Best MIG Welder Under 300 (Reviews)

The Best MIG welder under 300. Welding is an art. This is about metal crafting. Building something new or repairing the broken one. The method is simple. This is to melt the metal to an extent that it becomes liquid. Once liquid with the help of a third Mattel makes a joint between them. 

Appeartemly this looks simple but this is not so simple at all. Not all metals can be melted at the same temperature. Secondly, to create such an amount of heat for such a long time is not a child’s play. 

Different welding techniques are involved with the passage of time. Some of them are in practice today. Old ones are continuously improving or eliminating and new ones are evolving, MIG welding technique is one of them,

MIG is a metal inter gas welding technique. A good technique to learn for beginners. As simple as applying the glue with the help of a glue gun. Yes, you read it right but if you take the proper safety measures. We will discuss some necessary safety measures in the last portion of this article. Be sure to read it especially if you are a hobbyist or DIY type of guy. This doesn’t mean that these safety measures are not important for professionals. This is also important for professionals too. But as professionals knowledge and technique is better due to frequent practice. It has been assumed that they may have known some or all of them. In Fact, there is no harm if professionals have a look at these too.

If you are interested in the MIG welding technique then you definitely need a welding unit that can perform MIG welding. Hundreds of brands are manufacturing thousands of units like these. This makes the right choice difficult.

Looking for the best Mig welder under 300. And If welding is not just your profession or hobby but you are actually into it like a passion as I am. Moreover joining the two different thermoplastics or metals actually gives you the pleasure that satisfies your soul and truly makes you happy. Then congratulations! you actually landed at the right place. 

 We have sorted here some of the best available budget products for you. Here the amount of budget we set is 300 $. 

List of Best MIG Welder Under $300

  Product Details   Price
Easy Weld Green Forney MIG Welder, 261, 140 FC-i – 120V Weight – 6.6 Pounds
Dimensions – 16.7 x 12 x 8.1 inches
Material – Metal
Color – Green
Power Source – AC
Amperage – 160 Ampers
Voltage – 120V 
Warranty Period – 12 month
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100 Hobart Handler 500572 Weight – 44 Pounds
Dimensions – 16 x 10 x 13.5 inches
Voltage – 115V
Wattage – 2760 watts
Check Price
Handy Core K2278-1 Lincoln Electric Weight – 45 Pounds
Dimensions – 8.8 x 18 x 12.8   inches
Color – Red
Warranty:12 months parts + labor
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1. Easy Weld Green Forney MIG Welder, 261, 140 FC-i – 120V

Why you should Buy it

  • Best Choice for entry-level welders
  • Suitable for mild steel projects
  • Light Weight
  • Heavily Loaded Product Package
  • One Year Warranty

Easy to use

The Easy Weld Green Forney MIG Welder is the best choice for the entry-level welders. It’s easy to use and makes it perfect for beginners.

Perfectly Portable

The product is lightweight. It only weighs 19 lbs. This makes it perfectly portable. This is not enough weight that can create a burden on you while carrying.

Loaded Product

The product is fully loaded with accessories and equipment.


The product is backed by a full year means 12 months warranty.

Duty Cycle

This product, the Easy Weld Green Forney MIG Welder, has a 30% duty cycle. 

  • Easy to operate Easy to Carry Accessories Included Warranty for 12 months Inverter Construction is flexible Control System is easy to operate
  • Not Made to accomplish heavy projects Wire Feed Rate is prolonged

2. 100 Hobart Handler 500572

Why you should buy it

  • The manufacturer is one of the leaders of the industry
  • Excellent safety features
  • Ease of use

Product Description and Features

Best Quality

This product is manufactured by the industry leader.


Although a bit heavier still this device is portable. As per the manufactured dimensions of this product can be stored easily. 

Duty Cycle

This product has a 20% duty cycle. This means that in a given 10 minute this welding plant can weld for two minutes continuously.

Operational Ease

The machine can be operated on ordinary household current. 

Self Resistant Potential

The product is equipped with self resistant thermal protection.

  • Trigger controlled operation Operated on ordinary household current
  • N/A

3. Handy Core K2278-1 Lincoln Electric

 K2278-1 Lincoln Electric

Why You Should Buy It

  • Operative on HouseHold Electric Supply
  • One year warranty
  • Easy setup
  • Easy moveable 
  • Low priced

Product Features and Description

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle is 20%. This means after 2 minutes of continuous work. This welding unit requires an additional 8 minutes to get ready for the next work. 

Knob to control output

4 different levels to control the output level

Additional Cool Connecter

The wire remains cool because of the additional cool connector feature.

  • Multiple output options Lightweight so easily portable Best choice for beginners
  • Cannot handle the heavy projects Not for fixing the weight-bearing fixtures

You may ask the criteria to select the above-explained product. This criterion has been defined by our expert advisors. Our advisors have the experience of many years. Based on the experience and knowledge of the welding they have derived this criterion. You may apply it whenever you want to buy a MIG welding unit.

