Top 5 Best Stick Welder Under $500 in 2020 (Review)

Hello and very warm welcome. This is another article based on stick welders. today we will review the best 5 available stick welders under $500 in the market. In addition to this, we will reveal the criteria to choose the best welder. 

Let’s begin with the best stick welders available in the market. The market is filled with hundreds of brands that producers thousands of electric welders. This is really difficult to find out the best month. Especially when you want this best one to be the best version of you not of the seller. We have with careful search and the experience of our advisors been able to overcome this problem. You do not need to reinvent the wheel. Just pick the most suitable product for you and enjoy welding. You may also re-apply the criteria on these assorted products. In this way, you will find the best of the best for you. 

Best stick welder under $500 Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Dual 110V 220V Welder SUNGOLDPOWER Weight – 14.99 Pounds
Dimensions – 13.6 x 5.5 x 10.4 inches
Material – Iron
Voltage – 110 Volts / 220 Volta
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Forney by Forney Weld Easy Weight – 13.74 Pounds
Dimensions – 16.2 x 8 x 12.5 inches
Material – Metal
Color – Green
Amperage – 90 Ampers
Voltage – 120 Volts
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Stickmate 500570 Hobart 160i Weight – 15Pounds
Dimensions – 13.4 x 7.1 x 10.5 inches
Material – Metal
Voltage – 240 Volts
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DC Stick Welder IGBT Amico Dual Voltage ARC Weight – 16 Pounds
Dimensions – 16.6 x 7.5 x 11.8 inches
Material – Metal & Plastic ABS
Amperage – 160 Ampers
Voltage – AC 115 V & 230 V
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ELECTRIC Welder LINCOLN CO SHipping Weight – 115 Pounds
Dimensions – 15 x 19 x 27 inches
Amperage – 40-225 Amps AC
Waranty – 3 Years
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Best assorted stick welders under $500

These products are not only for beginners but the advanced users can take equal benefit. We have assorted it in such a way that this will benefit all no matter if you are a beginner or an expert user.

1.  Dual 110V 220V Welder SUNGOLDPOWER

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Product description and features


Usually, the welding machines are good for a single task. The exception to this is Dual 110V 220V Welder SUNGOLDPOWER.  This tool provides you the multitasking. You will find precision with perfection in the tool. Not only repair but this can handle small construction talks too. 


This welding machine Dual 110V 220V Welder SUNGOLDPOWER has the extraordinary ability to work continuously. The duty cycle calculated for this welding unit is 60%. This performance is observed at 180amps. Unfortunately, this product is not so good with aluminum welding. But performing high with all other metals like nickel alloys browns copper steel etc.

Arc stability

Thanks to the inverter technology this welding machine is capable of providing arc stability. Not only this but due to the inverter technology you do not need compressed gases. In comparison to the price of the product, this is an amazing feature. 

Ease of use

Not only a single feature but this machine is filled with the features that provide east to the user. 

Easy switching

Switch between the MIG welding and stick welding is just a flip away. Truly smooth and easy switching.

Current control adjustment

This tool provides you with full control.  You can even control the flow of the current

Hotstart technology

This technology provides you with a fast startup to save your time. 

Protective features

This building unit is fully equipped with safety features. This will save the user from any unwanted outcomes. The safety features include voltage protection over and under, anti sticker feature, cooling based on thermostatic technology.

  • Multipurpose machine Built with advanced IGBT technology Suitable for both gas and non-gas welding Excellent controlling features Educate safety measures
  • The power supply cable should be long.

2.  Forney by Forney Weld Easy 

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Product features and description

Budget option

You cannot expect more than this at this price. Truly speaking it delivers more full of features pack with accessories. This is truly the best budget option available in the market right now.

Dual functionality

This product works well with both techniques stick and welding. You are equipped with the best tool to deal with versatile metals. Another feature related to this functionality is the switching between the two modes. The switching is really very easy what you all have to do is just simply flip a switch. 

All seasons of welding machine

Thanks to the inverter system you do not need compressed gases. In addition to this, it provides you with a smooth arc. Due to this, you can weld in any position. This makes it a perfect machine to weld in any situation at any surface. This includes the rusty, dusty surface and windy and rainy environment.


This is an excellent portable machine with features to sport portability. Very light in weight the exact weight of the unit is around 10 pounds. in addition to the lightweight, the unit is fixed with the chord which is 6 feet long. This long chord will facilitate the placement of the building unit at different positions during welding. This product can easily be used in indoor and outdoor settings.

Working capacity

With the input of 120 volts and the output rating of 90 amperes. This is a perfect machine to hold most of the home-based tasks and a bit of small industrial tasks.

  • Dual functionality stick and TIG welding Truly compact machine versatile features Compress gases are not required
  • Not made for heavy tasks A separate TIG stick is needed.

3.  Stickmate 500570 Hobart 160i

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Product features and description

Make you smile

AlthoughStickmate 500570 Hobart 160i is an expensive machine in comparison to its competitor. The excellent features of the machine will definitely make you smile even though you have to spend a bit more money. This money in comparison with the excellent performance and the features of the machine are nothing. 

Dimensions of the product

The aggregate size and the shape of the product is proof that this is a perfect design machine. This perfect design will not only cover all the functional requirements but it makes it a perfect portable machine too.

