Welding without mask

It is normal to see that welders are welding somewhere without any kind of eye or skin protection. However, a question arises: are they doing right? People are usually in a hurry and do not take care of their health or the most sensitive parts of their bodies, such as their skin and eyes, which can be completely lost with minor negligence. Here, you are supposed to encounter permanent eye loss or skin cancer if you show prolonged negligence.

I faced such an excruciating experience. It was my worst habit to weld without a mask. And one day, I suffered its severe consequences. I suddenly got irritation in my eyes at midnight. I was stunned to see that my eyes were watering due to redness and infection. I was unable to see the surroundings clearly as it feels like I have got a certain speck of dirt in my eyes that will never allow me to open my eyes properly.

However, after concerning the doctor and taking the appropriate precautions, I was able to get my normal eyes back, since I never show any negligence while welding. That is why I am here to share the details of the suffering of a welder if he does not consider this issue seriously.

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The Seattle Pacific university enlists some important safety gears for welding including;
  • Goggles
  • Face Masks have dark window
  • A flame-resistant hat.
  • And the full-covered dress.

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What are some dangerous impacts of not using a welding mask?

Welding without mask

Although the whole human body is sensitive and requires heavy protection from welding. Nevertheless, the affective part in this regard is your facial skin and eyes including the inner retina and outer covering.

This blog will allow you to understand the possible side effects of not using a helmet while welding.

Hazardous radiations:

While welding we mainly expose two different kinds of radiations and both are detrimental to humans, especially their eyes. These include;

  • Ultra violet radiations
  • Infrared radiations

What if prolonged exposure to such radiation occurs without a safety mask?

UV radiation is just like you are watching the sun for a long period. However, lengthy exposure can lead to serious effects on your skin and if remain unattended it can convert into skin cancer which will be intolerable for you. Cancer besides giving you pain can destroy your skin’s beauty.

Nevertheless, the other category is quite opposite as it is the one who usually use to destroy cancer. However, using it to eliminate cancer doesn’t mean it is safe for the human body and mainly the eyes. Besides affecting the eyes badly your internal organs can also be the victim of these radiations.

Damage to the retina:

As welding lights contain specific radiations besides the above-mentioned problem the welder can also encounter retinal problems. Without using a barrier or mask or goggles a welder can get permanent damage to his retina. And in severe cases can have to bear the loss of eyes.

Cornea inflammation:

Be aware of this infection as the symptoms can take a few hours to expose themselves. Unusual pressure in the eyes, irritation while exposed to light, and frequent watering are the major causes of this infection. Consult the eyes specialist if you face such problems after welding.

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Burning of facial hair:

You never wanted your skin beauty to singe because of minor negligence or hustle. Welding releases extreme heat which is sufficient to burn your eyebrows, eyelashes, or other hair on your face. The singe of other facial parts is also common like lips or nose with the spark from welding.

As it is unbearable to sit in front of a smoker. Same to sit near welding work is too hard to breathe due to plenty of smoke around you. Then how a welder could face all this?

Among various side effects, welding can cause a decrease in breath due to the high abundance of smoke because of burning. However, wearing a helmet can avoid that. But people that do not wear a helmet most probably suffer from asthma because their lungs are highly affected due to the smoke.

The fumes are so dangerous that if remain untreated you can also get lung cancer which in most cases is fatal and incurable. Besides using a helmet, you should also need the aid of a respirator to breathe properly as the fumes can easily pass behind the helmet.

So, never risk your health or you will lose your life.

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  • Make the helmet a part of your welding however, if due to some genuine reasons you are unable to wear you can go with the goggles for eyes protection as you cannot effort the loss of this organ. Goggles are enough to cover half of your face if not full.
  • Those who have sufficient experience in welding can take risks as they have enough understanding to avoid the spark to touch their skin or any part.
  • If you have to do a minimum of work like two arcs in such a situation you can go without wearing a helmet or mask.

While not using a helmet or mask you must follow the other precautions.

What should I use to cure the infection?

A minor infection can be cured using some accessories like skin oil or eye drops that doctors usually recommend.

Skin oil:

Prevent yourself by using skin oil protection. Like sunblock, it cannot allow the rays to approach your body. However, the welder exposes to 10000 to 15000 degrees of arc while welding.


New welders most of the time face the issue of irritation. A minor infection can be cured using the eye drops recommended by your physician.

Some frequently ask questions:

1. Is it fine to encounter the welding light?

Minimum contact with welding light is not that much serious for your eyes. However, prolonged contact with this light without any safety equipment can cause eye infections including redness and tears due to the release of harmful radiation.

2. What is the appropriate distance to watch welding?

Due to the reflection and harsh metal, the rays can travel a long distance. It is varying from work to work to know at which distance you can contact the welding light without confronting your eyes with severe damage. Usually, 10 feet distance is fine in this regard.


Summarizing the above discussion, we can say that without a welding helmet and other protective equipment you must avoid the welding task. As it is too much risk, can be deadly for you. However, some expert does that due to their vast experience (though we don’t recommend them).

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