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All you need to know about the Best Cheap Arc Welder. From the best available collection in the market to the choosing criteria of Best Cheap Arc Welder. You will get everything about Best Cheap Arc Welder here.

This was the first world war. The ships were continuously broken. Sometimes by the enemy attack and sometimes by any other war factors. These war factors include excessive traveling and accidents during the journey. These broken ships require continuous repair. This repair was provided by welding the different parts of the ships where needed.

This was the era of war when arc welding got popularity. Not only in Great Britain but Americans find this art useful too. After a German attack, the Americans were able to repair their ships really very soon. The reason for the popularity of arc welding in the days of the war was this method does not require gas to weld.

Now, this method is heavily used for domestic and commercial purposes. The arc welding process lies between MIG and TIG welding. Both of them have their own merits and demerits. In comparison to others, MIG welding is a fast process. But at the same time in terms of quality, the arc welding is better than it. If we compare TIG welding with arc welding then TIG welding has the capacity to produce better quality. But on the other hand, TIG is slower than arc welding.

Campbell 70 Amp Stick Hausfeld Arc WS099001AV Welder 115 Volt

Product Description and Features

Less Priced

This product is really less priced. Slightly higher than $100. No doubt many fancy functions are not available in the machine. But this is perfect for hobbyists and beginners.

Welding Settings

The machine has multiple settings. But like some other welding units, this doesn’t make the machine complex. The settings are easy to operate. Three levels for weldings are available. The first is low, the second is medium and third is the highest welding settings. Simple and easy to operate.  You can also set the amperage as per your desire. The Campbell 70 Amp Stick Hausfeld Arc WS099001AV Welder 115 Volt has two different settings for amperage.


The machine is a bit difficult to operate. Once you have developed the skills you can operate the machine well.

Domestic Usage

This machine is best for use at home. The regular domestic work can be easily done with this machine. Campbell 70 Amp Stick Hausfeld Arc WS099001AV Welder 115 Volt is really made for home.

  • This price is really low priced
  • Welding unit is easy to set up
  • Best for Home Use
  • Amperage Settings are available But only two
  • Can easily be overheated
  • Arc is difficult to contact
  • Leads and Clamps are of Low Quality

Meda Pitbull C.M.T Ultra-Portable Electric Stick and Arc Welder – 110V 100-Amp

Product Description and Features

Classical Style

If you are an old classical lover of old welding styled machines. Then Meda Pitbull C.M.T Ultra-Portable Electric Stick and Arc Welder – 110V 100-Amp is made for you.


This machine can run on multiple amperages. But you may need two different breakers to run 30 and 20 amp separately.

Setting Indications

The multiple settings are available in the machine. But Meda Pitbull C.M.T Ultra-Portable Electric Stick and Arc Welder – 110V 100-Amp has no clear indication for the user.


This machine is really low priced and affordable. If you are looking for an affordable machine. Then Meda Pitbull C.M.T Ultra-Portable Electric Stick and Arc Welder – 110V 100-Amp this is for you.


This machine is really reliable. You can really do it while working on different projects. Do remember that this machine may not work well for heavier projects.

  • This welding Machine is low priced
  • The machine is highly reliable
  • Classical style welder
  • Easily Overheated
  • Start is Difficult
  • Clamps and leads are of low quality
  • Amperage dial do not have clear indications

Digital Displayed  IGBT ARC Welder 110V&220V Machine

Product Description and Features

Economically Priced

This product is really economically priced. Maybe the best price offered in this class. But we are not sure about the quality. Even then a Digital Displayed  IGBT ARC Welder 110V&220V Machine is reasonable.

Input Voltage

This Digital Displayed  IGBT ARC Welder 110V&220V Machine can only run on 110 Volts. If you have the electric supply option available accordingly. This is a suitable machine for you to operate.

Instruction Manual

This instruction manual accompanied by this welding unit is not so useful. If you are not so familiar with the art of welding then you may need to look for additional help. This additional help can be found in the form of different articles available on the net and in guide books. The video tutorials are also useful.

  • Welding unit is truly affordable
  • This machine covers the high amperage range
  • Good deal as per price
  • Instruction Manual is not as good as needed
  • Leads are too short

Easy Arc Welder Forney Weld 298

Product Description and Features

Fairly Priced

The machine is fairly priced among its competitors. Even though the machine is at the lower side in case of price. You cannot say this about the build of the machine. Excellent built and performs its functions well.

Beginners choice

This is truly a beginner’s choice. The beginners find this machine easy to operate.

Instruction manual

This is probably the best instruction manual written. The user can find all instructions to use this machine for welding. Unfortunately this is not the case with all other machines.

Small Range

This well-built machine can only work with a small range of the metals.

  • In comparison with the quality, the machine is low priced.
  • This machine is portable and lightweight.
  • Truly a good quality machine.
  • The instruction manual is exceptionally well written.
  • The amperage range is small.
  • The leaves included are short.

