Best TIG Welder for Home Use in 2020 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

The requirement changes with the circumstances. Same is the case with the welding units. This is not possible because the requirements of an industrial user are the same as of a domestic user. Same is the case that the requirements of a hobbyist may not match with the requirements of professional welders. 

The type of the tool like the MIG Stick  Arc welding has different functionalities. This article will introduce you with some of the best available TIG welding machines for home use. We will share the best TIG welding machines available for use. In addition to this, we will introduce you to the welding machine and the criteria to choose the best tech welding machine.

Best TIG Welder for Home Use Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Lincoln TIG Precision Electric Welder Lincoln TIG Precision Electric 255 Welder Weight – 263 Pounds
Voltage – 230 Volts
Amperage – 5 Ampers 230 Ampers
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Multimatic Miller 951674 TIG Kit 215 with Multiprocess Welder Weight – 10.69 Pounds
Dimensions – 21 x 13 x 11 inches
Amperage – 190 Amps – 215 Amps
Voltage – 110 V / 220V
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Portable TIG & Stick Combo Dual Voltage Inverter DC 110V 220V Weight – 20 Pounds
Dimensions – 15.7 x 6.3 x 11.4 inches
Material – Steel
Power Source – AC
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Lotos 3 in 1 TIG STICK & Plasma Non-Touch Lotos LTPDC2000D Non-Touch Curring and welding Machine Amperage – 200 Amps
Voltage – 110 V / 220 V
Dimensions – 17 x 8 x 12.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 42.3 pounds
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Best TIG welders for Home Use Available in the Market

This is the time to simplify the things for you. We have done some hard work. We hope that you will get the reward for this hard work. By looking at these welding machines and applying the criteria stated above. It is definite that you will find the machine appropriate for your use.

1- Lincoln TIG Precision Electric 255 Welder


This machine has a number of customizable features. The most workable among them is the variable amperage. You can set the temperature as per your requirements. The minimum value is 5 and the maximum value is 230. 

Duty cycle

As far as the duty cycle is concerned. The Lincoln TIG Precision Electric 255 Welder is above the industrial average. It provides you a 100% duty cycle. You can use it as much as you want. 


This powerful machine can easily handle multiple metals. Lincoln TIG Precision Electric 255 Welder is good enough to easily deal with thick steel and aluminum.

Current Adjustment

The machine has an incredible feature to adjust the current while welding. The machine will auto-balance the current. This will result in clear and precise welding. 

Stick welding

Tig welding is not the only thing you can perform with the machine. This has an additional feature to perform stick welding. 

A perfect welding machine

Although a bit higher in comparison with other home welding machines. This has some features unique to this machine. You usually do not find those features in common and ordinary home welding machines.

  • Unique features Perfect home welding machine Current balance features Dual functionality 100% duty cycle Can handle multiple metals
  • The price is a bit high for home welding machines The voltage input option is 230 volts.

2- Multimatic Miller 951674 TIG Kit 215 with Multiprocess Welder 


The Multimatic Miller 951674 TIG Kit 215 with Multiprocess Welder is truly a treat for the home uses. This machine has everything which a common home uses indeed.


This machine can work with multiple technologies. These technologies include stick welding, TIG welding and MIG welding.

Duty cycle

This machine has a variable duty cycle. The minimum duty cycle is 20% and the maximum duty cycle is 40%. The 20% duty cycle is obtained at 215 amps. You can obtain the duty cycle of 40% at 190 amps.


Just tell the machine what you want to weld. Multimatic Miller 951674 TIG Kit 215 with Multiprocess Welder will make all the necessary settings itself. you do not have to worry about setting the machine. The machine is equipped with a feature of pre-program instructions. 

Variable voltage input

In terms of voltage input, the machine is very handy. The machine can operate on 110 volts and 220 volts. This tool increases the portability of the machine.

  • Dual voltage input Multi-technology machine Pre-programmed instructions
  • The price is a bit on the higher side

3- Portable TIG & Stick Combo Dual Voltage Inverter DC 110V 220V

Perfectly portable

Little in size, light in weight. The portable TIG & Stick Combo Dual Voltage Inverter DC 110V 220V portable machine. The carrying handle fitted on the top of it increases the chances of portability.

Duty cycle

This machine has quite an impressive duty cycle. For a given 10 minutes slot. This machine can do country news live work for 6 minutes. The remaining 6 minutes will be counted as a rest period.

This duty cycle is known as a 60% duty cycle.


This product package has a number of accessories. You will get the stick clamp and the TIG torch in the product package.

Dual voltage input

The machine can operate on the dual voltage input. The first value is 110 volts and the second value is 220 volts.


All the machines can weld multiple metals. You may find it problematic with aluminum. The reason is that this is a DC only welding machine.

Limited accessories

Even though the majority of the things are included in the product package. You need to buy some small instruments in order to perform different welding operations. The most important of them is argon the regulator needed for TIG welding

  • Accessories included Multiple voltage inputs Reasonably priced
  • You need to buy an extra adaptor for 220 volt

4- Lotos 3 in 1 TIG STICK & Plasma Welding Machine


This Lotos 3 in 1 TIG STICK & Plasma Non-Touch Lotos LTPDC2000D Non-Touch Curring and welding Machine is a multi-technology machine. This makes it a multifunctionality machine. You can perform tasks like TIG welding, Stick welding as well as plasma cutting with this welding machine. The plasma cutter option is not very common in the welding machines. Especially in the welding machines made for domestic use.

