Best Portable Stick Welder

Stick welding technique claimed half of the welding jobs done in a day. The main reason for this popularity is the simplicity of the stick welding technique. This makes it easy to weld with this technique in comparison to the other techniques.

Moreover, in this type of welding, you do not require gas. Alternatively less equipment is needed with the stick wedding unit. Both these factors make the stick welding units the best welding units to be used as a portable welding machine.

An additive element is that with the help of a stick welding technique you can even weld in the rainy and windy environment. Although it has been recommended that you do welding in a calm environment. But as the reasons arise that you need to weld in the rain or wind environment. If it is so then the best technique to adopt this type of welding is the stick welding technique.

No doubt that whenever we look for portable welders.
Our first priority is to stick to welding machines. when we have decided to write a review about the best available portable welder in the market. Our first choice is to stick welders.

As in the market, there are hundreds of different models of portable stick welding units available. If you are a newbie or even a professional this is difficult to find the best available portable stick welder. Sometimes this is like finding a needle in the desert.

We have a dedicated team designed and recruited for this purpose. The only job is to continuously grab the market knowledge and enlighten our readers accordingly.

5 best available portable stick welders in 2020

We have shortlisted the hundred portable sequences available in the market. Based on the review of The uses and claims made by the manufacturer and sellers. Then our team narrowed it down and left with 50 machines only. Then we do the same process again and this time we figured it down to 25. In our last review cycle, we reduced it to five machines only.

TIG and Stick IGBT Welding Unit 200ST PowerARC by EVERLAST

Product Feature Feature Description
Process type Stick/Lift TIG
Input voltage 120/240V, 1 phase
Max.output 200A
Duty cycle 35%@200A
Electrode diameter Electrode diameter
Dimensions 20” x 12.5” x 13.5”
Weight 30 lbs

3 in 1 Welding Unit LTPDC2000D by LOTOS

3 in 1 Welding Unit LTPDC2000D by LOTOS

Product Feature Feature Description
Process type TIG, Stick, Plasma Cutter
Input voltage 110/120V, 220/240V
Max.output 200A
Duty cycle 60%@200A
Dimensions 17” x 8” x 14”
Weight 33 lbs

Easy Forney Arc Welding Unit 100ST

Easy Forney Arc Welding Unit 100ST

Product Feature Feature Description
Process type Stick/ TIG
Input voltage 120V
Max.output 90 A
Duty cycle 30% @ 80 A
Electrode diameter < 1/8”
Dimensions 16.2” x 8” x 12.5”
Weight 9.65 lbs

Stickmate Stick Welder 160i Hobart

Hobart 500570 Stickmate 160i

Product Feature Feature Description
Process type Stick
Input voltage 120/240V, 1 phase
Max.output 160A
Duty cycle 30 % @ 160A
Electrode diameter 1/8”-5/32”
Dimensions 13.4” x 7.1” x 10.5”
Weight 15 lbs

Power ARC Sun Gold Welding Unit

Power ARC Sun Gold Welding Unit

Product Feature Feature Description
Process type Stick
Input voltage 120/240V, 1 phase
Max.output 160A
Duty cycle 30 % @ 160A
Electrode diameter 1/8”-5/32”
Dimensions 13.4” x 7.1” x 10.5”
Weight 15 lbs

1. TIG and Stick IGBT Welding Unit 200ST PowerARC by EVERLAST

Product Features and Description

The focal point of This TIG and Stick IGBT Welding Unit 200ST PowerARC by EVERLAST powerful machine is the person who is using that machine. Each and every aspect of the machine is designed and manufactured to ease the user. It doesn’t matter if the user is a professional or a home user or someone who has adopted welding as his or her hobby. Everyone will get something good out of this machine. This machine truly serves the purpose of all.

TIG and Stick IGBT Welding Unit 200ST PowerARC by EVERLAST is a truly portable welding machine by all aspects. First its weight was reduced by using the inverter design technology. Secondly Carrying strap is added onto the top of it so that it can be carried easily. Thirdly this excellent portable machine comes along with a carrying case. This carrying case no doubt makes the transportation of the machine easy. The second benefit of these carrying cases is that it also makes the storage of the machine easy.

This is always great to have multiple welding technologies in your machine. Particular welding technology is best for a particular type of metals. The good thing with this machine is that it has alternative welding technology other than the stick. This building unit additionally provides the functionality of TIG welding technolog.

The multiple gas technologies and excellent design features turn this machine into a fine portable welding machine. This portable welding machine can be used at remote locations for construction and repair work. Its specialization includes pipeline repairing installation, construction, and repair of The structures at shipyard vessels and construction sites. The machine can operate on two different power supplies. These are 120 volts and 240 volts. This adaptive feature as per the available electricity supply sports its portability functionality.

