Best inverter stick welder

The market is full of stick welders this will be difficult for you to choose one. We have done the hard part for you

Best Available Stick Welder

Here is the collection of best available stick welders in the market.

#1. LTPDC2000D Stick Welder by Lotos

LTPDC2000D Stick Welder

Product Description and Features

A multi-purpose welding unit. This welding machine is fully equipped to perform high class, stick welding. In addition to it has plasma cutter functionalities. Considering the price in comparison to the features this machine truly provides you the best value for your money. The machine can weld multiple metals. The thickness of those metals should be around or less than ½ inch.

  • Efficient cuts because of the arc produced by the non touch pilot. This provides the welding without any slag.
  • 3 functionalities provided by one machine.
  • The flexible power supply in terms of input the machine can be operative both on 110volts and 220 volts.
  • Amparages can be adjusted between a wide range. This starts from 10 amps and goes up to 200 amps.
  • In terms of cutting the machine provides a clean cut on the metals with the thickness up to ½ inches.
  • In terms of welding, this welding machine can weld the metals with or less than the thickness of ¾ inches.
  • The LTPDC2000D Stick Welder by Lotos is a lightweight machine so this is an easily portable welding unit.
  • The LTPDC2000D Stick Welder by Lotos comes with a warranty of 36 months.
  • The foot pedal is available with the machine but is charged separately.

#2. 298 Easy Welding Unit by Forney

Easy Welding Unit by Forney

Product Description and Features

Another great machine from the house of Forney. The machine takes 120 volts as input and provides an amperage of 90 amps. Apparently it looks that this is not a powerful machine. But as this machine is designed for beginners so this is powerful enough to perform the required tasks easily. Anything you expect from the welding machine of this price. A good feature is the dual functionality of the machine that can perform TiG and Stick type of welding. The weight of the welding unit is less than 10 pounds

  • The flip switch provides an easy switching facility between TiG and Stick type of welding.
  • The welding unit is lightweight due to inverter technology used in it.
  • The machine is powerful enough to handle automotive applications and different home needs
  • The machine uses the electrode with a maximum size of ⅓ inches.
  • Machine can easily handle the metals with the gauge of 16 and the thickness is 5 by 6 inches
  • This is one of the lightest welding units available in its category.
  • The TIG gun is not included in the product package

#3. 160STH Welding Machine by EverLast

160STH Welding Machine by EverLast

Product Description and Features

If you are a beginner then considered this machine. This may be your first companion in the welding journey. Even if you are hobbyist and professional this machine provides you the value you deserve.

The machine is quick and easy to operate yet eligible to handle high-quality welding tasks. The heavy-duty machine in its own category.
The machine can operate on dual voltage. While operating on 120 volts you can perform small jobs quickly. The 240 volts will provide you with the ability to perform more professional abilities seeking job. The welding machine is capable to do versatile jobs. This ability is based on its ability to perform different types of welding.

The machine has a dual start option. You may choose high-frequency and let’s start with whatever suits you the most. This feature is highly effective for those people who want to weld without using the foot pedal. if you are working in an area where the weather conditions are not very fine. You have to deal with the wind blowing with lots of speed this is the time to use the high frequency start option.

  • Flexible in terms of voltage input
  • What style in terms of welding technologies applied by the machine
  • Equally effective on aluminum and 1 by 4 inch steel plate.
  • Dual start option HF and lift start both are available
  • 60 months warranty for labor and parts
  • A smooth and stable arc due to IGBT inverter
  • Electric Consumption is really low.
  • Multiple metals can be handled due to too impressive an amperage range.
  • This is a highly portable machine.
  • Carrying case to carry the machine is available
  • This building unit provides only a DC type of welding.

#4. Arc 120 Inverter by Century

Arc 120 Inverter

Product description and features

The machine is available at a very reasonable price. The arc 120 invented by century is capable enough to perform multiple welding tasks efficiently and effectively.
The machine is equipped with a shoulder strap. This option is not available in many welding machines. This shoulder strap makes the welding unit portable and easy to carry.
The welding capacity of this machine is 18 gauge. The thickness of the metal is 1 by 4 inches for steel. The amperage variability of the machine is also very impressive. The machine can produce current output at a minimum of 10 amps and a maximum of 90 amps.

  • Impressive impressive range
  • Can be on at 120 volts
  • Lightweight and portable welding unit
  • Shoulder straps make it easy to carry it.
  • The machine is not made for heavy industry projects.
  • It cannot handle big rods
  • The duty cycle is not very impressive.

