200 amp Ac Dc TIG Welder

Welding is an art. TIG welding is a way to implement it. Tig welding is the most complicated and comprehensive way to implement this. This art of welding is the basic need of the construction industry and the building process.

In the process of welding, we take two different pieces of metal and joint them together. To achieve this purpose the temperature of the metal is raised to such a level that it changes its physical form. The physical state changes from solid to liquid at a very high temperature. At this high temperature, the joint is made between two metals and let it cool. Once Cold the joint become firm solid.

As soon as the temperature reduces the metals again get their solid physical state back. A joint appears between two metals.

The Process Of Tig Welding

In the process of tech welding, the welder uses both hands. One is to hold the welding torch and the other is to hold the filler. The torch is used to heat the metal. Filler is filled between the two metals joints.

Why choose stick welder

There are a number of reasons because of which we prefer TIG welders. On the other hand, we can say that these are actually the advantages of tig welders.

Superior finish

Electric welders are known to provide superior finish than their counterparts. They do the job beautifully.

Less splatter

This is natural for the splatter to be produced in the process of welding. As compared to other welding processes in TIG welding the splatter is produced in less quantity.

Multiple surfaces

The TIG welding procedure can be applied to a number of surfaces.

Aluminum welding

Aluminum welding requires a high temperature. This high temperature can be easily required in TIG welding. This makes TIG welding an ideal process for aluminum welding.

A budget tool

A TIG welder is really a budget tool for everyone. The reason behind this is its availability in multiple price ranges. You can buy as per your budget and requirement

Disadvantages of TIG welding

Although TIG welding is a beneficial way of doing welding. This welding process has flaws too.
Use of both hands
Electric welding process required to use both hands simultaneously. One to hold the torch and others to hold the feeding wire.

Professional expertise

This method requires professional expertise to obtain good results. Beginners may find it difficult to weld with a TIG welding machine.


Lists of 200 amp Ac Dc TIG Welder

Image Product Details   Price
Alpha AHP TIG 200 Amp AC & DC 200X Tig & Stick IGBT 110v – 220v PULSE Welder Weight – 69 Pounds
Dimensions – 19 x 23 x 12 inches
Material – Stainless Steel
Power Source – 90 Ampers
Voltage – 120 Volts
Power Source – AC / DC
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Portable 200 Amp Inverter 110V / 220V TIG and ARC Welding Machine Weight – 22.4 Pounds
Dimensions – 19 x 14 x 10 inches
MUltifunctional – TIG & ARC
Check Price
Maxstar DC Welder TIG 150 Voltage – 230 Volts
Dimensions – 9 inches Height
Width – 5-1/2 inches
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TIG & Stick Everlast Power Welder DC & AC Dual Voltage 110/220 Volt Inverter-based 185AMP Welding Unit Weight – 40 Pounds
Dimensions – 24 x 9 x 17 inches
Material – Stainless Steel
Amperage – 185 Ampers
Power Source – AC / DC
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200 amp Ac Dc TIG Welder Collection

These are the most suitable products in the category of “200 amp Ac Dc TIG Welder”. Read it and one of them is definitely for you. We have specifically covered the cheap welding units and small portable welding units.

#1. Alpha AHP TIG 200 Amp AC & DC 200X Tig & Stick IGBT 110v – 220v PULSE Welder

Alpha AHP TIG 200 Amp AC & DC


Product Description and Features


This welder is truly an all-rounder welding machine. This can work well on thin metals as well as on heavy metals. The TIG welding process is known for its goodness to the aluminum sheets. This means that it can work well on the aluminum surface too.

Economically priced

This product is truly economically priced. Although with some minor drawbacks the product is perfectly fine. One is about earth clamps. They need to be improved. The second is about the foot pedal. The foot pedal is not so comfortable to use. This can create fatigue for the foot.

The torch

The tort is excellent to include with the welding unit. It works like very expensive welding units. It doesn’t require a struggle to let it start every time. This welding is very easy and possible without a struggle.

Finger switch

The foot pedal of Alpha AHP TIG 200 Amp AC & DC 200X Tig & Stick IGBT 110v – 220v Pulse Welder is not very comfortable to use. This limitation of the machine is compensated with the finger switch. Finger switch that is an alternative to a foot pedal. If you do not want to control the flow of the gas with the foot pedal. you can easily use the finger switch. The finger switch is really very handy and easy to use.

Dual Current

The Alpha AHP TIG 200 Amp AC & DC 200X Tig & Stick IGBT 110v – 220v PULSE Welder can operate either on AC or DC. This increases its capacity to weld in different scenarios.

Long warranty

The Alpha AHP TIG 200 Amp AC & DC 200X Tig & Stick IGBT 110v – 220v PULSE Welder comes with a very long warranty. This really provides you the peace of mind for at least three years. It means that the machine has a warranty for three long years.

  • The best budget machine
  • Have the capabilities of pulse arc
  • The machine starts with high frequency
  • Dual voltage
  • Multiple methods enabled
  • Foot pedal and fingers with both included
  • Multiple welding settings are available
  • The foot pedal is not comfortable
  • Earth clamp is not of good quality

#2. Portable 200 Amp Inverter 110V / 220V TIG and ARC Welding Machine

110V / 220V TIG and ARC Welding Machine


Product Description and Features

Low Priced Machine

This Portable 200 Amp Inverter 110V / 220V TIG and ARC Welding Machine is truly a low price machine. Your search should be over here. If you are looking for a low price machine that can perform well.

