Best Tig Welder under $500

Two popular welding techniques are MIG welding and TIG welding. MIG is the abbreviation for Metal Inter Gas and the TIG is the abbreviation for tungsten inert gas. Both of these are best but in its own domain. You are a hobbyist or a professional if you are related to welding you should know the pros and cons of both methods. This will give you a better idea of the application of both processes.

Welding is the process of creating a bond between two metal pieces. The trick is that both the metals are heated to the level that it changed its physical state from solid to liquid. Once liquid this is the time to fill the joint with a third element. Once cool it becomes a hard solid joint.

MIG welding is best for heavy metals and TIG is the right choice for the light metals. 

Choosing a TIG Welder

Hundreds of products are available in the market. Then how will you know which TiG welder is best for you? Some important points which you need to consider while choosing the TiG welder are:

Pulsing Rate

The higher the pulsing rate the better the product will be. The welding machines with higher pulse rates can handle this metals batter. It will provide you with flawless welding and the perfect joint. The strength of the joint also depends on the pulsing rate. Whenever you need to choose the TIG welder machine. Try to choose the one with a higher pulsing rate.

Heat Control Foot Pedal

The heat is controlled through the foot pedal in the TiG welders. These as illustrated by name are controlled through the foot. The amount of heat in the machine is an important factor to be controlled for optimum performance. While purchasing the TiG welding machines two important points should be considered about That COntrol Foot Pedal.

  1. The pedal should provide effective control overheat.
  2. The Pedal should be easy to control. The difficulty in handling the pedal will create an extra burden on the foot. This will result in the form of fatigue for the body and the mind.certainly in this scenario you will not provide complete attention to your work.

Amperage Range Wide Or Narrow?

The next important question that should be investigated while purchasing the welding units is about the Amperage Range that it should be Wide Or Narrow? The wider the amperage range is the more variety of the products the welding machine can handle. Try to find an optimum point between your budget and the performance you require from the welding unit. 

Ac and DC

Some welders work well with some types of metals. While others work well with different types of Mattel. Depending on your requirements. Choose the product which suits yu=ou well.

Ease to Use

The product must be easy to use. You may need a frequent movement of the machine. In this case, you require a portable machine. Try to choose the features of the product that will make the use of the product easy. As per your own circumstances, working conditions, and task to be completed through the welding unit.

Lists of Best Tig Welder under $500

Image Product Details   Price
High-Frequency TIG – 225 Weight – 30 Pounds
Dimensions – 16 x 6.5 x 12 inches
Material – Metal & ABS
Power Input – Dual Voltage AC 115 / 230V
Amperage – 220 Ampers
Cord Length 13 Feet
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Welder 500559 Hobart Handler Weight – 65 Pounds
Dimensions – 19 x 11 x 13 inches
Material – Steel
Warranty – 5 Years limited
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MIG 200 Gas and Gasless Reboot Tig Welding Machine 220V 200Amps Weight – 34.4 Pounds
Dimensions – 19.1 x 14.5 x 14 inches
Material – Copper & Plastic
Power Input – 220 V
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Dual Voltage Blue VIVO HOME Plasma Cutter 3 In 1 Weight – 41.1 Pounds
Dimensions – 25.2 x 16.5 x 12.7 inches
Material – Iron
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180 Easy Welder Weight – 23.3 Pounds
Dimensions – 11 x 6.3 x 14.1 inches
Material – metal, steel
Power Input – 230V
Power Source: Through Electric Coed
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EVER LAST ARC Power Dual Voltage Weight – 24.8 Pounds
Dimensions – 20 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches
Material – Metal
Power Input – 240V
Amperage – 140 Ampers
Power Source – AC
Warranty – 5-year warranty
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Assorted List of the welding TIG Machines

We have assorted some best available welding machines for you. Have a look.

1.   High-Frequency TIG – 225

Why you should Buy it

The best reasons to buy this product are

  • The accuracy of at the optimal level.
  • Constant stable flame
  • User Friendly
  • Superior Finish
  • The Product has one year warranty
  • Automation Cooling

Product Description and Features

This is a low-cost welding machine. Although low in price but high in performance. The High-Frequency TIG – 225 can perform extremely well even in extreme conditions. The machine can run on multiple power supplies. You can run this machine on min 115 volts and a maximum of 230 volts. This range of operating volts gives you the liberty to use this machine at multiple locations without worrying about the power outlet. 

The temperature control is an important aspect to manage while you are working with the welding projects. As long as you are a user of High-Frequency TIG – 225. This is not an issue for you to worry about. The High-Frequency TIG – 225 is equipped with an automation cooling system. 

  • Can be operative in multiple mods that is ARC , TIC and stick. The Arc stability is excellent Precision is of an excellent level. Welds without flaws
  • Not made to weld Aluminium Difficult to operate in comparison to competitors

2.  115V  Welder 500559 Hobart Handler 140 MIG

Welder 500559 Hobart

Why you should buy it

The most silent features of this 115V Welder 500559 Hobart Handler 140 MIG are

  • Long power Cord of 10 Feet
  • Long work cable with a clamp with the length of 10 Feet
  • Best for mild steel welding 
  • Operative on home supplied 115 V
  • The wire feed speed ranges from 40 to 700 IPM
  • Spool adapter is of 8 inches
  •  Control Collector For Voltage With 5 point Selection Flexibility
  • Mig Gun is of 10 Feet and is equipped with a liner.