Auto adaptive start and auto-adaptive arc power control is the highly valuable features of its stick. These features provide exceptionally well arc stability. This type of arc stability is found in big heavy-duty welders.

If you are a beginner then the life starts feature will make things easier for you. Do you consider this choice as it has all you need to start welding

All you need to do is to buy some additional equipment if you want to go for the Tig welding option. This additional equipment is a gas regulator, gas valve, and a Tig torch. A stick welding rod is also required to be bought separately.


  • The welding machine is lightweight so portable
  • Dual building technologies Tig and Stick
  • Voltage adaptability is also dual
  • Arc stability is exceptionally well
  • Life start feature is available
  • Are complete Welding package to start with


  • Tig welding rod is not included need to be bought separately
  • The gas valve and regulator are to be bought separately
  • The stick welding rod is needed to be bought separately

2. 3 in 1 Welding Unit LTPDC2000D by LOTOS

Product Features and Description

The first impression of this wedding unit is that it is costly. If this fact is investigated in-depth then a completely different dimension of reality reveals. The best thing is that this product is not at all costly in comparison to the features it has. In fact the services this product offers are of more value than the price this product charges.

This welding unit can perform plasma cutting, stick welding, and tig welding. Although some other options like this are available but are not so common.

Metal thickness is an important issue to consider. This welding machine can handle the metals that are as thick as 1 by 2 inches. Quite an impressive feature isn’t it.

All the machine is full of features but is lightweight due to excellency design elements. A portable machine is needed to be carried and to different places. If the initial startup setup requires time and effort then  It turns into a waste of time. No matter how lightweight a machine is if the machine wastes too much time in a startup this truly is of no use.

Thanks to the machine name. This is a plug and play device. Reached at your destination just black in the power switch and the machine is ready to perform its task. Nearly zero effort is required to set up the initial startup function of the machine.

3 in 1 Welding Unit LTPDC2000D by LOTOS
Turn on torch pilot arc is fully equipped and ready to cut through different surfaces. due to the modern state of the art design and new technology advances the machine produces the minimum slag. Do remember that it is dangerous to touch the surface while cutting it.

An issue with the portable machine is that it has to use the available power supply. If the machine is not adoptable in this aspect then it’s portable functionality is not of so good use. The good news for this machine users is that this machine is operative on 220 volts as well as on 110 volts.

The machine is really impressive in terms of amperage range. The minimum available amperage range is 10 amps and the maximum is 200 amps. In terms of the metals cut this machine can easily handle metal as thick as 3 by 4 inches. This is one of the most significant values as per the industry standards.

This 3 in 1 combo machine is protected by its manufacturer. This multi-purpose multifunction machine comes with a warranty of 3 years.

The people who are using foot pedals to control the flow of the gas. You may not find this machine so appropriate in the beginning. But they can easily buy a separate foot pedal.


  • This welding unit has three different functionalities
  • A pilot arc is non-touch
  • The machine is really easy to set up
  • This building unit is a cooperative attitude voltage
  • Amperage range is really impressive
  • The machine comes with a warranty of 36 months
  • The machine can cut really thick metals as per industry standards.


  • The foot pedal is not included in the product package. This has to be bought separately

3. Easy Forney Arc Welding Unit

Product Features and Description

An economically priced machine. Although the machine has a low price, it is not low in its capability. This can very well serve the purpose of home users. Even the light industry users like at the farm and in the garage can take the benefit of this machine.

The machine is operating at 120 volts. The maximum output amperage for this machine is 90 amperes. Like many of the other portable Welding machines the inverter system has been used to reduce its weight. This portable welder has a weight that is approximately 10 pounds. In fact the weight of this portable welder is less than 10 pounds.

Easy Forney Arc Welding Unit 100ST
Every welding technique has its own capability. If you choose to work with one you may lose the benefit of others. But the sections of one are necessary as you need to choose a machine. After the tears of the machine you will stick with the technology the machine offers. This also reduces the operative domain of you as a welder. Thanks to the machine name it offers you the dual functionality TiG and Stick. This tells increases your scope as a welder. It only takes a flip to switch between the two different welding technologies.

The only drawback is that you need to buy a TiG torch. The Tig torch is not included in the product package.

The output amperage range 90 amps are enough to tackle home welding issues. The machine can weld a maximum of 5/16 inch thick metal. Its electrode handling capacity is 1 by 8 inches at the maximum.


  • This building unit is affordable
  • As it is lightweight so portable
  • The uses of the welding unit easy are easy
  • Electrode handling capacity is 1 by 8 inches
  • Both welding technology is available TiG and Stick.
  • The machine has a functional capacity to be operative in various situations.