Basic welding tool

Although this is not loaded with very fancy welding functions. This Portable 200 Amp Inverter 110V / 220V TIG and ARC Welding Machine is a basic welding machine. Yet it is powerful enough to perform welding on different metals. If your requirements are not so fancy. You only have to perform basic welding. Then this machine should be the right choice. This is truly a beginner’s machine. As it has not so many fancy functions. This can easily operate in basics settings. A beginner can handle it very easily.

Instruction manual

This machine does not have a very detailed instruction manual. If you already know the basic know-how of the welding. You are capable enough to use the machine. If you do not have even the basic know-how of the welding. Then you may need to consult the welding videos or help articles. In this case, you cannot rely on the wedding manual included in the machine.

The Portable Welder

The machine is super lightweight. So Portable 200 Amp Inverter 110V / 220V TIG and ARC Welding Machine are easily portable. You can easily place it on your working spot.

Metal case

This machine comes with a heavy-duty case. This case makes traveling easy. Even if you drop it, it will save the machine from damage. You should be careful while carrying the machine. As not every time the case will be able to stop the damage.

  • The machine is really easy to operate
  • The price touches the bottom line
  • This is a good quality machine
  • Lightweight so portable
  • Heavy duty case for protection
  • The leads with the machine are short
  • The instruction manual is not at all useful

#3. Maxstar DC Welder TIG 150

Maxstar DC Welder


Premium Features

This is not a budget machine. But truly the best machine feature-wise. A bit high in price but is fully loaded with the premium features. The Maxstar DC Welder TIG 150 is truly a premium machine in its category.

Hobbyist Choice

This is truly a hobbyist choice. Easy to operate with limited skills. Even the beginners can use it accordingly.

The Torch

The torch is the best available choice among most of its competitors. Usually, you do not see a 12 – Foot torch very common with the welding units.

The Case

The machine comes with a case to carry the machine. The machine can be carried and stored in this cage. This cage saves it from damage.

Easy to Use

The machine is not heavily loaded with the settings. This makes it simple to use and to set for the operation.

The Portable Welder

The Maxstar DC Welder TIG 150 is small in size. The dimensions are good to transport the machine.

  • Premium Quality
  • Durable Machine
  • Setup is easy
  • TIG torch is excellent in its class
  • Portable and Compact
  • 3 years Warranty
  • The price is a bit on the higher side

#4. Digital 200 Amp Weld pro TIG and Stick with Pulse Dual Voltage 220 Volts and 110 Volts Welding Machine

Digital 200 Amp Weld pro


Product Features and Description

Excellently Priced

The features are as good as the welding units 4 times high in price. So in comparison to the features of the product, the product is excellently priced.


The torch is more Euro Style as of the US-style. You may take some time to get familiar with this torch. In case you are not satisfied with the torch. You can buy a new one.

Foot Pedal

The machine does not have a finger switch. But honestly who needs a finger switch when we have such a smooth panel. The foot pedal is so functionally well that we do not require the finger switch.

Pre Settings

The pre settings are available in the machine. So that you may choose what suits you the best. The problem with these settings is that they are not very easy to understand.

Aluminum welding

This machine is specially designed to deal with aluminum. Show aluminium welding is a good feature of this machine. This machine can handle the multiple thickness of the aluminium.

The start

This machine has a high-frequency start. This start is non-torch. Although some people prefer to lift, TIG starts. Every person has its own choice. In comparison to the lift TIG start, this option is not bad at all.

  • Economically priced
  • Build with the capabilities of Pulse Arc
  • Allrounder TIG welding Machine
  • The start is High Frequency
  • Foot Pedal is highly functional
  • Availability of Sleeping Functions
  • TIG torch is not the good one
  • Finger switch is not available
  • Difficult to change the settings

#5. TIG & Stick Everlast Power Welder DC & AC Dual Voltage 110/220 Volt Inverter-based 185AMP Welding Unit

Everlast Power Welder DC & AC


User Friendly

If you consider it with the same price tag and same category. This machine is not as user friendly as the other machines of the same category. As far as the amperage output is concerned. This machine is on the lower side. In comparison to the features. This has nearly the same features as other competitors have.


The machine is still popular among the welders. This is due to multiple reasons. Some important reasons are
This can easily weld aluminum. This can deal with the thick welding machine too.
Stainless steel welding is also great. The reason is the stable arc.

Customer Services

Unfortunately the customer services are not so supportive. You cannot expect more from the customer services. Moreover, this product does not come with a warranty.

The Portable Welder

TIG & Stick Everlast Power Welder DC & AC Dual Voltage 110/220 Volt Inverter-based 185AMP Welding Unit is portable. The reason is that it is light in weight. As far as the weight is concerned this is the best available choice.

Foot Pedal & Finger Switch

Finger switch performs the functionality of the foot pedal. Although the foot pedal is not available with the machine. This can be acquired separately. The foot pedal has no doubt more smooth functionality than a finger switch.

  • Really great in aluminum welding
  • Finger Switch is available in the machine
  • Arc is smooth as well as stable
  • User Friendly in Some Aspects
  • Lightweight so portable
  • Customer Services is Really Poor
  • Foot Pedal is Missing


The welding machines are hard to choose. The reason is that hundreds of different brands are producing thousands of different machines. This article made it easy to choose a reasonably cheap TIG welder. Keep visiting the site and we will update you with the most relevant and useful information about welding. Acquiring new useful knowledge is the key to success.

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