Best AC-DC TIG welder under 1000

Tig welding machines are the favorite machines. The reason is the effectiveness and precision they bring into their work. Secondly, these are available with large quantities and many different features.

Best AC-DC TIG welder under 1000

Tig is relatively difficult in comparison to other welding techniques. This requires more precision and a bit higher professional skills.

If you have decided that you will develop your skills in TIG welding techniques. The next is to buy a building unit. The market is full of options. Being a new user you can make a mistake. This mistake can create suffering in the long run. These sufferings can disturb you both in terms of financial and physical losses.

Lists of Best AC/DC TIG welder under 1000

Image Product Details   Price
PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT TIG Welder Weight – 90 Pounds
Dimensions – 24 x 19 x 12 inches
Color – Black
Material – Steel
Power Source – AC / DC Pulse
Welding Style – TIG
Amperage – 225 Ampere
Warranty – 3 Years
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Alpha Duak Input 110v 220v TIG and Stick Welding Machine by AHP Weight – 69 Pounds
Dimensions – 19 x 23 x 12 inches
Material – Stainless Steel
Power Input – Dual AC / DC
Amperage – 150 Ampers
Voltage 110 – 220 Volts
Warranty– 3 years
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Hyperikon TIG Welding Machine with Three in One Functionality Weight – 35.5 Pounds
Dimensions – 17 x 8.1 x 14.2 inches
Voltage 120240 Volts
Amperage – 200 Ampers
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ACDC Digital 200GD Weldpro TIG Welding Machne Shipping Weight – 61 Pounds
Welding Style – AC / DC TIG
Power Input – AC / DC Pulse
Amperage – 200 amp Ampers
Voltage 110 – 220 Volts
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TIG 200 Lotos Dual Voltage AC / DC TIG – Stick – Arc Welder Weight – 58 Pounds
Dimensions – 123.6 L – Inches
Material – Aluminum
Power Input – Dual AC / DC
Voltage – 240 Volts
Amperage – 200 amp Ampers
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Best builders available in the market



Product description and features

Amperage range

This TIG Welder TIG225X PRIMEWELD has an impressive amperage range. The maximum amperage range for this product is 225 amps. This means that you have no worry even to weld the thick sections. You can comfortably set the settings as per your current need.

Foot pedal

To control the flow of the gas the foot pedal is available. This pedal facilitates you to change the amperage of the welding unit at the run time. However, this is not considered so comfortable. Even that it provides good functionality.


The TIG Welder TIG225X PRIMEWELD has a weight of 90 Pounds. Due to excessive weight, this is not possible to move the welding unit freely.


This machine comes with a warranty of 3 years.

  • The machine has a pulse arc feature
  • Dual AC DC features
  • The foot pedal is included
  • The start is of high frequency
  • The machine is equipped with sloping functions
  • Not all users find the foot pedal comfortable.
  • The machine is not so Portable

#2. Alpha Dual Input 110v 220v TIG and Stick Welding Machine by AHP

Alpha Dual Input 110v 220v Welding Machine

Product Description and Features

Dual-wielding functionality

Alpha Dual Input 110v 220v TIG and Stick Welding Machine by AHP comes with dual welding functionality. Pay the price of one machine and get the functionality of the two machines. The machine can perform TIG welding as well as stick welding.

AC / DC Functionality

The machine has a wide spectrum. This can perform multiple operations. Because it has the dual functionality of AC and DC features. This will simply increase the range of the metals the machine can handle.

Dual voltage operation

The machine can operate on 120 volts as well as on 220 volts. This will increase the mobility and portability features of the machine. The machine can be operated at multiple places without considering the available electricity supply. This machine can be operated on multiple types of electricity supply. The maximum amperage output is 150 amp.

The triggers switch

If you want to have a triggered switch in the welding unit. Then be happy this machine is equipped with a TIG trigger switch for you.

High performing foot pedal

The Alpha Dual Input 110v 220v TIG and Stick Welding Machine by AHP is excellently designed and built. Some features of the machine are exceptionally well. The foot pedal is one of them.

Old style machine

If you are comfortable with classic welding machines. Then this one is truly for you. This machine has multiple knobs on the control unit. These storms are easy to operate and values in combination can create miracles for you. Adjust them accordingly and you will set the machine to run as per your own desire.


The machine comes with a variety of 3 years. This will provide you with a very long time period.

  • The torch available is flex headed.
  • Setup can be operated easily
  • The functionality of the pulse is exceptionally well
  • Greater user functionality due to multiple control adjustments available
  • The flowmeter may sometimes create a problem due to an inappropriate setting.
  • You may find foot pedals difficult to use because of design.

#3. Hyperikon TIG Welding Machine with Three in One Functionality

Hyperikon TIG Welding Machine

Weight and price

In its own category, this is one of the best machines in terms of weight and price. The weight of the machine is less than the other machines in the same category. The exact weight of the machine is 35.5 pounds. The Dimensions of the machine are 17 x 8.1 x 14.2 inches. The pricing feature is also very good. The price of the machine is nearly half as compared to other machines available in the same category.

Plasma cutting feature.

This is not only a building unit. This provides you with excellent plasma cutting abilities. The machine has the best output amperage. It has a value of 200 amps as amperage.

Operative Voltage

This Hyperikon TIG Welding Machine Has the operative voltage of 120240 volts.

Hobbyist machine

This is truly a hobbyist machine. The limited functionalities as a tig welder help the hobbyist to understand the machine and welding easily.