Duty cycle

It has an impressive duty cycle. The duty cycle of this machine is 60%. It means that you can continuously work 6 minutes with this machine. Then you have to give 4 minutes rest to the machine. As far as the domestic purpose use of the machine is concerned this is good.

Output power

Lotos 3 in 1 TIG STICK & Plasma Non-Touch Lotos LTPDC2000D Non-Touch Curring and welding Machine is impressive with output power. This machine can exert the energy of 200 amps.

The perfect machine for home

The duty cycle, power extraction, and multipurpose functionality. These are the features that make it the best Welding machine for home use. No doubt Lotos 3 in 1 TIG STICK & Plasma Non-Touch Lotos LTPDC2000D Non-Touch Curring and welding Machine is the best. 

Voltage input

This machine has dual voltage input. This means that it can operate on 110 volts and 220 volts. This feature increases its portability and usability as a welding and cutting tool.

Product package

The machine comes with a fully loaded product package. The package includes filler rods, filler metals. stick clamp, TIG rod, and a plasma torch. I wonder what else you need to start welding.


This machine can operate on multiple metals. A small drawback is that it is not so good for aluminum welding. The reason is the non-availability of AC welding.

  • Truly of a multipurpose machine Fully loaded accessories package Dual voltage input
  • Aluminum welding is not up to the mark You need to buy a 110-volt plug


TUNGSTEN INERT GAS is the real name of the welding technique commonly known as TIG welding.

Mechanism of TIG welding

This welding technique works as per the general mechanism of welding. The non-consumable electrode is used for the welding. As non-consumable, the electrode will not melt even at very high temperatures. The current passes through the electrode interacting with the base metal. This highly increases the temperature of the base metal. Due to the high rise in temperature the base metal melts. As both metals melt that need to be joint. This is easy to make a bond between them. After cooling. Unlike stick welding in this technique, the electrode will not work as a filler. 

Benefits of Tig welding

Accuracy and detail

This technique helps to create accuracy and fine work while welding. The advantage which created this fineness is the electrode. As the electrode is non-consumable. This will allow the builder to concentrate on building more than you think about the melting electrode. 

Uneconomical choice

Electric welding units are available in all ranges from economical to highly expensive. On the other hand for domestic purposes, we do not have a very high budget for welding machines. The welding units for domestic purposes do not require very intensive welding too. The TIG welders are generally considered as economical welding units. Moreover, these are available in all choices from occasional infrequent use machines to highly industrial machines for heavy tasks.

Drawbacks of TIG welding

None of the machines in this world is entirely flawless. The same is the case with that stick welding technique. We have some drawbacks in the case of the TIG welding technique too. 

The joint made with this technique is nearly impossible to de-joint again. 

Precession in welding requires patience. This may increase the time spent on the welding unit. and the cost of the welding increases too. Especially if you have hired a professional welder for this then the difference can be significant.

Criteria to Choose TIG welder

Working space and power requirements

Every machine has different power requirements. It needs a different working space. Depending on the working space you have and the power supply available to you. The choices of different people may differ from each other. Some machines are operated at 120 V and some are operative on 240V. Even some machines can operate on both voltage input. 

The metal

The next criteria is the metal to be weld. The thick metal requires high power. The amperage is needed to be increased with the increased thickness of the metal.  The same is in the case of thin metals. if you use the higher pressure on thin metal this will destroy the metal surface.

Foot pedal

This facilitates you in long working hours. You can control and maintain the gas flow through a foot pedal. With the help of a foot pedal, your both hands become free. 

The drawback of the foot pedal is that it increases the fatigue of your foot. Some users complain about the pain because of the continuous use of a foot pedal. 

Torch cooling method

The welding machines are equipped with the mechanism to control the temperature of the torch. Two different metals are used to achieve this purpose. The first method is to use water to cool the torch. The second method is to use the air cool torch. 

The calling procedure depends on the amount of heat produced by the machine. The more heat will be produced by the machine the better cooling system you need to cool the machine. Water is considered a better cooling agent than the air.


The next important thing to be considered as the portability of the machine. if you need to carry the machine for different projects. Then the machine should score high on this parameter. Three things contributed to the portability of the machine. The first is the design dimensions of the machine. The second is the weight of the machine. The third is the sport available to carry the machine.

The weight of the machine should be appropriate. It should not be too heavy to carry. The design dimensions should be supportive, this should not be difficult to put the machine at the place of work. The third is the carrying sport of the machine. The carrying support is provided in three different ways. One is to put a carrying handle on the top of the machine. The second is to put a shoulder strip on it.  This is the rare support provided with the welding units. Usually small and lightweight welding machines are equipped with shoulder straps.

The third is the carrying case. A carrying case is provided with the machine. You can put the machine in it to carry.


Doing welding is playing with the flames. This is really dangerous activity. This is advice that you should do proper care while welding. Try to use safety gadgets. Stay safe stay progressive. 

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