Best Ac / Dc Tig Welder For The Money

All welding processes require heating. Some are really very sensitive. These sensitive processes require perfect control of the temperature. This temperature control can be best acquired through the Tig welding process.
These super sensitive metals are Titanium sheets aluminum steel copper and stainless steel. This process fully engages all your skills. You need full concentration and both off your hands to perform this procedure. The three things are required to perform high-quality tig welding. One is the skilled person itself. Second is the metal on which you are going to perform the procedure. The third is the best available Tig welding unit.

In the market, there are many types of tig welder units available. This is humanly not possible to test them all. For this, we rely on market reputation and user experiences. Sometimes the market reputation is not based on facts. The same is the case with user reviews. These reviews can be biased or under the influence of some financial benefits. Then what to do to find the best welding unit for you. We have simplified the procedure for you. Our dedicated team of highly professional welders have sorted out some of the best welding units available in the market.
Have a look at it and you will certainly find the best one for you.

Best Ac / Dc Tig Welder For The Money

#1. Electric Welder Maxstar TIG STR Miller

Best Ac / Dc Tig Welder For The Money


Why You Should Buy It

  • Flexible voltage input 3 and 1 phase
  • Save energy through machine idle mod sleep time option
  • It can be operated on any power source maximum 480 volts minimum of 140 volts.
  • Getting better with a software update option.
  • Data port for memory card is available

Product description and features

This welding unit is made to weld stainless steel. Yes, this Electric Welder Maxstar TIG STR Miller unit can also handle mild steel. As far as the aluminum welding is concerned this machine is not very good at it. If you want you can do it but this is not recommended.

The machine is equipped with a power switch. This power switch is different from the other power switches available on the welding machines. This works as a standby switch. This standby switch put the machine into sleep mode. This sleep mode switch helps in two ways. First is it saves energy secondly this turns on the machine rapidly.

You don’t need to do the settings again and again. The machine is equipped with a memory card slot. you can save the values on the card and use it when you need it. The welding machine is perfect for industrial use. The operational diameter of the machine is very good. In fact, this is impressive you can weld within a distance of 300 meters from the machine.

  • The machine is best in its class
  • The ark can perform well due to high-frequency start
  • Save the memory settings
  • Duty cycle is impressive at 175 amps it is hundred percent
  • Tig torch is not present in the product package.

#2. EZ Hobart TIG Welder – 165

EZ Hobart TIG Welder


Why you should buy it

  • The average output rate is minimum 10 and maximum 165
  • The system is equipped with an on-demand coolant system
  • AI is used to assist the welder
  • The torch is included with the regulator
  • Made in the USA
  • 60 months warranty

Product description and features

The welding range for EZ Hobart TIG Welder – 165 is wide. The reason for this is that this machine can do AC and DC type of welding.

EZ Hobart TIG Welder – 165 is an AI-enabled welding unit. The machine can set the welding parameters as per your requirement automatically. All you need to do is just to select the right options to feed it in the system. Tell the system about the Mattel, its type and its width; all other things will be done by the building unit.

This machine is made in America. You should be sure of this machine quality after purchase. That’s why the machine is providing a 5 years warranty without any hesitation. The machine can be operative on 210 volts / 220 volts / 230 words and provides the duty cycle of 40%.

The other features that should be mentioned here are its durability, its lightweight and its foot pedal that is included with the machine.

  • This Welding machine is truly made for professionals
  • Automatic welding parameter setup system
  • Power amperage AC is adjustable through control
  • As soon as the arc stops the gas supply shut off automatically.
  • This machine provides only one technique of welding

#3. TIG Welding Unit The Mophorn – 165S

TIG Welding Mophorn - 165S


Why You Should Buy It

  • This is a combo welding machine with the capability to perform Tig and Stick welding.
  • the temperature can be set as per desire with the setting knob
  • Minimum amperage output is 20 for Tig and Stick
  • The maximum output temperature range for the stick is 120 amperes and 140 amperes for tig welding.
  • The electricity supply input voltage is dual that is 120 volts and 140 volts
  • Easily Portable Welding machine

Product description and features

This is truly a budget machine. You get the best value of your money. The welding machine operates on dual voltage. This improves its portability. The duty cycle is maximum at 165 amperes. At 165 amperes the value of the duty cycle is 60%.

The machine operates on two different welding technologies. Tig welding and stick welding. An amazing feature is that the amperage is controllable.

A drawback of the machine is that it does not have a foot pedal to control gas flow. added to this problem is that the available foot pedal controls are not compatible with this Welding machine. Although this problem is compensated in a way that the fingertip control system is available.

The machine is super portable. It has a weight of only 20 pounds. This is worth mentioning here that the majority of the users are satisfied with the machine performance and price both.

