Best Home Tig Welder

Home and heavy industrial usage are two different criteria to evaluate the welding units. The Tig welding evaluation criteria will be entirely different. So the parameters that may need to evaluate the Tig Welder may not work well for the domestic users. This is the reason that we have developed different criteria especially as per the needs of the domestic user. 

The score of this article revolves around the Tig Welder Functionalities and its in-depth reviews. Other available options are the MIG and stick welding units. These both have their own functionalities and their own merits and demerits. Although equally good these are truly out of the scope of this article. If you are looking for reviews on the specialized MIG and Stick welders. Then this is not the right place.

 This article does have information regarding combo welding machines. It has   the multiple functionalities of the TIG, Stick, and Mig welding.Other than     that the focus is on the specialized machines for domestic use.

Have a look at the best available welding machines in the market and then we will look at the buying guide. Read till the end as the criteria to choose the welding unit has been revealed at the end of the article.

Best Home Tig Welder

The market is filled with thousands of TiG welding machines. We have figured out the best one that can be used at home. Let’s review these in-depth.

Welding Unit Properties Picture
Multipurpose welding machine-
TIG STICK & Plasma –
LTPDC2000D – Lotos
Welding Technology:  3 in 1 TIG STICK & Plasma
Duty Cycle:60%
Output power:200 amps
Voltage input: 110 volts and 220 volts
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The Portable welder based on Combo technique  TIG & Stick with Voltage Inverter  Welding Technology: TIG & Stick
Duty Cycle: 60% 
Output power: 200 amperes
Voltage input: 110V / 220V

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The Multiprocess TIG Welder  Multimatic Miller 951674 

Welding Technology: TIG MIG STICK
Duty Cycle:40%
Output power: 190 – 215
Voltage input:  110 volts and 220

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Precision TiG Electric Welder 255 Lincoln

Welding Technology: TIG
Duty Cycle: 100%
Output power: 5 amp to 230 amp
Voltage input:  208 / 230V

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Multipurpose welding machine- TIG STICK & Plasma LTPDC2000D – Lotos

Multipurpose welding machine- TIG STICK & Plasma LTPDC2000D - Lotos​

Product Description and Features

Multipurpose welding machine- TIG STICK & Plasma LTPDC2000D – Lotos is a multi technology-based machine. This machine has the capacity to weld metals based on multiple technologies.

It can work as a TiG welding unit as well as the stick welding unit. It has an additional function of the plasma cutting. This machine is recommended for domestic purposes. Its ability to cut using the plasma is a major factor to determine its selection. This is not the option you can get commonly in the welding machines. Especially domestic welding machines usually miss these options by miles. 

The 60% duty cycle is quite impressive and handy to work in domestic situations. You can continuously work for 6 minutes. Then the 4 minutes rest will enable the machine to work again. In domestic welding, you usually do not weld continuously. Maximum a two-minute weld and then the rest. So you consider it as a machine that can provide you the maximum welding. This is the ever-ready welding machine. This is like whenever you want to weld the machine is ready to serve you.

Output amperage is important in order to determine the strength of the welding unit that will be able to handle the machine with the thick surface or not, secondly, it determines the effectiveness of the machine. As well as this machine is concerned. The amperage output of this machine is quite impressive in comparison to the other domestic welding units. The output amperage for this machine is 200 amperes.

This machine can operate on multiple voltages. This increases its chances to be accepted at multiple powerpoints. 

This is a fully loaded machine, a complete package as the welding unit. It has the following accessories plasma torch, TIG rod, filler metals, stick clamp, and filler rods.

This machine is not made for aluminum welding. The aluminum welding is possible only on the machines with the capability to perform AC welding.


  • Multi Technology-based a truly multipurpose machine
  • Comes with the product package that is fully loaded
  • Operated on the Dual Voltage


  • Ac Output is not available;
  • Aluminum welding is not possible;e
  • Voltage plug to operate on 110 volts is not available
  • The plug is available in the market but needed to be bought separately
  • Durability is a concern for some users

The Portable welder based on Combo technique TIG & Stick with Voltage Inverter

TIG Welding Mophorn - 165S

Product Description and The Features

This is truly a portable welding machine. Multiple factors added to this reason. The most important one is the size of the welding unit and the second is the lightweight. 

At home, this is necessary to carry the machine from spot to spot. As the repair and installation, requirements may reside in different places. This machine is fully equipped in this regard the small size of the machine and the lightweight. Make it possible to move around easily inside the house. 

The other thing that added well in the portability feature of this machine is the dual input voltage. The dual input voltage of this machine makes it possible to get the energy from the multiple energy supplies. While moving the machine you do not need to worry about the available power supply.

The duty cycle is also very impressive as far as the domestic machines are concerned. It provides you a continuous welding time of 6 minutes. Usually, continuous 6-minute welding is not a necessity as far as the domestic requirements are considered. 