Criteria to Select MIG welder

The first and most important thing is that you should know the basis of MIG welding. The more knowledge you have about the MIG welding. The better for you to make the decision about the welding unit. If you are not an expert in the field even then you must know about the basis of the MIG welding.

Your Priority

The most important question to be answered is why do you want this? Or how will you use the machine? In more simple words why you are buying this. You can be a professional and welding is your passion. You can simply be a hobbyist. You need to do welding while working on your small house held projects. 

Even the requirements of two professionals may not meet with each other. Like if one is a scrupterist and other is a heavy metal fixture. This means that both the professionals have the requirements that may be entirely opposite to each other. 

Your working Environment

The next thing to consider is the working environment. This means where you will use the machine. Will this be at your home or in a local workshop or you have to carry it with you at different places. 

The important point is the power supply at these points. The commercial power supply is different from the domestic power supply. The working conditions will decide about the available power supply. 

Another important factor is the temperature of the surroundings. Wisely choose the machine by considering all these factors. 

Metals to weld

Not every metal has the same welding requirements. This means that all the machines cannot weld all the metals. Be specific about your required metals and choose the welding machine appropriately.

DC or AC

The AC or DC specification directly affects the ability of the welding machine to weld. As per your choice choose the machine which will suit your requirements. Then either you want a DC machine or an AC machine or the dual functionality.

Duty Cycle

This is the ability of the machine to work continuously. After this time the machine requires rest to prepare again for the work. Depending on the workload and the available time this will be another important factor to consider. In the purchase of a welding unit 

This is the best place to know a bit more about MIG welding. So here is a short introduction for you to start your mastery about the MIG welding.

What Is MIG Welding?

This type of welding is used to weld aluminum and other such metals, MIG is an abbreviation of  Metal Inert Gas Welding. In this process, a wire is used as a consumable electrode. And two metals i.e the workpiece metal and the filler metal are melted to that temperature where they both combine to form a  perfect bonding.

The filler wire is continuously supplied to the arc where the gun is melting the wire along with the workpiece metal. While, both the filler and the base metal are merging with each other. At the same time the welder is releasing a gas that is actually a shielding gas to protect the metals from getting contaminated from the this Gas keeps the contaminants away while the metals are under the melting and, merging process.

In simple words, MIG welding is a process of joining metal with the help of filler metal in the controlled environment that is ensured with shielding gas. Which is released from high-pressure cylinders with the help of a regulator that controls the gas flow?

MIG Welding does have some pros and cons so before choosing this technique of welding it’s good to have a quick review of the basic advantages and disadvantages of MIG welding. so you can determine which type of welding suits you the most to achieve your purpose.

Pros & Cons Of MiG Welding

  • MIG welding is faster and easier than others as you don’t need to change the rod again and again. Mig Welding make the job done easier and cleaner If you are just a beginner still you can make a perfect weld with MIG welding as the continuous supply of wire provides you better control. Mig welding is perfectly compatible with many metals such as steel, aluminum, nickel, mild steel, copper magnesium, and so on. Mig welding is equally effective if you are doing some house job, or you are a DIY kind of person. And if you want to use Mig Welding for an industrial or professional task, you will still not be disappointed In Mig Welding, you can achieve a perfect weld with the minimum loss of alloying elements If you adopted MIG welding as a technique you can get your job done with minimum mess, very little spatter, and minimum cleanup required. In Mig Welding, there is a continuous wire supply so you can do your job done with both you have an added ease and speed
  • Well Mig welding is a bit costly as you need to add, filling wire, shielding gas and even you often need to replace nozzles Mig welders are not very portable so you need a bit of space to equip your lab with this luxury Mig welders are not ideal for your outdoor task as the atmosphere in the outdoor scenario is not very supportive of shielding gas that can disperse in an outdoor environment So a MIG welder is perfect for your garage but not recommended in the fields Mig welders are supportive to vertical welding the is not very adaptive to many angles and postures If you are working with a thin metal MIG welding is a great performer but with the thicker metals it can be a disaster This is a faster process and the joint will cool faster and will take its place so you need to be quick to perform the task Shielding gas is an additional requirement, that can be avoided in some other techniques You need to clean the metal before starting your operation as if your metal has some rust, dust or impurities the work quality will be compromised


This article has all you want regarding the MIG welding. Starting from the best available MIG product. The next is the criteria to choose the best MIG welding unit. In the end the complete yet the concise introduction of the MIG welding. In-depth philosophy of the technique itself with its advantages and disadvantages.

This is more than sufficient for a beginner or a hobbyist need to know so good luck with your welding projects. Keep learning and keep experimenting. This will not only improve your skill but also give you the satisfaction. By applying this again and again you will be able to create art pieces while doing welding. 

Always remember that perfection is just the next task away. Every stroke will bring you closer to your destiny of being a perfect welder.

Be safe Be vigilant while welding this is important while playing with the fire.

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