  • The machine has the capability of pulse
  • The machine is the really low price in its own category
  • The start machine takes is of high frequency
  • This is truly a multi-process machine
  • The machine doesn’t have a foot pedal
  • The machine doesn’t have AC capabilities

#4. ACDC Digital 200GD Weldpro TIG Welding Machine

Digital 200GD Weldpro TIG Welding Machine

Product Description and Features

Multiple Functionality

ACDC Digital 200GD Weldpro TIG Welding Machine has multiple functionalities. The reason is the welding capabilities. These are AC / DC TIG welding.


ACDC Digital 200GD Weldpro TIG Welding Machine is fully customizable. You can fully adjust your pulse. This is not all that you have. The other features that can be adjusted are AC balance and AC frequency that is 2T-4Tg.

Torch and Stick

ACDC Digital 200GD Weldpro TIG Welding Machine has 17F torch. The torch is equipped with a trigger switch that can be operated independently. An MMA stick with full functionalities is included. This stick has a stinger too.

Dual Voltage

ACDC Digital 200GD Weldpro TIG Welding Machine can be operated on the dual voltage of 110 / 220 volts. This improves its functionality. You can use the machine in multiple areas. The portability feature of the machine is also enhanced because of this feature.

  • The capability for pulse arc is present
  • Can be operated on dual input
  • The machine has AC / DC functionality
  • The machine starts at high frequency
  • The foot pedal is really well designed
  • The functionality of sloping is available in the machine
  • The welding availability at 110 volts is significantly less
  • The stick welding capabilities are not up to Mark.

#5. TIG 200 Lotos Dual Voltage AC / DC TIG – Stick – Arc Welder

TIG 200 Lotos Dual Voltage AC DC

Product Description and Features

Low priced higher functionality

TIG 200 Lotos Dual Voltage AC / DC TIG – Stick – Arc Welder is a low priced but higher functionality machine. The machine can easily weld steel and aluminum. This feature of the machine is due to the dual voltage the machine can operate on AC / DC.

Superior control panel

The TIG 200 Lotos Dual Voltage AC / DC TIG – Stick – Arc Welder is fully loaded with a superior control panel. All the options that can be used to customize the machine are clustered at a single place. Users can easily customize the machine from this control panel. This will truly help you a lot while Welding.

Excellent foot pedal

The TIG 200 Lotos Dual Voltage AC / DC TIG – Stick – Arc Welder is equipped with a fully functional foot pedal. This pedal will make your life easy while welding. This will not only provide you with full control of the gas flow. This will also reduce the burden on your hands. You can easily use both hands while welding.

Duty cycle

The TIG 200 Lotos Dual Voltage AC / DC TIG – Stick – Arc Welder has an excellent duty cycle. Unlike the other machines, this will require less time to be ready again for welding. This machine has a duty cycle of 60%. it means that the machine has to wait only 4 minutes in a given time slot of 10 minutes. The machine can easily work for 6 minutes in a given time slot of 10 minutes.

  • The machine can be operative as AC or DC
  • The foot pedal of superior quality is included
  • The machine starts at high frequency
  • The sloppy dial is down
  • The machine is economically priced
  • Pulsar capabilities are not present
  • Welder adjustments available of you
  • The foot pedal is not of the best quality.

Common mistakes purchases make

We think that this is the right place to introduce you with some mistakes the purchases make while purchasing that TIG welding machine.

Ac-dc capabilities

This is always good to have additional features in the machine. Like the AC / DC Welding. But what if you never require AC or DC type of welding. Then what is the fun spending money on a feature that is completely useless for you? What is fun about increasing the price of the welding unit? This will simply bond your investment. No one can call this decision a wise decision. So spend money only on those features which you think are useful for you. Consider if you really want a dual function AC DC machine or not.

Perfection or multitasking

This is so simple. You need to choose one. Whether your machine can be a perfect machine for a single function. The other option is that it can perform multiple functions. In this way, your machine will be a jack of all trades but master of none.
If you need to perform small tasks of many different types. Then the multiple functionality machine is best for you. If you need to perform a single specialized task with higher professional skills. Then certainly you must not choose the multitasking machine. Go for the specialized machine. This is an essential factor to consider while purchasing the tig welding unit.

The cooling capabilities of the machine

The welding unit works at a higher temperature. This is important to cool and maintain the temperature of the welding unit. Otherwise, you will not be able to use it properly. This may create hurdles for you. the welding unit will never be able to perform at its full potential without maintaining the temperature. Especially the high-performance welding unit leads to a cooling unit.
The bad thing about this cooling unit is that you need to purchase it. These are not accompanied or included in the welding units. This will simply create a burden on your pocket.
Secondly, this will also increase the maintenance order on you too. This maintenance burden will simply reduce your welding performance. This will divert your attention too.
Think about these multiple factors about the cooling unit while you are going to purchase the machine.

Power supply options

Multiple power supply options are available with welding units. Some welding units can operate on 110 volts. Some welding units can operate on 220 volts. There are welding units that can operate both on 110 volts and 220 volts. Depending on the power supply at your place of work choose wisely.
This will also affect the amperage ability of the machine too. At 110 volts the machine will produce the low amperage. This will make things difficult, especially in dealing with heavy metals. At 220 volts the average will be too high. This will make things difficult while dealing with thin metals. This is an important factor to consider while making the purchase decision for welding machines.


Welding is an art to play with the metal at high temperatures. This involves too much risk. This is highly advisable to use safety gadgets while welding. Safety gadgets without the proper way to use are of no use. Be sure that you are using the safety gadgets as per recommendation.

Now you have all the knowledge about the welding units. That is available in the range of $100. You know the best available machines. The pros and cons of those machines. Even the criteria to choose. Congratulations you are a fully capable person now.

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