This has the same problem as most of the welding units have with the DC welding option only. This can not weld well the aluminum metals. 

The machine is ready to serve you. The product package is already equipped with the stick clamp and the Tig torch. Other accessories may be needed to be bought separately. These are not included in the product package. For the TiG welding unit to be operative you need to buy the Argon. Argon is the gas regulator. So a very basic instrument is missing. This can even be considered a drawback.  But you need to only buy it once only.


  • This is a super portable machine
  • Lightweight and small size make 
  • Voltage input is dual
  • The machine is very economically proceed


  • Some very basic instruments are missing 
  • The gas regulator is missing in the product package
  • 220 Volts adapter is not included. This regulator has to be bought separately

The Multiprocess TIG Welder Multimatic Miller 951674

The Multiprocess TIG Welder Multimatic Miller 951674

Product Description and The Features

If you are looking for a domestic welding machine. It is not possible to get a Machine better than this. Anything as a domestic welding machine you wished is available in this machine. This is truly a home welding joint for the homes. This machine can perform all the functionalities of the welding unit. The reason behind this fact is that the machine is fully capable of applying all three types of welding technologies. These technologies are known as MIG, STICK, and TIG. 

The duty cycle varies from between two values the first is 20% and the second is the 40% The machine while operating on 190 amps can provide the duty cycle of 140%. The 20 % duty cycle is given with an output of 215 amps. 

The machine is equipped with an intelligent system. What you all need to do is just tell the machine about some parameters. The rest of the work is done by the machine itself. The machine has the capability to operate on dual voltage. It can operate on 110 volts as well as 220 volts.


  • Intelligently preamble machine
  • The machine is operative on the multiple welding technologies 
  • The machine has a set of the already defined instruction set. This instruction set truly makes life easy


  • The machine is not for the low budget guys

Precision TiG Electric Welder 255 Lincoln

Precision TiG Electric Welder 255 Lincoln

Product Description and Features

This machine is truly made for you This is the reason that the different parameters of this machine can be adjusted as per the requirement of the user. Amperage played a very important role in the welding of metals. 

If the metal is thick you need a high amperage rate. If you have thin metals then the high amperage output will definitely destroy the metal. The adjustment of the output amperage as per the metal will definitely help you to attain the best welding for the said metal. 

As far as the duty cycle is concerned. No comparison with this welder is available in the market. This can be a possibility to be best as this welder is. But none of this is better than this as this is the welder which provides the best available duty cycle time. The duty cycle time this particular welder offers is 100%. It means there is no need to take the breaks. You can do the welding for as long as you want to do the work.

This Precision TiG Electric Welder 255 Lincoln has all the capacities to handle multiple metals with precision and accuracy.  Thick steel and aluminum can also be handled easily with these metals.

Current adjustment is an important parameter to be managed during the welding process. This is something that can be easily done with the help of this welding unit. This is so easy that you actually don’t need to do it yourself. The  Precision TiG Electric Welder 255 Lincoln will do it automatically. This welding unit has the capacity to auto adjust the current.

This specific welding unit has the capacity to apply multiple technologies for the welding process. This is equally good in terms of TiG and Stick welding.

The price of this welding unis is a bit on the higher side of the scale. But the best thing is in comparison to the features of the product. This is not very costly. In fact, this is quite reasonably priced.

The voltage input option is not great for this machine. This machine operates only on 230 volts. This is not the option that is available so often. This makes the things limited for the user in terms of the power input options.


  • The features that belong to this welding unit are really unique
  • This is our best choice so far
  • This welding machine has an excellent feature of the current balancing
  • It performs the welding based on two different types of welding technologies
  • It has the excellent duty cycle the maximum one that os the 100%
  • It has a tremendous ability to handle multiple metals.


  • In comparison to the other available domestic welding machine options. This machine is of the high cost
  • The power input option is not very common and this is only 230 volts.

TiG as a Welding Technique

Multiple welding techniques are available. One of these techniques is the TiG welding technique. TiG is the abbreviation for the TUNGSTEN INERT GAS welding. Before we understand why we have given importance to this specific welding technique. This is important to understand the mechanism of the working of this welding technique.

Tig Welding Technique – The Mechanism

Like all other welding techniques, this is done at a high temperature. The electrode used in this welding technique has the capacity to maintain its shape and composition even at a very high temperature. The electrode will completely transfer the current to the base metal. This makes the base metal melt at a high temperature. 

The high temperature starts to melt the metals. As the metal starts to melt. This is the time to create a joint between both of the metals. The joint will be made and the filer is used to fill the gap between both metals. In order to create a joint between both. Metals.

This welding technique needs more professional skills than any other welding technique. 

This technique requires both the hands with complete concentration.