HITBOX Portable ARC Stick TIG Digital Inverter Welding Machine

Product Description and Features

Fairly Priced

HITBOX Portable ARC Stick TIG Digital Inverter Welding Machine is fairly priced. The work it performs may not be of very high quality. This may be the most affordable stick welder available at the moment.

The portable welder

Being the lightest in its class. The HITBOX Portable ARC Stick TIG Digital Inverter Welding Machine is easily portable. The weight of the machine is only 9.5 pounds. So you may carry it with you where you want to weld. This is the best option if you need to weld outdoors so frequently.

Power leads

The leads including the product package are not so long. But this truly is not a thing to worry about. The extended leads can be bought from the market.


As far as the functionality of the product is concerned. The machine can work well only with the lighter gauge metals. It can maximum produce 160 amperes. Multiple functionalities are not available in the machine.


Although the machine is generally considered low quality. But truly the machine is reasonably good. The one year warranty of the machine extends sport for this claim.

  • The low price Machine.
  • Low weight machine
  • 12 months warranty
  • Best dimensions for a portable machine
  • Voltage input is not very appropriate
  • General perception of low quality
  • Electrode clamp leads are small.

Stickmate 500571 Hobart 210i

Product Description and Features

High Quality

Stickmate 500571 Hobart 210i comes with a warranty of five years. you usually have to pay more for the premium quality. Same is the case with this machine. Do not worry this is true that this machine is highly-priced. But this is also true that the functionalities it has and the quality it produces is of no comparison.

Best stick weld

In the comparison of its competitor. This machine can produce the best stick weld. This feature gives the machine a distinguished position among them.

Longer leads

The leads accompanied by the machine are 10 feet long. This is good and provides sport while working.


This portable welder scores high on both parameters of portability. As far as the weight of the machine is concerned this machine weighs only 15.5 lbs. The second element of the portability is the dimensions of the machine. As for as the dimensions of the machine are concerned these are best to be portable. The machine has the dimensions of 4 x 10.5 x 7.1.

  • Light Weight Welding Unit
  • Best Output Range
  • Designed for portability
  • Long lead for Electrode Clamp
  • Premium Quality Machine
  • 60 months warranty.
  • Fairly Priced
  • Multipurpose functionality is not present
  • Some users do not like the single input voltage.

Amico  DC ARC Dual Voltage Inverter Welder

Product Description and Features

Budget Machine

Amico  DC ARC Dual Voltage Inverter Welder is truly a budget machine. If you do not have high resources dedicated to welding machine purchase. Then this machine can be your best choice.

The portable welder

This is the best machine as considered from the portability point of view. The weight is very less that is 15.4 pounds. The design dimension of the product is excellent for portability. It has dimensions of 6 x 15.8 x 7.5.

Dual voltage option

The machine comes with a dual voltage option. This dual voltage option increases the portability and improves the functionality of the machine.

Beginners choice

If you are a beginner and looking for the welding machine that suits you. No doubt this is the best machine for beginners.


The electron clamp lead accompanied by the machine is of reasonably long length. This 10 feet long lead makes the work easy.


Do not worry if you face any problem during the use of the machine. The manufacturer of the machine is happy to provide you with a 12 months warranty period.

Protective case

This machine comes with a protective case. This protective case saves the machine from damage. It also makes the portability of the machine easy.

  • Dual voltage input that is 120 volts and 220 volts
  • Reasonably and fairly priced.
  • Lightweight so portable.
  • Excellent design dimensions.
  • The appropriate length of the electrode clamp lead
  • 12 months warranty period
  • The product is of low quality
  • The multifunction facility is not available

Points to be considered while buying an arc welder

For the benefit of our users, we have designed a small practical buying guide. Some factors of this buying guide are a journal for all welding machines. But we have sorted out some specific points to be considered only in the case of arc welding units.

The amperage of the welding unit

The amperage is something with which you can decide if your welding unit will work for the specific metal or not. Choosing the right amperage is essential. If you choose the machine of a lower amperage than your requirements. This is very hard for you to reach the desired temperature in order to melt the metal.

If you choose the welding unit whose amperage is higher than your requirements. This will definitely result in the destruction of the metal surface. Chances are high that you will see a whole in the metal surface. Instead of making a joint, you will end making a hole in the metal.

Generally, anything between 20 to 50 amperage is considered to be suitable for working.

Electrical capacity

This depends on the voltage input. Your working capacity depends on your electrical capacity. You should choose the appropriate welding unit as per your needs and available electric supply.

Multiple functionalities

These days the welding units come with multiple functionalities. Usually, these welding units are based on multiple technologies. As these are based on multiple technologies so they can perform different functions based on multiple technologies.

No doubt that this will increase the price. If you need multiple functionalities then spend money on it. Otherwise, this will not be fun to spend money on these.


Something which is best for someone else may not be best for you. Always apply your own personal criteria based on your unique needs to choose the welding tool for you.

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