About Us

Whenever you search the web for the information gathering. You must know who is providing this information. This is important for you because of two reasons. The first is that you will use this information. The second is that your time is an important resource and it should not be wasted on unauthentic information. 

Therefore this makes it really important for us to reveal who we actually are. We are a bunch of professionals who are associated with the construction industry. We are from a multicultural background. We have guys from America, Great Britain, France, Italy, Somalia, Argentina, and Germany. We are very well positioned and well known in our respective industries. The common thing among us is that we all love the art of welding.

The Founder Vision

The Man who is behind the website is Mr. Nelson. Nelson is the man who actually gathers this community of highly professional people. Nelson is doing it yourself type of guy. He loves to help the general public and professionals about the construction problems. 

He is running the small family business setup of construction. During the construction of different structures, he has developed the taste for the art of welding. With the passage of time, his passion grew and he decided to launch a website in order to help the people. He is a social guy. He decided to use the social network and he gathers the people who have the common interest, which is the art of welding. This website is the outcome of this passion.