Product Description and Features

If you are looking for a welder unit for small workshops or to work on small projects then this is the best machine for you. This device has all the features of a perfect portable welding unit. This can be assembled easily. This TIG welding unit has the capacity to even do MIG welding too. 

Easy to use a perfect machine for beginners. A plug and play type of device. Just assemble it. Plug it in the power socket. You are all set to perform the welding. Excellent built with easy to use cable and lightweight cable. This cost-effective product can be used in multiple situations and multiple metal quality as well.

  • Output is of Best quality Easy assembly Best For Home Product Gas Valve Control Safe to use due to built is safety features Limited Warranty from manufacturer is available Operative at Common HouseHold Current Voltage
  • This welding unit is not operative with the generators.

3. MIG 200 Gas and Gasless  Reboot Tig Welding Machine  220V 200Amps

Reboot Tig Welding

Why You Should Buy It

The best features because of which you should buy this are

  • 4 in 1
  • Best for DIY projects
  • Equally good for multiple metals
  • Operative on multiple voltages
  • Low Priced Product
  • Gas and No Gas Welding
  • Lightweight
  • Portable

Product Features and Description

The MIG200 Gas and Gasless  Reboot Tig Welding Machine  220V 200Amps is best both in terms of the quality and the features. If the comparison is about the features then it is better than its high priced competitors. As far as the quality is concerned the alternatives available at the same price are of inferior quality.

You are a hobbyist or a professional no matter if you are a perfectionist then this is best for you to have a  tool that can be applied at multiple occasions for multiple purposes. This tool is of the same type and can be used for multiple metals and of different gauges. 

This first feature of a product that makes it portable is the suitable weight of the product to carry it. This lightweight is the best portable product added to this is its ability to handle multiple metals. 

  • Multi Use Product Best pick if you are a DIY Lightweight Easy to carry Ease of Mind Warranty for 2 years Money-back guarantee for 30 days Can be operative at a dual voltage
  • The Gashouse quality is not as per expectations Power outlet flammability is not present.

4.  Dual Voltage Blue VIVO HOME Plasma Cutter 3 In 1 

Dual Voltage

Why You Should buy it

This product is best for you to buy because

  • The clean-cut thickness is maximum
  • The Air is oil-free, clean and dry
  • Does Not require load voltage
  • High-Frequency Start-Up
  • Perfect for cutting tasks
  • Best for Multiple uses
  • Best for Use in Home
  • Perfect for rusty surface

Product Description and Features

Perfect machine best for cutting can perform the welding task for you too. Economical, as it is under 500 $ but performance was equally good for professionals and hobbyists too. You may not find Dual Voltage Blu VIVO HOME Plasma Cutter 3 In 1  fancy but this is truly a reliable product. Practice makes a man perfect. This is the best product for you if you are involved in small projects in your home. This tool can do a lot for you. With the passage of time, you will find ways to use it in multiple ways.

This is not every weld machine’s ability to handle the rusty surface. This one is the exception. Equally good in handling the rough surfaces like the rusty ones. 

  • This one is the upgraded version Multiple tasks handling 3 in 1 Pilot Arc is Nontouch Stainless steel can be welded easily Low Prices Product Perfect to use in the home
  • Air regulatory units may not sometimes work as per the expectation.

5. 180 Easy Welder

180 Easy Welder

Why you should buy it

  • Lightweight of 14lbs
  • Multiple Projects
  • Air-cooled

Product Features and Description

A perfect product for DIY projects. Easy to carry, easy to handle, and easy to do. The performance is not disturbed even when it is operated on the generator. A powerful weld machine that starts with the more power to weld the product.

The 180 Easy Welder machine is a portable tool for wielding. Perfect for the home projects with the easy to operate the machine. The product is operative at dual voltage.

  • Easy to handle Portable Operative on Generator Foot pedal is not required Cable wrap is included in the product Easy to carry due to integrated handle
  • Not so good for aluminium welding Power Source is DC only

6.  EVER LAST ARC Power Dual Voltage


Why You Should Buy This Product

  • Dual Voltage Operative
  • Tig Torch is of 17 Series
  • Work Clamp and Cable Length is 6 Feet
  • Easy to carry

Product Description and Features

This is an entry-level product. A cheap one and a relatively worthless product. This is the general perception of the product. The performance will definitely change your perception of the product. This versatile product can be applied in many places.

The small machine will keep you at the commanding seat and you can very well control the different options of the product. Overall this is the budget product.

  • Power Consumption is very low Multiple power options Arc Control is Perfect Fully Portable Product Current setting can be done with digital display AC control is adaptive
  • The Output is Dc Only The product is not suitable to weld with the 6010 Rods.


Till now you have hopefully selected the product. Do remember that your selection should be based on the facts. This is a long term investment. This tool is a durable tool. The tool doesn’t have a very good second-hand market. As this investment cannot be returned through reselling you should do it through proper concentration. A bad buying decision will not be problematic in terms of the performance but will definitely dumb your investment in it. 

Be sure to adopt all the protective measures. The welding is a risky process to do. Be aware this can cause even the life long injury. If you don’t have the necessary skills to carry on a project. This is advisable to seek professional help. Small negligence may have unfavorable outcomes.  

Beware be productive and be safe.


The welding machines are hard to choose. The reason is that hundreds of different brands are producing thousands of different machines. This article made it easy to choose a reasonably cheap TIG welder. Keep visiting the site and we will update you with the most relevant and useful information about welding. Acquiring new useful knowledge is the key to success.

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