  • The torch lead is 8 feet long
  • Portable Welding machine
  • The machine is powered through an inverter
  • Arc started through lift scratching is not needed.
  • The foot pedal is not available.

#4. 225X Primeweld TIG Welding Machine

 Primeweld TIG Welding Machine


Why you Should Buy It

  • Modulation of the pulse is available
  • Powered through inverter
  • Arc starting is of high frequency
  • Regulator is included
  • Warranty for three years is available
  • Product Description and Features
  • If you are in search of a versatile product. The 225X Primeweld TIG Welding Machine is full of features regarding the DC tig welding technique and falls still in your price range. Your search may be over with the 225X Primeweld TIG Welding Machine. This is one of the best machines in its category.

The machine temperature ratio is adjustable. The minimum value of the average rate is 10 amperes and the maximum is 225 amperes. The welding machine will provide you with a 100% duty cycle when you set the temperature range at 108 amperes. if you said the amperage rate at 2:25 amperes that is the maximum level of amperage then the duty cycle will be reduced to 40%.

The machine is full of customizable options. You can adjust the settings according to your own needs. As far as the input voltage is concerned the machine can be operative at 120 volts and 240 volts. You can choose as per the available electricity supply and your need.

Don’t worry if you experience any problem while using the machine. The machine provides you with the best customer services. Secondary for the peace of your mind This welding machine comes with the warranty of 3 years

  • The machine is equipped with the famous ck17 touch
  • The metal foot pedal is included in the product package
  • The amperage range is wide
  • A warranty of 36 months has been provided
  • Manual is of limited use.

#5. Rebel ESAB Welder Ic TIG – 215

Rebel ESAB Welder


Why Should You Buy It

  • Multiple welding techniques Tig Mig and Stick are available.
  • The display a screen is large
  • Flexibility with electricity
  • The carrying case is durable.

Product features and description

Rebel ESAB Welder Ic TIG – 215 is made for outdoor use. This is the reason that the carrying case is designed to save the welding machine from atmospheric problems.

The option of AC / DC output is not present in the machine. This machine has a unique feature that it can weld by using three different welding technologies. The one is the stick welding, 2nd is the MIG welding and third is the tig welding. The welding style is not the only thing with which this machine provides customizable options. The welding machine can be operated on 120 volts and 240 volts. The machine is user friendly. It provides instructions on the display of the machine.

  • The machine has MIG and TIG torches available with the machine.
  • The gas regulator can be used to regulate the gas.
  • Automatic settings for the machine is available
  • The parts list is available onboard.
  • Only DC type of welding is available.

#6. Electric Welder Lincoln TIG 200

Electric Welder Lincoln TIG


Why You Should Buy It

  • Dual electricity input option
  • Dual processing AC and DC is available
  • Dual welding technique Tig and Stick is available
  • 36 months warranty is available.

Product Description and Features

This is the machine that has dual options in nearly all aspects. Two welding techniques Tig and Stick welding is available. The Electric Welder Lincoln TIG 200 has dual output options Dc and AC. A perfect machine for the hobbyist to enjoy multiple experiences of different welding techniques. The maximum amperage output for Electric Welder Lincoln TIG 200 s 200 amperes.

The machine has an adjustable amperage option for AC amperage output. The machine has a dual electricity input option. It can operate on 120 volts as well as 240 volts. This welding machine has the capacity to observe a 40% duty cycle. Gas flow is properly regulated and adjusted for high-quality welding. For this purpose, a gas regulator and the paddle flow control is available in the machine.

This welding machine is of such good quality that the manufacturer has no issue in providing a 36 months warranty.

  • The heat control mechanism is available
  • AC balance is available for controlled welding
  • The high-frequency start is available
  • Gas regulator and Foot Pedal Control
  • 36 months warranty is available
  • Quality Control is Available but is not Consistent

#7. EXT Everlast TIG 255 Welding Machine

EXT Everlast TIG Welding Machine


Why you Should Buy It

  • The dual electricity supply option is available
  • 100 % Duty Cycle is available at the amperage output of 200 amps
  • AC wave has multiple forms
  • Tig and Stick welding
  • Tig is available with a dual option of AC and DC type

Product Description and Features

This EXT Everlast TIG 255 Welding Machine welding unit has dual voltage input. It can be operative as AC as well as DC welding. This truly makes the life of the welding professional and hobbyist easy. Bright and easy to understand operating display. Don’t worry about the quality of the product as the manufacturer provides


This is the time to make the decision regarding the appropriate product for yourself. You have the list of best available products and choose the one with your specific needs. Best of luck with your welding journey. Buy the best and start using your welding machine to create joints.

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