  • Tig torch is not included in the product package. You need to buy it separately.

4. Stickmate Stick Welder 160i Hobart

Product Features and Description

If you are a guy who loves to work with his own hands. You are involved with metalwork at home or on the farm. Then this product is definitely for you. we recommend you to please have a look at the specification of this product. You found it appropriate for you.

The machine has an excellent design. This has both functionalities. This is easily portable and can be stored accordingly. The weight of this portable welding unit is only 20 pounds.

This machine provides the most popular option for welding units. The output current is of DC orientation. The hot star technology combined with the DC current provides a reliable start and a smooth operation.

The superior arc control functionality enables you to do welding with precision. This leaves you with minimum slag.

Hobart 500570 Stickmate 160i
The maximum amperage level of this machine is 160 amperes. This machine works well with the steel of medium thickness. The medium thickness value is a maximum of 5 by 32.

The machine works on dual voltage. 120 volts and 240 volts. This enhances its capability as a portable welding machine. This feature makes it compatible to run on multiple types of electric supply.

The manufacturer of this product offers three types of warranties as the time frame is concerned. The maximum warranty time the product offers is 5 years then 3 years and then 1 year.


  • The machine is lightweight so portable
  • The design is reliable for working, carrying and storage
  • The arc start is perfectly reliable
  • The machine is operative at the dual voltage
  • 5, 3 and 1-year warranty of different parts and functionalities
  • The machine is versatile in its operations
  • The machine exerts amperage of high power


  • In terms of price this product is a bit heavy on the pocket.

5. Power ARC Sun Gold Welding Unit

Product Features and Description

This is the best welding machine in terms of providing the value against its price. Solid-body with a high-quality build makes it a durable machine.

Although the machine is not very lightweight even then it can easily be moved around. To make it portable even at the heavyweight the machine comes with the strap and solid carrying bag. The machine is slightly heavy because it is based on full-bridge technology. Most of the welding machines are half-bridge technology-based.

Although it is heavy, it is purposefully heavy. Yet the steps and carrying bag make it portable. So the heaviness of the machine may not be considered as a hurdle.

Thanks to the full-bridge based on the IGBT inverter. The user has maximum control over the arc. This increases the performance of the welder and hence the output is better. This makes the machine fully adjustable in terms of amperes. even the small adjustments of one point can be made.

The machine Power ARC Sun Gold Welding Unit runs to produce the average output of 180 amperes. The duty cycle even on this high amperage level is also impressive. The machine has a duty cycle of 60%. This means that in a given time slot of 10 minutes. The machine can continuously weld for 6 minutes. The remaining four minutes from the slot of 10 minutes are the rest interval. After this, the machine will run again for 6 minutes.

Power ARC Sun Gold Welding Unit
The machine Power ARC Sun Gold Welding Unit is full of protective features. The welding is a high-temperature process. High temperatures can cause accidents. The machine may burn out. To stop this type of mishap this welding unit is equipped with the cooling fan. This cooling fan keeps the welding unit at a low temperature.

To protect the welding unit from damage and increase its life multiple security features are available. These features protect the machine from overcurrent, overvoltage, and under-voltage. These protective measures are part of heart force overload protection.

This machine can run on 110 volts or 220 volts. This multiple voltage adaptability makes this machine the best portable machine to be used around. 

This is truly a budget product to have.


  • Economically priced
  • The arc performance is of high quality
  • The welding machine has a built-in temperature control system
  • This welding unit has overload protection measure
  • The machine can be  started easily
  • The welding unit works reliability
  • Heavy built will increase the life of the building unit
  • The machine is operative on dual voltage


  • The machine is relatively heavily build

Stick welder short introduction

The functionality of a stick welding is based on electronic current and electrodes. An iron rod is covered with the bonding material. Then the electric current passes through this electric rod. IT results in the production of an arc between the metal and the electric rod. This is then used to make a joint between the metal pieces.

The stick welding machines are operative and have both types of welding AC and DC. This welding technique is best for iron and steel welding. Mainly it has been used for construction and repairing work.

Benefits of stick welding

  • You can weld even in extreme weather situations like rain and blowing wind.
  • It doesn’t require gas for operation.
  • Relatively cheap in comparison with other welding machines
  • Most of them are lightweight so portable
  • This technique is most easy to learn the technique
  • The spectrum of the metals that can be weld through stick welding technology is really wide.
  • Which produces impressive results even with the address at the corners at the narrow places


This word is for those who make the decision and act accordingly. This is great to look for information. But looking for information in many directions will take away the time to act on it. No you have all the necessary information about the portable stick welders.

Make the decision by the product which suits you the most and start welding.  But be sure to adopt protective measures. If possible wear protective gear will save you from any type of mishap.

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