The Competitive edges of the Tig welding Technique

The Tig welding technique has multiple benefits. These benefits make it the first choice for the welders to learn.


This welding technique is known for the maximum accuracy and detail. The non-consumable property of the electrode is a blessing for the welders. This makes the welder’s job accurate if not easy.

High Priced

The Tig welding units are actually high priced in comparison to the other. This may not be as economical as the welding machines to be used at the home. On the other hand, no doubt this is the best welding technique available. 

Other than this the Tig welding technique has two more drawbacks. I wonder if you really think those are drawbacks. One is the strength of the joints. The joints are too strong to break. If you ever change your mind or you made a wrong welding joint. You will not be able to break this joint.

Secondly, You have to use both of your hands while welding. This is a bit hectic. As it involves both of your hands. The work definitely increases and you will be completely indulged with the welding task.

How do we select theses Domestic Tig welder

A question can be carried in the mind of our customers. What are the reasons behind the selection of these particular stick welders? Actually this is a quite logical question and this should be answered properly in detain and with logical reasons. 

Be aware that all of these points are derived by our experts based on the effort of months. We combine the wisdom of the many expert welders around the globe and have finally reached this conclusion. 

Let’s discuss the points of the selection criteria one by one.

The Working Parameters

Available space and the place where you need to do the welding are the first criteria. If you buy a big machine and you don’t have the proper space to store it. This will be a permanent mess for you and you will not be able to handle the machine on a permanent basis. This will only be a mess for you. Something that will become an obligation other than the utility. 

This is important to match the dimensions of the machine with the parameters of the machine.

The Electricity Supply

The second parameter is the electricity supply. The welding units need electricity to work. Without electricity, the welding units cannot operate. This is as the automobile requires the fuel to run. But this is not as simple as to put petrol in the automobile. In the case of getting petrol for the automobile, you can easily take the fuel from one place and use it while moving around. In the case of the welding unit, things are entirely different. You do not store the electric supply in the welding unit. What you need to do is continuous and at the spot supply of the electricity.

Every welding unit has a different power supply requirement. There is not a single power supply criteria available. 

This is important to consider the domestic power supply availability before buying any welding machine. We have put the utmost importance on this criteria.

Metals to work on

Not all metals can be weld in the same way. The reason is that all the metals have different criteria to work with. The composition of every metal is different from each other. As the composition is different so the temperature required to melt the metal will be different too. Secondly, the thickness of every metal object will be different from each other. 

This difference in the thickness will change the requirement of the temperature for the metal of weld. If you are working on the light metals. Moreover, the thickness of the metal is also of a moderate level. Things will definitely be on the lighter side. If things will be like this there is no need to spend the extra money to buy the welding units. That can weld the heavy metals as the heavy welding metal is never your choice to be done.

Gas Control

This is another parameter. The control of this parameter is necessary for the excellent finishing of the welding task. The gas control at the time of welding the metal is truly helpful in achieving the best welding results. 

Two different things are used to control the flow of gas while welding. The first is the nob. With the help of the gas knob placed on the welding machine. You can easily adjust the gas flow of the welding unit. The foot pedal is a device that has an excellent feature to control the flow of the gas even at the run time. 

The run time ability to control the flow of the gas enables the user to control the amperage of the gas unit without stopping the welding operation This runtime parameter helps to achieve excellence during the welding task.

A problem may arise while with the continuous work on the pedal. The possibility is that your foot may start to feel the strain. Some users have developed the pain because of this.

Cooling mechanism

The welding is a high-temperature task. This needs to be done with extreme care. The welders continuously try to manage the temperature of the welding unit. This is the reason that many of the welding units are equipped with a cooling unit. 

The duty cycle is actually for the same purpose. The duty cycle is the measure of time in the slot of the ten minutes for which a welding machine can weld continuously. Like the 60% duty cycle means that you can continuously work for the 6 minutes. After that, the machine has to rest for at least four minutes. After 4 minutes the machine is again cooled down and ready to move with the next job. 

Depending on the intensity and the amount of the heat. These cooling units are very esse]y to operate. The only problem with these is that you need to buy theses separately.


The mobility of the machine is an important issue to consider. Especially when you are considering the welding units for the home. The weight and the dimensions of the machine are two important points to consider whenever purchasing the machine. It should be easy to carry so that it can be moved around.

Secondly, the storage of the machine should be easy. This can be evaluated by evaluating the design dimensions of the machine.


Be informed and do read our articles regularly if you are really passionate about the art of the welding. This is always important to remain updated as the art of welding is continuously evolving. By progressing in the right direction you are on the right track to get maximum from your welding machine. 

Secondly by keeping in touch with the current development of the art of the welding. You are in the best position to remain safe during the welding process. This is a dangerous task and requires complete care and the updated knowledge to remain safe during the welding process

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