Buying guide for welding unit seeking people

Multiple factors are important when you are choosing a welding unit. The top of the list is the electricity consumption.

The electricity consumption

Electricity consumption has two different parameters. One is the output and the second is the input.
The output current will determine the power of your welding unit. If you choose the welding unit with a very low output. It will take too long to complete your welding task. you have to do it again and again again and again in order to complete a single task. Even though you are a beginner or hobbyist, don’t buy a machine with an average output of fewer than 80 amperes. If you are a professional or even a hobbyist who is involved in heavy projects. Then don’t buy the welding unit with less than a hundred amperes of output.

The second is the input option. Heavier the input heavier the output. This is important to consider the power supply available at the place of work. In America, most of the houses operated on a single phase. The power source available is between 110 to 120 volts. Choose the product as per your requirements and available supply.
The bus single phase 110 volt machine will now not be able to fulfill the task related to heavy industry projects.

The output current type

There are three types of output currently available. The first is the AC current, the second is the DC current and the third is the machines that are capable of producing both options.
All have their own merits and demerits. Below we have tried our best to explain it in simple language so that everyone can understand it.

Alternating current

This Current option is available in entry-level welding units. Mostly these welding units use stick welding technology for welding. The AC is highly effective for the metals that become magnetized. The reason for this magnetization can be any. This can be due to friction and this is the most common reason. The magnetization of the metal will cause the arc to blow.


Mostly this output type is used to do welding. This is the most common type as it can be applied in nearly all situations. The only exception is magnetized metals. Where only AC current can perform the task.
The DC current can produce a stable arc that is really easy to start. This is stable, produces less spatter, and is smooth while working.

The duty cycle

The next factor to be considered is the duty cycle. It is a common terminology when it comes to judging the quality and the ability of the building unit.
This is the measure of the ability of a welding unit to work continuously. It is written in percentage. For measuring it we use our time slot of 10 minutes. The duty cycle of 75% means. The machine can continuously work for 7 minutes and 30 seconds. After this, the machine will require a rest of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Before being ready to perform the next task.

The increased duty cycle will require more money. You need to define it yourself how frequently you perform the welding. Secondly, that time limit for you. if you are in need of a machine that can work well in your home or you are simply a hobbyist. Then the welding machine with a 20% duty cycle will even work great for you.
The 20% duty cycle means that the machine can work for continuously 2 minutes and it requires the rest of 8 minutes after this.

The location of the controls.

This is important to know the location of the controls on your welding unit. The reason for this is that it will take you lots of time if the controls will be at different places of the machine. Even sometimes this makes the welding task difficult for you to perform. if all the indicators and controls are at the same place you can operate the machine well. The time to time investment in the output amperes and the gas flow can be easily made. If these are not located at the appropriate place then it may not be able to perform high-quality tasks.


This means if the welding machine is mobile or not. Sometimes the task requires the building not to move from place to place. Three things are important in determining the profitability of the welding unit.

The first is the weight of the machine. It is the ultimate parameter. If you want to consider only one parameter then this will be the weight of the machine. Usually, The lighter machines are not so powerful. Consider this element while purchasing the machine. This is good that the machine should be portable and lightweight. But the ultimate purpose of the welding machine is to weld. If this will not be able to save your purpose. It doesn’t matter if the welding machine is lightweight or heavyweight.

The second is the aid to lift it. This aid is available in different types. One type is the shoulder straps. You can carry the machine with the help of these straps. Usually, the option is available and suitable only with fewer power machines.
The other option is the carrying handle. The hurdle is placed on the top of the machine and anyone who wants to carry the machine can pick the machine with the help of this handle.
The third option is the carrying box. The carry box is the most suitable option. You can easily put the machine in the bag or the case and move freely.
The dimensions of the welding unit is another important factor to consider while purchasing the welding machine.

Your budget

The budget is the most important thing as you are going to spend it on it. Do remember that you are going to make a long term investment. You will not frequently change your welding unit. This machine will be with you for a very long time. So make a wise decision.
Do not spend too much that you started to feel that you have dumped your investment. Do not spend too little that it starts to feel that you have naught a machine that cannot even perform the basic welding requirements of yours.


Now you are really very well positioned to buy the best welding unit for yourself. You are really provided with every needed information in order to buy a building unit. Not only this but this article provides you with the criteria of buying the welding machine. As well as this article introduces you with the most suitable options available in the market. At least when you are considering the best inverter stick welders.

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