Weight of the machine

This machine weight is only 15 pounds. A lightweight model can be easily carried around the working place. This makes it easy to use the machine.

Hassle-free startup

Like other welding machines, this will not create any frustration for you in a startup. This happens due to hotstar technology.

Polarity welding

When it comes to versatility in polarity welding. This machine offers only DC welding. No doubt that a DC welding is regarded better in some aspects. But this machine really misses the plus points of the AC welding.

Dual voltage input

This machine can be operated on 120 volts as well as 240 volts. This really increases its functionality and portability too. 

  • Welding machine with the power Performance reliability Lightweight model
  • Tig welding is not supportive AC welding is not supportive

4.  DC Stick Welder IGBT Amico Dual Voltage ARC

IGBT Amico Dual Voltage ARC

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Product description and features

Niche unit

This DC Stick Welder IGBT Amico Dual Voltage ARC  is to build for the home with affordable price portability and stick welding facility.

This is an intelligently designed product with a reduced size this brings more efficiency and stability. Even though it is smaller than regular welders units but it can work twice in the same time interval.

Energy Efficiency

This product is truly an energy-efficient product. The product comes with IGBT technology. IGBT technology is divide into energy conservation. This is the reason that this welding unit consumes less energy.

Meter indications

To check the different parameters of the machine an LED meter is placed. This led meter helps you to adjust the different parameters according to the situation. This will truly improve the performance of the welding machine.

Safety of the user

Like every other good branded product, this machine the DC Stick Welder IGBT Amico Dual Voltage ARC also protects its users. Filled with the safety features this protects the voltage variation both high and low.

Heat Blowing Fan

To protect the machine from the high temperature and automatic fan is placed in the machine this will help to prevent the situations like the overheating

This feature also makes this machine suitable to work in situations where power supply fluctuates.

  • Complete package Best value against money Multipurpose Really a powerful tool
  • Only compatible for DC


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Product description and features


This is a transformer based welder. The transformer based builders are known for heavy duty tasks. Like its mates this ELECTRIC Welder LINCOLN  CO welding machine is also capable of doing this.

Stable arc

It has the ability to create the stable or disability makes it best during performance. This can easily weld a half-inch thick metal sheet.


This machine can perform equally well while welding carbon different alloy, steels and aluminum. When coming to alloys this is good in in dealing with low alloy only.

Fully Pack Machine

This machine is filled with the features of customizability. you can easily control the different features of the machine. Like you can control the welding current with the help of the selector. This gives you the liberty to ensure high-precision through arc uniformity.

Duty cycle

when it comes to duty cycle this is relatively on the lower side. The duty cycle of this machine is only 20%. The good thing about this 20% duty cycle is that it reduces the chances of overheating. Like every bad thing has a positive side. This feature has a positive side too. every time you work for two minutes you have to wait for the 8 minutes. This will surely reduce the chances of overheating.


If you consider the probability of this product. This product will not score well on both features of the portability. The first feature is the dimension and the second is the weight. if you look at the dimensions of this product this is not at all suitable to pick it again and again. while considering the weight of the product this product is 150 pounds this is really heavy thing to move on.

  • Stable and firm arc. Can easily handle multiple metals Really easy to operate Economical option
  • Portability is slow due to heavyweight

How we choose the welding products

This will be and professional dishonesty if we do not tell you that how we choose this products. So we have decided that we should reveal the criteria for choosing a welder with our readers. This criterion is set by our highly professional welders with the input from the industrial engineers and everyday home users. The different criteria to be considered while choosing these products are explained as under.

Power options

The first thing the welding machine needs power. Multiple power options make the welding machine perfect to run in different circumstances. But what if you do not need to run the machine in different circumstances. This will only increase the price tag. So carefully select your option that if you require it or not.


This option includes two things. One is to assemble the machine and second startup. The effort and time required in both things. Depending upon your working conditions and need. This is really an important option to consider. 

DC – AC or both

DC welding machines are considered better than the AC welding machines. Even then both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to enjoy the benefit of both then you can have a multi-purpose welding machine. No doubt that this will increase the price tag too. Depending upon your working needs consider these options carefully. There will be no fun to increase the options unnecessarily. 


The ability to work continuously is called a duty cycle. The different value does not have different duty cycles. Jelly starting from 10 % to 90%. 10% means that in a given 10 minutes the machine can countries asli work for 1 minute and then it will take rest for 9 minutes. 90% means that the machine will work for 9 minutes and it will require only one minute to be ready again for work.

No doubt that the 90% duty cycle is better than 10%. Again the thing to consider here is why you should pay for 90% if you only require 20% or 30%.

Easy to carry

The next important feature is the portability of the machine. the dimensional design and the weight of the product decide about its portability. depending upon your working needs you are the best judge to decide that do you really want a portable machine or not. And if you want a portable machine then to what extent it should be portable. The portability compromises the performance of the machine. 

By applying this criterion on the already assorted products in this article. You can choose the best among the best.


If this is your first time buying the welding unit this is natural for you to confuse. This is the best place to choose your first welding unit. These units provide you with the best welding units. You will get the full value of your money. If you want to know more about the welding machines then read our other articles. You will find interesting information about welding machines and techniques.

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