of the important factors while selecting the welding machine is the duty cycle. If you are new to welding then and you should understand this concept. For the beginners, I will illustrate this concept here. if you are a professional or know about the duty cycle or ready please skip this next paragraph.

The duty cycle means that how much time is required by the welding unit to be prepared for the next welding. Usually, the reference used is an interval of 10 minutes. The duty cycle is quoted in the form of a percentage. 60% duty cycle means that for a given time interval of 10 minutes. The welding machine can continuously weld for 6 minutes. After the welding of 6 minutes, it required minutes of rest. The duty cycle of 40% means that the welding machine can continuously wealth for 4 minutes. After the continuous work of 4 minutes, the welding machine requires a rest of 6 minutes.

Depending upon the working load this is really really very important point to consider while purchasing a welding machine.


Last but not least. It is the price. Depending upon your budget and your requirements try to find an equivalence point between both. Please remember that this is not always true that the expensive machine can work better.


Welding is a risky process to do so please take precautionary measures. Some of the important precautionary measures are described here.

  • Double-check the machine before starting the building
  • This is really important to prepare the surface before welding. 
  • If there is any dust on the surface please clean it first.
  • Please check there should not be any flammable material near your welding site.
  • During welding please wear safety gadgets.

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